Friday, April 15, 2016

A Pop-Up at The Penthouse

 Something new and exciting is happening high above Salcedo Village...

Chef Philip Golding and his team spin their magic in Makati's newest night spot, The Penthouse 8747, in a cool pop-up. Take a peek at the metro's newest and coolest venue with a panoramic view of the city, and some good eats from a tasty pop-up by Chef Philip Golding...

The classic retro vibe at The Penthouse 8747 brings back the glitz of the bar scene from a bygone era, with its wide array of cocktails and liquor. And it's got a view right in the heart of the Makati CBD.

Towering above Salcedo Village, The Penthouse 8747 offers guests magnificent views of the Makati CBD, the perfect spot for some cocktails. The Penthouse is an impressive 400 square meter venue that can accommodate 300 guests, with views all around. Pick your spot for a cool cocktail at magic hour and enjoy the sky's shifting colors...

As guests enjoyed their cocktails, Chef Philip Golding and his team prepped the evening's special menu, featuring a variety of dishes to go with the cool and festive vibe at The Penthouse 8747.

Inside the kitchen, the team prepared the different components for each of the dishes with choreographed precision, like a finely tuned machine expediting plate after plate. And as more guests arrived, the pace kicks up a notch and the kitchen becomes a blur of frenzied activity. 

The different components are then brought outside where Chef Philip runs through each dish with the staff...

...and his team of talented young chefs spring into action, adding the final touches for each dish. It's amazing to see the team cope with the increasing number of guests without skipping a beat. And that's pretty much how Chef Philip Golding runs his team, speed with precision.

And the seemingly never-ending queue of guests are served at each of the stations, with Chef Philip Golding supervising and even serving to keep the flow going.

And what a feast. Chef Philip Golding creates a tasty repertoire of different flavors, with each one pairing well with a cocktail... the Freshly Marinated Yellowfin Tuna Poke with Pickled Cucumber, with clean and fresh, tart flavors that cleanse the palate as you go for another bite and another cocktail. And the briny sweetness of the premium tuna come through, complemented by the refreshing notes of the pickled cucumber.

Savory notes follow next with the Chicken Brochette with Lemon-Black Pepper Sauce, with the delicates notes of the tender and juicy chunks of chicken punctuated by the sharp hints of lemon and black pepper.

The Crab Cakes with Sriracha Mayo and Aioli topped with Alfalfa is a delectable play on both flavor and texture, with the soft and creamy crab contrasting with the perfectly crisp outer layer of breading. You'll definitely go for seconds with these crab cakes. And another round of cocktails.

A pair of comforting dishes, pizza and pasta, added even more options to the evening's menu, like the Three-Cheese Garlic Piadina, a rustic pizza draped in creamy cheese. A more savory option included the Italian Sausage and Prosciutto Piadina

A rustic pasta course rounded out the evening's special menu, with the Mushroom Truffle Fusilli, with its rich blend of flavors from the creamy cheese and nutty truffles.

But Chef Philip and his team had more surprises. Like John Dee's 20-Day Wet-Aged Grass-Fed Strip Loin slow-roasted with garlic, black pepper, and fresh thyme, premium beef from Australia's oldest, single-family owned meat processors. Tender, juicy and bursting with rich beefy flavors, it's the perfect dish to cap an already festive evening at The Penthouse 8747. And this is just the beginning, as Chef Philip Golding has more planned with The Penthouse 8747. If you're looking for  spot in the heart of the Makati CBD with a towering view of the cityscape, just head on The Penthouse.

The Penthouse 8747 is located at Lepanto Building, Paseo de Roxas, Salcedo Village, Makati City or call 246-9069 extension 747 for reservations.

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