Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spanish Nights: Ostras Y Cava at The Fairmont Lounge

The freshest seafood, authentic Spanish Tapas, and the finest Spanish sparkling wine...the elegant flavors Spain come alive at The Fairmont Lounge.

The Fairmont Makati Hotel celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Spain with Ostras Y Cava at The Fairmont Lounge, a luxurious Spanish-inspired evening of cocktails and tapas daily from 6pm to 9pm.

The elegant interiors of The Fairmont Lounge sets the tone for the evening, the perfect setting for authentic Spanish tapas and the freshest seafood paired with the finest Spanish wines. Crisp crostini topped with Black Olives (L) and Tomatoes (R) kick-off your Ostras Y Cava experience at The Fairmont Lounge...

...followed by Gambas on crostini, and your Spanish-inspired evening is off to a great start.

Your Spanish feast continues with fresh Boquerones and Quail Eggs, with the clean and briny notes of marinated anchovies bursting in your mouth with every nibble.  

Craving for even more flavor? The thinly-sliced Spanish Chorizo should do the trick, with its rich, bold, smoky, and porky notes gently released as it melts in your mouth.

Fresh and plump Mussels (L) and Roasted Eggplant in Olive Oil (R) are just some of the many flavorful options at The Fairmont Lounge's Ostras Y Cava. The briny sweetness of the mussels come through, complemented by the nutty notes of the pepper-infused olive oil, and the subtle sweet and smoky hint of the eggplant is light yet satisfying.  

Pick up another plate and go for another round of Tapas, like the tasty Shrimps and Garbanzos topped with herbs...

...a serving of Baked Chickpeas richly seasoned with Spanish spices...

...or Marinated Black Olives with its sharp and tart notes to cleanse the palate, preparing you for yet another round.  

Then, you're just about ready for the fresh Oysters laid on a mound of ice. Have it fresh, baked, or both, it's your call. Paired with a glass of wine...perfect. And yes, you can have as much as you want.

Enjoy your tapas and fresh oysters with free-flowing red and white Spanish wine, including the sparkling Cava to get you in that Spanish groove in no time. The Spanish sparkling wine derives its name from the Spanish word for "cave" or "cellar," with caves commonly used for aging the sparkling wine. Dry and crisp with just a whisper of sweetness, it's the ideal wine for pairing with The Fairmont Lounge's wide assortment of tapas (if you're checked in at The Fairmont Makati Hotel, you can also enjoy Sunset Happy Hour at the Pool Deck, more on my earlier post here, or why not have a tipple with Long's Bar's take on Classic Cocktails inspired by History's Icons).

The Fairmont Lounge even came up with a special dish, Spanish Chorizo and Wild Boar topped with Quail Egg (L), an inventive dish with a uniquely local spin; along with yet another round of Oysters (R), this time baked and topped with cheese and garlic. And if you want something creatively new and different, just ask the friendly staff.

A bowl of Patatas Bravas, a rustic and traditional Spanish Tapas, caps our special Spanish evening at The Fairmont Lounge. The Fairmont Lounge's Ostras Y Cava is available daily from 6pm to 9pm for only P 1,200++ per person, and that's a pretty good deal for unlimited tapas and free-flowing wine. Spanish nights at The Fairmont Lounge with Ostras Y Cava...here's to endless rounds of Cava and oysters.

The Fairmont Lounge is located at the Ground Floor of The Fairmont Makati Hotel, 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City or call (632) 795-1840 for reservations.

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