Monday, May 2, 2016

Four Cool Ways to Beat the Heat at Rita's Italian Ice

The occasional afternoon rain fails to make a dent in the scorching summer heat. But there's one sure-fire way to beat the heat. Make that four cool Rita's Italian Ice.

Rita's Italian Ice introduces four new refreshing creations to cool down this summer, each one guaranteed to bring a smile, and that signature happy vibe. Find happiness at Rita's, and discover four cool ways to beat the summer heat.

With summer temperatures expected to rise even higher, you'll need something to cool you Rita's draws inspiration from tropical fruits, a bold espresso, a local and traditional iced dessert classic, and pure chocolate bliss for their new creations, just what you need to beat the heat. And feel good too. 

At Rita's, you can explore infinite combinations for that customized frozen drink, and here's one cool combo with a tropical vibe and vibrant flavors. The signature Rita's Italian Ice Frozen Drink (P 120) with its Cantaloupe and Mango blend for refreshing tropical flavors cools you down in no time. Sweet and refreshing, with the velvety smooth texture of Rita's ice, just perfect.

Need a caffeine fix while cooling down? Rita's Mocha Java Misto (P 185) should get the job done, with Fudge Brownie Ice, Vanilla Custard, and a bold shot of Espresso blended in one cool drink. The combination not only cools you down, it recharges you for the rest of the day. With its bold flavors and soothing finish, this one just makes any scorching summer afternoon so much better.

The Premium Halo-Halo Gelati (P 195) draws inspiration from the all-time Filipino classic with the unique Rita's spin, loaded with Ube Halaya, Langka, Red Beans, and Macapuno Strips topped with Rita's Frozen Custard, Sweetened Saba, Nata de Coco, and Pinipig. The frozen custard works so well with the traditional halo-halo ingredients, with its own velvety smooth and creamy texture for a classic reinvented, at Rita's. It's familiar yet totally new and different, and another winner at Rita's.

For chocoholics, Rita's Fudge Brownie Ala Mode (P 200) should satisfy any serious craving for chocolate and Rita's Fudge Brownies, with moist and chewy Fudge Brownie Squares drizzled with Hot Fudge on Frozen Custard. There's just nothing like chocolate to make any day so much better, and this one is pure chocolate indulgence. The Fudge Brownie Squares are perfectly moist yet firm and fudgy, retaining its form all the way to the very last scoop, capped by the thick and smooth Hot Fudge, and finished by the signature Frozen Custard. I can have this any day. So bring on the heat...

Rita's Italian Ice is located at Unit 115-116, V-Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San Juan City or call 650-58-59 for inquiries.

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