Monday, April 18, 2016

Comforting Filipino Classics at Kabila Filipino Bistro

Kare-Kare and Sinigang...classic and comforting local dishes that never fail to win you over again and again. 

Come back home for rich local flavors at Kabila Filipino Bistro, and fall in love all over again with classic Filipino dishes...

Start with the refreshing Seafood Guava Sinigang (P 525), a sour and tart broth loaded with scallops, bangus belly, fresh water prawns, clams, kangkong, radishes, string beans and cherry tomatoes. The fragrant aroma and vivid colors alone make this generous bowl a must-try at Kabila Filipino Bistro.

The multiple layers of distinct notes, from the sharp and sour hint of the broth and the different seafood and vegetables combine for complex yet balanced flavors. Each sip of the broth bursts with vibrant flavors, followed by the mild briny sweetness of the seafood and fresh vegetables.  

Kabila Filipino Bistro's Kare-Kare US Short Plate & Buntot (P 595), a thick, made from scratch stew with tripe, ox-tail, beef belly, native eggplant, French beans, and pechay, served with homemade bagoong, takes you back on a nostalgic trip with its own take on a classic.

The tender US Short Plate and ox-tail simply fall-of-the-bone after hours of simmering, adding its own beefy notes to the rich peanut-based stew. The vegetables, added at the last minute before serving, are still fresh and crisp with a mild sweetness to complete the comforting flavors of the dish. Extra rice? Absolutely.

Kare-Kare and Sinigang, a pair of uniquely local dishes guaranteed to satisfy any craving for Filipino flavors at Kabila Filipino Bistro. Cap your Filipino feast with the refreshing Tropical Fruit Platter (P 195), fresh seasonal fruits on ice, and it's another good Kabila Filipino Bistro.

Kabila Filipino Bistro at M Cafe is located at Level 1, Greenbelt 4, Ayala Museum Complex, Ayala Center, Makati or call 757-3000 for inquiries and reservations.

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