Thursday, May 19, 2016

Authentic Korean Flavors at Solaire Resort & Casino's Kiwa Korean Grill Dining

After a day at the gaming tables, you can always count on a sure bet for authentic Korean cuisine at Solaire Resort & Casino...

Kiwa Korean Grill Dining offers authentic Korean cuisine right in the middle of the action at Solaire Resort & Casino, made with the freshest and finest ingredients for rich and bold flavors. Authenticity and excellent service, it's a winning Kiwa Korean Grill Dining.

Located inside the elegant Solaire Resort & Casino, Kiwa Korean Grill Dining offers authentic Korean cuisine, plus, you get to grill some of the best premium selections of beef, chicken and seafood right on your table-top grill. Let the friendly staff lead you to your table or private room, and prepare for a memorable Korean dining experience.

The elegant and spacious interiors inside Kiwa Korean Grill Dining is the perfect setting for authentic Korean flavors. Intricate patterns of the traditional Korean roof tile adorn the interiors, the inspiration behind the name "Kiwa." Enjoy your meal with Korean Kloud Beer (L) or a bottle of Soju (R) to get you in the groove in no time. 

Our Korean dining experience at Kiwa Korean Grill Dining began with a series of tasty starters, like the Jap Chae (P 600), the classic pan-fried glass noodles with beef and assorted vegetables...

...and the refreshing and savory Yuk Hoe, soy-based raw beef mixed with Korean pear and vegetables, topped with an egg. The richness of the raw beef is perfectly tempered by the sweet and tart Korean pear, adding both texture and flavor to the dish.

The Kimchi Jeon, a kimchi pancake, was served next, with the sharp notes of Kimchi bursting in your mouth with every bite.

Other starters were served, like the Tomato Yangsanchu (P 600), a juicy and fresh tomato filled with seasoned seafood and mixed vegetables, with fresh and clean flavors...

...and the hearty Chadol Baki (P 1,000), pan-fried beef brisket salad, a light yet flavorful salad with the bold and robust flavors of fork-tender beef brisket.

The starters alone were impressive, setting your palate for the next round of dishes. After the starters, the friendly and efficient staff then prepared the table for the main courses, with raw garlic and chili bean paste (L) along with a platter of crisp garden-fresh greens (R).  

Then, the table-top grills were fired up, loaded with fiery hot charcoal. With the table-top grill ready, the comforting heat warms up your appetite, but surprisingly, you don't smell the smoke from the charcoal. That's because Kiwa's table-top grills incorporate an efficient ventilation system inside the grill, with interior vents. 

Kiwa's signature Yang Nyeom Galbi (P 1,300-A La Carte/P 2,000-Lunch Special/P 3,000-Course), tender beef short ribs marinated with special sweet soy sauce, was proudly presented by the staff, ready for grilling...

...and in just minutes, the bright colors of the premium beef are transformed as a fragrant aroma rises from the table-top grill.

The premium beef is then sliced...

...and served along with the grilled mushroom. Simply pick up a fresh piece of lettuce, add a slice of the premium beef short rib, dab some spicy gochujang and a piece of raw garlic, then roll it up. The beefy flavors come through, punctuated by the sharp notes of the chili bean paste. The beef is tender and juicy, releasing its rich flavors, as you go for another piece. And another. Seriously good beef.

That evening, we also sampled Kiwa's Grilled Chicken, Korean-style barbecue chicken, marinated and seasoned with rich Korean spices.

The hot charcoal gets the grilled chicken done and ready to serve in no time, with its delicate notes enhanced by the rich blend of spices. And you don't even have to worry about smelling like the grill after dinner, so relax and enjoy. The interior ventilation system works perfectly.

The parade of authentic Korean flavors continued, with Kiwa's Bibimbap (P 900-Single/P 1,200 Set), soft and fluffy steamed white rice topped with beef, vegetables, and egg and served with assorted banchan. A meal in itself, and great for sharing, the Bibimbap pairs well with the main dishes.

Finally, the Grilled Mixed Seafood was served, with assorted seafood marinated in soy-based sauce, including octopus, prawns, scallops, and fish.

The staff expertly grills the delicate seafood on the table-top grill, grilling it too long can make it tough and chewy.

But leave it to Kiwa's staff to serve up perfectly grilled seafood, with a clean and fresh snap in every bite. The plump prawns deliver a rich briny sweetness, and the octopus is tender with clean flavors. The scallops are sweet and juicy, and the fish, with its delicate notes, just melt in your mouth.

A spicy dish with squid and noodles in a spicy chili bean paste rounds out our authentic Korean dining experience at Kiwa. But save room for dessert...

Kiwa's Patbingsu, Korean-style iced dessert, like the local Halo-Halo, with red bean paste, caps your feast at Kiwa on high note. The vibrant colors is a visual cue to the equally rich notes of the dish, combining a rich blend of both flavor and texture, and a perfect ending to a memorable feast. You can always bet on a sure thing while at Solaire Resort & Casino, with authentic Korean flavors at Kiwa Korean Grill Dining...

Kiwa Korean Grill Dining is located at Solaire Resort & Casino, 1 Aseana Avenue, Entertainment City, Paranaque City or call +63921-953-3520 and +63995-581-5667 for inquiries.

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