Thursday, May 12, 2016

Crunchtime: Crunchtastic by Manang's Chicken

Looking for a hearty and comforting meal with a crunch? You got it...

...with the new Crunchtastic Fried Chicken by Manang's Chicken. It's everything you love about Manang's Chicken, with that extra crunch. 

Bannered by their Soy Garlic Chicken, a household favorite created by their family cook, Manang's Chicken continues to innovate with its comforting homestyle cuisine with its newest variant, the Crunchtastic Fried Chicken (for more on Manang's Chicken, check out their inspiring story my previous posts, Bringing Home Cooking to Fast Food, and their Signature Dishes).  

And who doesn't love crispy fried chicken? Richly spiced and seasoned with a special 10-Spice Blend, the new Crunchtastic Fried Chicken by Manang's Chicken is tender and juicy capped by a perfectly crisp outer layer for that delectable crunch with every bite. The delicate notes of the juicy chicken are punctuated by the rich blend of spices with just a hint of sweetness, great as is, even better with some steamed white rice. 

Manang's Chicken continues to redefine the Filipino Fried Chicken with its homestyle recipes, and the new Crunchtastic Fried Chicken is a welcome addition to its expanding menu. Looking for that extra crunch? It's crunchtime, with the new Crunchtastic Fried Chicken by Manang's Chicken.

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