Monday, August 15, 2016

#SeeWhatOthersCantSee: Food Tastings with My ASUS ZenFone2 Laser

I've always relied on my same old but dependable DSLR for food photos on this blog since my very first post. Taking photos with a smartphone was something you would do on a spontaneous whim, nothing to be taken seriously. Or at least that's the way I thought, until the ASUS ZenFone2 Laser made me look twice...  

...and see what others can't see. Since then, taking photos with my ASUS ZenFone2 Laser has been an interesting journey, and quite a liberating and tasty one at that. One snap, and you finally get to realize what so many millennials have known all this time. Maybe you can teach old dogs new tricks, and it's easy with the ASUS ZenFone2 Laser. Even for baby boomers. And it all started at Makati Diamond Residences, with the Weekend Champagne Brunch at Albert (photo taken at Makati Diamond Residences with my ASUS ZenFone2 Laser, or see my earlier post, A Weekend Champagne Brunch at Alfred, and compare it with the photos on the post taken with my trusty DSLR).

Maybe it was all about getting used to the very compact and light weight of the ASUS ZenFone2 Laser and the large screen, or the notion that something this small could match a DSLR. Maybe I just missed the bulk and the weight of my old Nikon, and leaving my comfort zone. But the ASUS ZenFone2 Laser's got the chops for some pretty cool shots, making it more than just a smartphone. It's back-up that fits in your pocket, and it feels a whole lot easier than lugging around that camera bag (for more on the ASUS ZenFone2 Laser's technical details, see my previous post here, and on my other travel blog here).

Early mornings, way before having a freshly brewed cup of coffee, just isn't the right time to peer through a DSLR's viewfinder. But in between yawns and that first sip of coffee, somehow you just feel the sudden urge to grab your ASUS ZenFone2 Laser for a quick snap (photo taken at Vitalis Villas with my ASUS ZenFone2 Laser, more on my post, An Early Start at Vitalis Villas), and it works.

Early mornings seem to be that window when you're in the zone, with a little help from my ASUS ZenFone2 Laser (photo taken with my ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser at Hotel Rembrandt, more on my post, Breakfast at Hotel Rembrandt). Extra bacon? Absolutely.

And it works pretty much anytime of day, like a late dimsum lunch at Yumchee Fastfood (photo taken with my ASUS ZenFone2 Laser at Yumchee Fastfood, more on my earlier post, Fast, Flavorful, and Affordable Meals at Yumchee Fastfood)...

...or a late dinner with artificial lighting, often a challenging situation with my old DSLR. The Baked Scallop in a mildly sweet Japanese sauce looks just fine, and tasty, under fluorescent lighting (photo taken with my ASUS ZenFone2 Laser at Catch, or see my previous post, Drop Your Anchor for the Freshest Catch).

It's a whole new way of seeing things, with  a simple tap on a screen. The Pan-Fried Whole Pomfret and Roasted Almond is a straightforward top shot, but it's just so much easier with my ASUS ZenFone2 Laser (photo taken at Nostalgia Dining Lounge with my ASUS ZenFone2 Laser, check out my previous post, Spotlight on French Cuisine: Nostalgic Culinary Weeks at Nostalgia).

Eye-level shots? No sweat with the ASUS ZenFone2 Laser's large screen (photo taken with my ASUS ZenFone2 Laser at HEAT, more on the impressive Lobster buffet on my earlier post, Go Mad for Lobster at Edsa Shangri-La Manila's HEAT).

A premium slab of meat on a wooden board always gets me going, and you can easily take a quick snap without even standing on a chair (yes, I'm guilty of that too). The Grilled Ribeye Bordelaise, ready to serve (photo taken at Nostalgia Dining Lounge, see my earlier post, Spotlight on French Cuisine: Nostalgic Culinary Weeks at Nostalgia). 

Another quick snap by the bar is easy too. The Monte Carlo, with a premium Wagyu all-beef patty draped with St. Nectaire cheese, white onions, black olive tapenade, prosciutto, arugula, and spinach on a soft brioche bun, poses for my ASUS ZenFone2 Laser (photo taken at Village Tavern, more on my post, Village Tavern's World of Burgers: Meet The Monte Carlo). Even after one too many beers, simply lay your ASUS ZenFone2 Laser on the bar and tap the screen. And have another round of drinks...

With the ASUS ZenFone2 Laser in your pocket, you'll never miss an opportunity for that quick, and tasty, snap (Photo taken at Yabu, see more on my previous post, Say Cheese: Yabu's New Menchi Katsu Burger).

At day's end, nothing like a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a quick snap with my ASUS ZenFone2 Laser (photo taken at Discovery Primea's Tapenade, more on my previous post, Mediterranean Flavors: A Late Sunday Lunch at Tapenade). The ASUS ZenFone2 Laser also works well outdoors with scenic shots as well (see my post on my other travel blog, #SeeWhatOthersCantSee: Urban Landscapes). And there's still so much more flavors to experience and taste, with my ASUS ZenFone2 Laser. And there's definitely more still to come...a #Zenvolution is brewing in the not so distant horizon.

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