Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Cut Above at Atelier Vivanda Manila

A premium slab of beef, delicately and patiently aged and grilled to perfection, served with nothing more than a drizzle of housemade infused olive oil and a pinch of salt...just the way it should be. It's all about the beef, and a dining experience that's a cut Atelier Vivanda Manila. 

Michelin Star Chef Akrame Benallal takes his own personal and unique culinary style to a new stage with Atelier Vivanda Manila, adding to his growing list of restaurants in Paris, Baku, and Wanchai. At Atelier Vivanda, it's all about the beef, and now local diners can experience world-class cuisine that's truly a cut above...

Inside the sleek yet casual interiors of Atelier Vivanda Manila, guests are drawn to the floor-to-ceiling panoramic glass panels behind the elegant wood and steel staircase leading to the second floor, draped in bright and comforting natural light.

On the second floor, one can find additional seating options, including a function room for private functions. The soft and muted hues of wood tones are punctuated by an occasional splash of color from vibrant red shades, exuding that casual yet sexy and modern bistro vibe. The spartan yet elegant table setting features Atelier Vivanda's signature Caractere, premium olive oil infused with pepper, and their iconic steak knives. It's the little touches like these that add to a unique dining experience at Atelier Vivanda Manila.

Once seated, Atelier Vivanda Manila's courteous staff served freshly baked bread in brown paper bags, adding a rustic touch to balance the sleek and modern edge of the interiors.

Below, Atelier Vivanda Manila's staff showcased their prized selection of prime aged beef... the Holstein Beef dry aged for 50 days, just one of Atelier Vivanda Manila's wide selection of beef and cuts. Perfectly marbled, you can always expect the very best cuts, meticulously aged to perfection for rich and bold flavors.

As our steaks were prepped and grilled at the semi-open kitchen, Atelier Vivanda Manila's staff then prepared one of their signature starters, the tasty smoked beef. The thinly sliced beef is then delicately laid and served on a wooden board.

The Sliced Smoked Beef Aged for 50 Days (P 980-100g) is an excellent starter, with paper-thin slices releasing its bold and beefy richness with every bite, tempered by a subtle layer of smoky notes for balanced flavors. The flavors are bold, pure, real, and honest, just the way premium beef should be, uncluttered and simple.

And just like Paris, Baku, and Wanchai, you'll find the signature steak knife designed by renowned Basque craftsman, Christophe, at Atelier Vivanda Manila. The sleek, elegant and delicately balanced knife draws inspiration from the ancient world of Rome, just what you need for that effortless slice of Atelier Vivanda's excellent selection of aged beef. Armed and ready, the first dish was then served...

The Porterhouse (P 3,400-600 grams), simply seasoned with salt and pepper, perfectly rested and grilled to medium with a juicy pink center, each tender slice delivers a buttery and beefy richness that coats your palate, just pure beef bliss.

Then, the impressive USDA Prime Bone-In Tomahawk (P 5,900-850 grams) was served, masterfully grilled with its lightly seared crust locking in all the juices. The intense beefy notes are all you need, and nothing else. At Atelier Vivanda Manila, it's all about the beef, reflecting the culinary style of Michelin Star Chef Akrame Benallal.

Chef Akrame Benallal's housemade infused olive oil, Caractere, adds even more flavors without overpowering the natural richness of the premium aged beef. The subtle blend of distinct notes from the Taggiasche bio green olives sourced from Ligure in Italy and the mildly spicy hint from the Voatsiperifery pepper from Madagascar combine in a seamless blend, enhancing the beefy notes. A pinch of salt, and that's it. Perfect.

Pair your steak with Atelier Vivanda's signature Pommes Dauphines (P 165), soft and creamy potatoes enriched with butter and formed into balls, the Pommes Darphin (P 265), with thin shreds of potatoes shaped into bars...

...and the Gratin Dauphinois (P 225), with layers of thinly sliced potatoes, fresh from the oven. Premium aged beef and potatoes, always a classic combination, is elevated to a whole new level at Atelier Vivanda Manila. Dab some of Atelier Vivanda's homemade sauce, The Ketchup, prepared by Francoise Fleuriet, and made with fresh and tart tomatoes blended with a whisper of Pineau de Charente pairs perfectly with the Pommes Dauphines and the Pommes Darphin.

Cap your carnivorous feast with the refreshing Cold Pineapple Soup (P 350) with Passion Fruit and Vanilla, to cleanse the richness of the mains for a perfect ending at Atelier Vivanda Manila. World-class cuisine matched with excellent service, it's all here at Atelier Vivanda Manila for a dining experience that's truly a cut above.

But there's more. Check out Atelier Vivanda Manila's daily Special Lunch Menu (see my post, Make It Lunch: Atelier Vivanda Manila's Special Lunch Menu) and their Happy Hour offerings (more at Happy Hour, Atelier Vivanda Style).

Atelier Vivanda Manila is located at U-A8 Forbes Town Center, Forbes Town Road, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 246-9069 ext. 573 for inquiries. You may also visit their FB Page at for more information and updates.

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