Thursday, August 4, 2016

Classic Ilocano Flavors in the Metro at Victorino's Restaurant

The distinct regional cuisine of the north adds another layer to the rich and diverse tapestry of flavors in Quezon City...

Victorino's Restaurant serves traditional Ilocano dishes for an authentic taste of the north at the heart of Quezon City. The bustling and vibrant food scene in Quezon City's Scout area is filled with infinite dining options and culinary styles, but if you're looking for rustic Ilocano flavors, there's Victorino's Restaurant... 

Owned by Ilocos Sur Vice-Governor DV Savellano and his wife, actress Dina Bonnevie; his sister, Queenie Paras; and renowned pastry chef, Heny Sison, Victorino's Restaurant brings the flavors of the north down to the metro with its extensive menu (for more on Victorino's Restaurant, see my previous post on the launch of a new line of local bottled craft spirits paired with classic Ilocano Flavors at Victorino's).  

The signature Bagnet (P 330), the Ilocano version lechon kawali served with KBL (or Kamatis, Bagoong, Lasona) starts off your feast of Ilocano flavors. Perfectly crisp and meaty, the Ilocano bagnet's richness is tempered by the sharp and tart notes of the KBL for balanced flavors. Ilocano cuisine is best characterized by its rustic simplicity, with its no-frills, uncomplicated yet richly flavored dishes like the Ilocano bagnet.

And when you have some Ilocano bagnet, you just have to pair it with some pinakbet. Victorino's Pinakbet ala Nana Jean (P 260) recreates the classic flavors of the iconic Ilocano vegetable dish with fresh eggplant, ampalaya, camote, and string beans slow-cooked and simmered in bagoong isda, topped with crispy bagnet. The mildly sweet notes of the garden fresh vegetables are layered with the distinct salty flavors of the bagoong isda. The crispy bagnet completes the dish.

The Longganisa Platter (P 360) with different kinds of Ilocos longganisa is yet another taste of Ilocos, with the nutty hints of garlic infused pork coming through with every bite. Extra rice? Absolutely.

Victorino's take on the Chicken Galantina (P 485), or stuffed deboned chicken, adds a celebratory vibe to your feast. The delicate flavors of the chicken are punctuated by a variety of savory stuffing including pork, raisins and even macaroni, with the different notes binded together by a creamy white sauce.

The hearty and comforting Sinigang nga Bangus ti Bayabas (P 390), tender bangus belly in a rich and tart ripe guava broth with vegetables, rounds out the local flavors at Victorino's. The guava-based broth adds both sweetness and just that hint of sourness contrasting with the richness of the bangus belly.  

Cap your Ilocano feast with one of Chef Heny Sison's indulgent desserts, like this elegant Mango Torte, a tall cake topped with fresh and sweet mango balls and cream. Victorino's Restaurant offers even more Ilocano flavors and desserts, and dining in a former home converted into a restaurant completes the dining experience. Quezon City's Scout area offers multiple dining options, but when it comes to authentic Ilocano cuisine, there's Victorino's Restaurant...

Victorino's Restaurant is located at 114 Scout Rallos corner 11th Jamboree, Quezon City or call 922-8558 for inquiries and more information.

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