Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sweet Summer Memories...at Casa Italia.

Summer may be over, but the lingering heat remains. You need to cool down. And here's a hot new way to chill...at Casa Italia. 

Drawing inspiration from the classic ice cream treat from countless childhood summers from way back, Casa Italia recreates the classic sorbetes or "dirty ice cream" in a local pan de sal with their new Gelatonini. Relive sweet childhood summer memories...at Casa Italia.

Established back in 2010 in Singapore, Casa Italia has grown and evolved to one of the most popular fast-casual all-day dining restaurants in Singapore. It's growing regional presence now includes a branch in Manila, serving up its signature dishes. Inside Casa Italia, one can find a wide selection of colorful handcrafted premium gelato, and choosing just one flavor is a real challenge.

Made with all-natural ingredients, with absolutely no artificial flavors, chemicals, colorants, or preservatives, you get fresh and real flavors in every scoop. As diverse as the flavors, one can enjoy premium handcrafted gelato in a variety of ways...

Start with Casa Italia's Gelatoccino, a smooth and refreshing blend of premium gelato and coffee in a drink available in a variety of flavors like the Salted Caramel (L) and White Chocolate (R). 

Casa Italia reinvents the traditional Italian bar serving a wholesome menu aside from its signature premium handcrafted gelato, with an extensive range of freshly-made dishes including salads, oven-baked pizzas, panini, and comforting meals. Casa Italia's homey and rustic Cream of Pumpkin Soup (P 150) and Baked Chicken with Pomodoro Sauce (P 330) combine for a comforting meal, but there's more...

...like the Pepperoni (P 150, L) and Blue Cheese Pizza (P 180, R) that's perfect for a light meal or snack.  

And if you're really hungry, Casa Italia's Hickory Pork Belly (P 430) should do the trick. A meal in itself, and you're just about ready for Casa Italia's gelato...

Indulge in Casa Italia's sweet and tart Pineapple (L) and Guyabano Gelato (R), perfect palate cleansers before the next round of gelato...

...like the impressive Midnight Surprise (P 430) with Chocolate Lava Cake, cookie bits and three scoops of gelato. Great for sharing, each spoonful plays on contrasting textures and flavors.

Or go for the Sunny Daydream (P 560), Casa Italia's refreshing take on the apple peach cobbler topped with whipped cream and gelato.

Then, there's Casa Italia's newest gelato creation, the Gelatonini, an innovative and comforting concept combining the classic childhood staple with an Italian twist. The Nutella Gelatonini combines sweet and nutty flavors with freshly-grilled pandolce, an Italian sweet bread. The pandolce is the perfect base for the gelato, absorbing the rich flavors while maintaining its form all the way to the last bite. Sweet, creamy and chewy, each bite takes you back to simpler and carefree times. "It's really about pairing contrasting culinary elements of innovation and nostalgia. Through the Gelatonini, we've produced complementing flavors from hot and cold, and sweet and savory combinations, aimed to refresh consumers. Also, it's summer time and we do love gelato on everything," said Casa Italia's Chef Henrilyn Salvado.

"I used to enjoy the ice cream sandwiches delivered by our local sorbeteros. It was a staple during the summer season for most of us growing up. So we brought it back and gave it a little Italian twist to share it with the Filipino market," said Casa Italia Philippines owner Jay Tan. If you prefer something savory, Casa Italia also offers the Ham & Cheese Gelatonini, with smoked ham topped with Formaggi gelato, a smooth and creamy gelato made with cream cheese and cheddar on a freshly grilled pandolce. The Gelatonini is just the start of a full line-up of Casa Italia's refreshing and delicious offerings, with even more surprises to come.

But it's never too early for cocktails at Casa Italia, with the Raspberry Limoncello (L),  and the White Velvet (R), a smooth and refreshing white chocolate and Amaretto blend. Just leave it to the guys at Casa Italia to whip something new and exciting with their premium handcrafted gelato.

Limoncello, Caffe Corretto, Tropical Bliss, Swiss Baileys, White Velvet, and Pink Sensation, happy hour was never this sweet. Sweet summer memories with Casa Italia's Gelatonini and more, there's always time for a quick stop at Casa Italia.

Casa Italia is located at Forbestown Road, Burgos Park, Bonifacio Global City, Tagui City or call 246-9069 extension 495 for inquiries.

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