Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Food News: Gerry's Grill Enters the Ramen Wars with Ramen Sora

The local ramen wars heat up once more with the entry of Ramen Sora in the local market, serving authentic Sapporo style ramen...

Prime Pacific Grill, Inc. (PPGI), the group behind Gerry's Grill, Aresi, Kusina ng Gerry's and Sweet Chili Thai Restaurant, introduces its newest franchise acquisition with the soft opening of Sapporo's popular ramen chain, Ramen Sora, at the Subic Freeport Zone.

Located along Waterfront Road at the Subic Freeport Zone, Ramen Sora adds its own distinct flavors to the growing list of food spots in Subic. With branches in Japan, Australia and Las Vegas, Ramen Sora's Subic branch represents the brand's initial foray into the local market. 
Ramen Sora's management team (L-R), led by Norio Suzuki, Yoshi Ishisen, Tomiyo Takada, and Gerry Apolinario chat with guests, detailing Ramen Sora's approach to authentic ramen flavors, using the best and freshest ingredients. And Gerry Apolinario (R) is bullish about the brand's prospects and potential...
Still on its soft opening phase, Yoshi Ishisen describes the many challenges in keeping the flavors rich and authentic, including issues with the local water with its high calcium content, salinity and hardness requiring adjustments in the basic formulation of the broth. But Yoshi Ishisen successfully overcomes that challenge...

Gerry Apolinario recalls the countless times he visited Ramen Sora in Japan and Las Vegas, and knowing the local market was ready for another authentic ramen experience. In a collaborative project with Ramen Sora's founders, Gerry Apolinario finally brings the authentic taste of Sapporo-style ramen with the opening of their first branch. My Ramen Sora experience begins with the house specialty, the Miso Deluxe Ramen, made from the original miso sauce popularized by Ramen Sora in Japan. The miso broth's flavors are bold and upfront, something you'd expect from broth made with authentic miso and premium black pork boiled for nearly a day. The noodles have a firm consistency, adding a distinct bite. Bits of fresh garlic and some bean sprouts add both flavor and texture to the broth. Topped with Ramen Sora's signature chashu pork, menma (bamboo shoots) and aji tamago, this one's definitely another serious contender in the local ramen wars.

Ramen Sora's Shio Deluxe Ramen, with a rich and sharp salt-based broth topped with the Chasu pork, aji tamago, and menma is another popular variant. The robust flavors of the broth complement the delicate notes of the pork, and the aji tamago adds to the overall richness of the the dish.

Nori Shoyu Ramen, topped with more nori, in a light soy sauce based broth, rounds out my ramen experience at Ramen Sora. Ramen Sora also offers other ramen variants, including Corn Butter Ramen and Menma Ramen. Gerry Apolinario had one goal, to bring authentic flavors, and he succeeds with Ramen Sora. Bold, rich and sharp flavors are what you can expect at Ramen Sora.

If you can't get enough of Ramen Sora's Chashu Pork, no worries. Pair your ramen dish with Ramen Sora's Seared Premium Pork Chashu, topped with scallions with a side of aji-tamago.

Other sides include the unique Corn Tempura...

...and the Chicken Karaage, deep-fried chicken thighs, with a sweet yet sharp glaze, and both pair well with your ramen. Ramen Sora is set to open its second branch in Cebu, and you'll definitely hear more from Ramen Sora soon. But Gerry Apolinario isn't quite done yet, with a yakitori restaurant in another joint venture with Tomiyo Takada, Yoshi Ishisen, and Norio Suzuki in the works.

The food scene at Subic Freeport Zone just leveled up with authentic flavors. Gerry Apolinario and Prime Pacific Grill, Inc. (PPGI) inject new life and new flavors in Subic with the introduction of Ramen Sora, and I can't wait to go back...

Ramen Sora is located at Waterfront Road, beside Court Meridian Hotel & Suites, Central Business District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

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