Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Double the Indulgence: The New Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Mocha

Swiss Miss goes bold and rich like never before for double the indulgence...

Swiss Miss introduces its newest and most indulgent variant yet, the Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Mocha combining the bold notes of dark chocolate and rich cafe mocha all in one convenient 3-in-1 hot cocoa mix. Awaken your indulgent side with Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Mocha...

And I get first dibs. Packed in an elegant box, my package from Swiss Miss included a cool Swiss Miss cup and six sachets of the new Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Mocha. Time to get the water boiling...

As you tear open a sachet, that comforting and familiar aroma of chocolate tells you this is going to be good. But one sip immediately tells you this is different. A frothy head caps the hot beverage, a visual cue to the signature richness of Swiss Miss, followed by the bold notes of dark chocolate adding depth as the hint of mocha weaves in for that perfect finish. It's the perfect beverage to start or end the day, with that extra layer of indulgence from the dark chocolate and mocha blend. And it's everything you want in Swiss Miss, and more.

Each soothing sip is both calming and energizing, enough to get you going through the day. Dark chocolate and mocha. It's a one-two punch in a cup. And you can indulge in the best of both worlds with all the flavor and none of the caffeine. Experience the sweet life with double the indulgence, with the new bold and rich Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Mocha.

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  1. Gudevening...how can i avail of the blue mug i love it so much please i will buy at least 8pcs

    1. Hi, best to check the supermarkets if they still offer the promotional packs with the mug, thanks!

  2. I would like to buy the Swiss Mug eight to twelve pcs

    1. Hi, I'm not sure if the promotional packs are still available, but you may want to check your local supermarket. Thanks!


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