Monday, December 1, 2014

Tito Chef's Travelers Menu: A Culinary Journey of Comforting Flavors

Burgers. Ramen. Pasta. Binagoongan. All-time favorites, all in one place. 

Chef Menoy Gimenez of Tito Chef Restaurant and All Things Culinary in BF Paranaque, and The Romulo Food Group of Romulo Cafe, Cerchio, and Catering by Claudia, collaborate for a gastronomic celebration of comforting flavors with Tito Chef Express at Microtel Acropolis. And just in time for the holiday season, Tito Chef Express launches its new Travelers Menu with a wide range of comfort food classics and flavors inspired from across the globe.  

Located at Microtel Acropolis along E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Tito Chef Express serves the Food and Beverage requirement of the hotel with Chef Menoy Gimenez at the helm with his unique take on classic comfort food. 
Culinary expert, successful restaurateur and mentor, Chef Menoy Jimenez combines rich flavors, generous portions and reasonable prices with the new Travelers Menu at Tito Chef Express to make your stay at Microtel Acropolis even more memorable. 

My culinary journey begins with the unique and hearty Salmon Ramen, spice seared salmon fillet in a flavorful miso broth with vegetables and freshly made ramen noodles. The tender fillet of salmon adds a buttery richness to the miso broth, and the enoki mushrooms, scallions, carrots and seaweed complete the flavors. The firm ramen noodles have a delicious bite, contrasting with the butterlike feel of the salmon for a medley of flavors and textures in every sip.

A side of chili sauce is served with your bowl, so you can control the heat according to your preference. The salmon and noodle combination adds a playful spin to the usual ramen, and each sip is refreshingly new yet familiar. My flavorful journey with the Travelers Menu at Tito Chef Express is off to a great start...

Pair your meal with a refreshing salad, and the Crispy Squid and Watermelon Salad is just perfect. The calamari and fresh salad greens add layers of crisp and fresh textures in every bite, with a tart vinaigrette adding a subtle sharpness to the dish.  The sweet watermelon balances the rich flavors. Light and refreshing, and the parade of flavors continue with the next dish. 

The American Burger, a thick and juicy grilled beef patty with onions, tomatoes, pickles and Monterey Jack Cheese with sides of crisp potato allumettes and a refreshing salad. Nothing like a good burger to set you on the right track. Open wide and take one big bite, and the hefty burger releases its flavorful beefy juices, complemented by the rich Monterey Jack. The thin, match stick sized shoestring potatoes add that familiar crunch to round out the dish.  

After Japanese and American flavors, time for some sunny Mediterranean flavors with the Fish in Pesto Cream, pan-seared cream dory fillet draped with pesto cream and cherry tomatoes. Elegantly plated, the delicate flavors of the cream dory are kicked up a notch with the rich pesto sauce for a light yet filling meal. The cherry tomatoes add that burst of tartness to the dish.   

Next stop, local flavors. The classic Binagoongan, with crisp sauteed pork belly stewed in shrimp paste on fried rice and garnished with chili. The crisp chunks of pork, each infused with the briny notes of shrimp paste, are packed with so much flavor. And the fried rice, flavored with shrimp paste as well, delivers the finishing touch to this local classic. 

Craving for Cajun flavors? Go for the Barbecued Chicken Jambalaya, tender and juicy barbecued chicken leg served on a hearty and comforting jambalaya rice casserole. The chicken is perfectly moist with a  smoky hint, great with the Jambalaya, soft and fluffy rice flavored with meat and vegetable stock. 

If it's pasta you're looking for, Tito Chef Express has that covered too. Spanish Chorizo & Mushroom Penne, chorizo and mushrooms sauteed in olive oil with garlic and pepper flakes for a little heat. The bold and upfront flavors of the chorizo pair well with the pasta for another hearty meal. 

And no comfort food menu will be complete without pork chops. The Smothered Pork Chop, tender braised pork slabs covered in a thick onion gravy on potato puree, completes the line up of the new Travelers Menu. With two slabs of pork chops draped in gravy, this one's guaranteed to satisfy any appetite. Priced at a reasonable P 250, each dish from the new Travelers Menu is a complete meal, with a variety of flavors and options to choose from, and great for either dine-in or take-out.  From starters to entrees, the Travelers Menu has something for everyone. Besides these new dishes, the restaurant also features afternoon tea, lunch buffets, full-service catering packages, party trays, and in-house banquets.

Cap your culinary journey at Tito Chef Express with one of their signature desserts... the popular Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, great with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. All-time classics with an inventive spin by Chef Menoy Gimenez, a world of flavors with generous servings and reasonable prices. Rediscover your favorite comfort food with the new Travelers Menu at Tito Chef Express, and experience your own culinary journey.

Tito Chef Express is located at the Ground Floor of Microtel Acropolis, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan, Quezon City or call 962-8899 for inquiries and reservations.

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