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Lock and Load: Pass the Ammo and the Double Action Chorizo Burger at Sky Range Shooting Club.

Target's lined-up and dead-center on your gun sight. You pull the trigger, and send it home right where you want it to be. It's a totally liberating experience, and you empty the magazine in no time. Pumped with adrenaline, you insert the second magazine and go for another round. And another. And in no time, you've worked up an appetite for some comforting local flavors in the country's exclusive state-of-the-art indoor shooting range...

The latest recreational hub at Solaire Resort & Casino, Sky Range Shooting Club is the newest destination for gun enthusiasts in the country. With an impressive inventory of firepower, Sky Range Shooting Club also offers an equally impressive selection of satisfying and delectable dishes to load up on after an adrenalin-pumped session at the indoor shooting range.

Sky Range Shooting Club is the country's premier exclusive and luxurious indoor shooting range located at the elegant Solaire Resort and Casino, the first indoor shooting range integrated in a hotel resort complex in Asia. And it's an experience you won't easily forget...

The elegant and spacious interiors of Sky Range Shooting Club is impressive, it's the perfect venue for intimate meetings or get-togethers after an exciting session at the indoor shooting range. Even when the range is packed, you won't hear a single shot as you enjoy a soothing cup of coffee at the lounge. Unlike the usual shooting range, Sky Range Shooting Club is in a class of its own, refined and stately, warm and casual, modern and state-of-the-art.

At Sky Range Shooting Club, you'll find all the accessories you need for your sport, from holsters to gloves, caps and apparel. Like they say, you just have to look good and shoot straight for the ultimate shooting range experience.

At Sky Range Shooting Club, guests and members can relax at the luxurious Cigar Lounge with a view of the indoor shooting range, lined by Level 5 bullet-proof clear viewing panels. An elegant sports club, gentleman's club and family lounge rolled into one, Sky Range Shooting Club combines elegance and comfort with its state-of-the-art shooting range, offering a unique experience like no other. Sky Range Shooting Club is an exclusive, members only club, offering different packages for individual memberships, corporate packages and hotel guests (for more on the various membership packages, you can call 548-4870 to 71 and 0906-454-7116 for inquiries).

Sky Range Shooting Club offers an extensive range of pistols and handguns in different calibers, including the Walther PPQ .22 caliber pistol ideal for beginners (L) and the popular Glock 9mm (R) for some serious firepower.

You can also find a variety of .45 caliber pistols from different makers and brands from around the world, and the friendly staff will gladly guide you through their extensive inventory. Various pistol accessories, including extended stocks, are also available. 

But if you're after some serious firepower, Sky Range Shooting Club's got that covered too. The Arsenal AF2011-A1 Double-Barrel Pistol is one mean piece, firing two .45 caliber slugs with every shot.

And if you want even more firepower, Sky Range Shooting Club also offers an extensive selection of high-powered semi-automatic weapons, including the Heckler & Koch MP-5 (L) and the newer MP-7 (R) for use in their indoor Rifle Shooting Range, the first of its kind in the country. 

The wide variety of firearms at Sky Range Shooting Club offers members various options, from pistols to semi-automatic assault weapons, all in one place.

Members get to store their guns for safekeeping in exclusive display cabinets lining the interiors of Sky Range Shooting Club, just one of the many perks of membership in the country's luxurious shooting range which include access to high-end firearm rentals, gunsmithing services, and expert gun-handling training.   

Sky Range Shooting Club features an impressive 20-Lane indoor shooting range, with a 15-Lane, 25 meter long indoor range for hand guns and pistols with the latest modular ballistic panels.

The shooting lanes are controlled with the latest state-of-the-art equipment designed and installed by Action Target Systems, a world leader in shooting range technology, integrated in a safe and modular layout with total containment bullet traps, tactical safety baffles, dust collection units, and advanced ventilation and acoustics for safety and comfort.

Sky Range Shooting Club also boasts of the first and only indoor rifle shooting range in the country, an impressive 5-Lane, 50 meter long range for automatic and assault rifles. The advanced target retrievers can be programmed to edge and turn, or run through the entire length of the range to recreate any scenario.

Sky Range Shooting Club's expert range officers are by your side every step of the way, and for first-time beginners, it's reassuring. Range officers Liza (L) and Nat (R) guide you through basic gun handling and safety for a safe and fun experience at the range.

Emptying a few magazines at the range can build an appetite, and the Sky Range Shooting Club Cafe offers a variety of satisfying dishes, the perfect spot after a session at the range. Sky Range Shooting Club Cafe has two areas, with one located inside the members' club and another at the entrance for non-members.

Sky Range Shooting Club Cafe's wide variety of comforting dishes feature familiar local flavors with an inventive spin, from starters to mains and desserts.

Like the Ruffled Fat Buckshots (P 210), crisp and crunchy Chicharon Bulaklak topped with onion rings served with a creamy dip and sharp and tangy vinegar dip. The chicharon just hits the spot after an adrenalin-pumped session at the range.   

The Bahay Kubo Torpedo Salad (P 260), inspired by the folk song with all the vegetables from the song in one dish served with a special vinaigrette. Light and refreshing with clean flavors, it's a great starter before the mains at Sky Range Shooting Club.

Sky Range Shooting Club's light and savory sandwiches does the job, light meals to fill you up after a day of shooting, setting you up for another round at the indoor shooting range. The Double Action Chorizo Burger (P 540), a hefty chorizo patty topped with onion rings and drizzled with mayo on soft pan de sal, is a must-try. The bold notes of the hefty chorizo patty, with its juicy notes, are perfectly complemented by the crisp onion rings and creamy mayo for rich flavors and textures, with the soft pan de sal bun completing the dish. Sky Range Shooting Club makes their own oversized pan de sal in-house, adding a uniquely local spin to the savory dish.

Craving for cheese? Sky Range Shooting Club's Locked and Loaded Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Truffle Fries (P 350), a blend of cheeses on Sky Range Shooting Club's very own oatmeal bread, should satisfy any serious cheese craving. Like the oversized pan de sal, Sky Range Shooting Club makes their own oatmeal bread, with its soft and chewy texture and crisp outer layer pairing well with the creamy cheese.

And if you think Sky Range Shooting Club's run out of surprises, here's the beef. The Kare-Kare Ricochet (P 690), tender ribeye steak served with rice, native vegetables and kare-kare peanut sauce, is their own inventive take on a classic. The use of ribeye elevates the dish with its distinct and beefy notes, combining well with the traditional peanut-based Kare-Kare sauce. Served with vegetables and a side of bagoong, it's a comforting dish to start or end your day at Sky Range Shooting Club. 

But save room for dessert. Cap your experience at Sky Range Shooting Club with the Double Tap Halo-Halo Crunch (P 200), Sky Range Shooting Club's own unique deconstructed version of the halo-halo with crisp spring rolls filled with special ube and jackfruit drizzled with caramel. Nothing like emptying a magazine down the range and ending on a sweet and satisfying note at Sky Range Shooting Club. Non-members can also enjoy the dishes at Sky Range Shooting Club's cafe located at the entrance. A comforting and satisfying meal in the country's most modern and state-of-the-art shooting range, just can't get better than that. So pass the ammo...and the Double Action Chorizo Burger and get ready for one awesome experience at Sky Range Shooting Club.

Sky Range Shooting Club is located at the Mezzanine Floor, The Theatre Building, Solaire Resort and Casino, 1 Asean Avenue, Entertainment City, Paranaque City or call (632) 548-4870 to 71 or 0906-454-7116 (look for Che or Noemi) for more information and inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page here at and their website at

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