Sunday, April 17, 2016

New Stations and Old Favorites at Marriott Cafe

It just keeps getting Marriott Cafe.

Marriott Cafe adds new stations to enhance your dining experience, offering even more flavors and options to an already impressive buffet selection (more on Marriott Cafe on my earlier posts on their extensive Seafood Selection, the previous North Asian Food Festival, the Sunday Brunch Buffet, and a special Christmas Thanksgiving Feast).

The wide array of flavors at Marriott Cafe's buffet spread now includes a Halal Station (L), with special dishes made from ingredients sourced with approved formal certifications in compliance with Sharia law. That day, I sampled the Prawn Palak (R), a seafood dish with spinach, along with grilled vegetables and Lavash flat bread.

The dishes at the new Halal Station are rotated daily, with main dishes and a variety of sides and vegetables. At the Asian Station, you can have the station chefs prepare your very own customized bowl of noodles, like a spicy Laksa (R) or any noodle dish by simply following the the quick and easy steps detailed on the panel (L). 

Another new station at Marriott Cafe is the Gambas Station, with the freshest prawns and an assortment of sauces for a customized gambas dish prepared ala minute and fresh off the pan. It's a great starter for your buffet feast.  

For your gambas, simply grab a plate and choose from peeled prawns...

...or with the shell on, and once you've selected the sauce, just leave it to the station chef to prepare the dish for you.

I go for peeled prawns cooked with a special Cilantro Pesto sauce topped with garlic. The prawns are firm yet tender, a sure sign of freshness, with its briny sweetness complemented by the Cilantro Pesto sauce. Other sauces include Smoky Pepper, Bourbon BBQ, or Herb Butter. The new Gambas Station is an absolute must-try at Marriott Cafe. Go for a half-dozen or a full dozen for good measure, and you can come back for seconds and thirds...

At the Pasta Station, you can create your very own pasta dish by simply choosing your pasta, your sauce, and your toppings and the station chef will prepare it for you in minutes. 

Marriott Cafe is an advocate of fresh, traceable and Sustainable Seafood, and you can enjoy a wide selection of the day's catch at the Seafood Station, prepared any way you want it. The selection of fresh seafood include slipper lobsters and plump prawns... 

...fresh oysters on ice...

...and even Imbao, a large local shellfish from the south.

Have it baked, grilled, or simply sauteed with butter and garlic, one of my old favorites at Marriott Cafe.

And if you're still up for it, head on over to the Carving Station for a slice or two of the US Prime Ribeye to satisfy any hefty craving for some serious beef...

...or indulge in one of the many main dishes like this comforting Hungarian-style Beef Goulash.

Back at the Asian Station, the selection of mains that day included this tempting Sweet and Sour Fish...

If you prefer some familiar local flavors, the Filipino Station offers a variety of beef, pork, chicken and seafood for grilling. But don't pass up on the Chicharon Bulaklak and deep-fried Quail Eggs (L) or a bowl of Bulalo (R). 
Marriott Cafe also offers an equally impressive array of desserts to cap your buffet feast. From intricate pastries to homemade ice cream and a chocolate fountain, Marriott Cafe makes sure you end your feast on a high note. 

But there's more. Marriott Cafe now has a live Crepe Station, and things just keeps getting better. Lunch (Monday to Saturday) and Dinner Buffet (Sunday to Thursday) rates are priced at P 1,900 and P 2,100 respectively, with Breakfast Buffet (Monday to Saturday) are set at P 1,450 per person. The special Ocean's Harvest (Friday to Saturday) buffet and Sunday Brunch Buffet are priced at P 2,500 (more on Marriott Cafe's daily buffet rates at their website here). Old favorites and a whole lot of new Marriott Cafe.

Marriott Cafe is located at Marriott Hotel Manila, No. 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex, Pasay City or call 988-9999 for inquiries and reservations.

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