Saturday, August 27, 2016

Healthy and Irresistibly Delicious at H.I.D. Burgers

A local, homegrown concept shares its innovative take on the burger...and its healthy and irresistibly delicious.

Healthy doesn't have to be bland. H.I.D. Burgers offers a flavorful yet alternative option to the usual burger with their flame-grilled chicken patties served on a pan de sal-like bun for a new flavor experience. Matched with affordable pricing, it's a winning combo. And from the city's outskirts where it all began, H.I.D. Burgers expands its market and reach as it enters the heart of the metro's culinary scene.

The concept behind H.I.D. burgers revolves around their inventive spin on the usual burger, using the freshest chicken for its handcrafted patties and flame-grilled to perfection for full flavors and served on a pan de sal-like bun. With reasonable price points, H.I.D. Burgers became an instant hit in Antipolo, and its now here in the metro.

Inside their newest branch at City Golf Ortigas, the interiors are casual and cozy, with a cool urban industrial vibe. It's the ideal setting for some burgers, wings, and sausages. Start with some tasty bites like H.I.D. Burgers' Chicken Nuggets (P 90 Half-Dozen/P 165 Full Dozen), served with BBQ or Garlic Sauce. The tender and juicy chunks of chicken, breaded and deep-fried, deliver clean notes punctuated by the sharp and smoky flavors of the BBQ sauce...

...or go for bolder flavors with the Hot Wings (P 180-6pcs/P 320-12 pcs), juicy wings with a lightly crisp outer layer for contrasting textures draped in one of six flavors, Buffalo Wings (Mild/Spicy), Sriracha Wings (Spicy), Hot Asian Wings (Mild/Spicy), Garlic Chili Patis Wings (Mild), Honey Mustard Wings (Mild), and Honey Sriracha Wings (Mild).

Not to be missed is H.I.D. Burgers' Hungarian Sausage Slices (P 150), with two flame-grilled Hungarian sausages in bite-sized slices. Mildly spicy and richly seasoned, with a crisp snap in every bite releasing a burst of bold flavors.

And you're just about ready for the signature burgers. H.I.D. Burgers offers eleven variants for their burgers and Hungarian sausages, like the signature H.I.D. BLT with bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese sauce, mayo, and onions; the Cheesebomb with cheese sauce, cream cheese and mozzarella; the Bacon Mushroom Melt with bacon, mushrooms, and mozzarella; the Sicilian with roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and cheese sauce; the Mediterranean with bell peppers, onions, and garlic sauce; the Chicano with tomato salsa and cheese sauce; the Barbecue & Coleslaw with special housemade BBQ sauce and refreshing coleslaw; the Herbs & Cheese with cottage cheese and basil; the Shrooms and Cheese with mushrooms and cheese sauce; the Chili & Cheese with garlic chili and cheese sauce; and the Classic Cheese with cheese sauce. You can also customize your own burger with a wide variety of add-ons like blue cheese, sour cream, Caesar dressing, salsa and bacon. Then, choose your serving size, like the Deluxe Burger with 1/4 pound single patty, the Premium Double Patty Burger, the Combo Burger with Hungarian Sausage, or the pure Hungarian Sausage option with the Big Dogg, and you're on your way to a unique burger experience at H.I.D Burgers. The Barbecue & Coleslaw Burger (P 130 Deluxe/P 145 Premium Double Patty/P 145 Combo Burger with Sausage/P 120 Big Dogg for the Hungarian Sausage Option) delivers rich yet balanced flavors, with the sharp notes of the sweet and smoky BBQ sauce tempered by the coleslaw, perfectly complementing the firm yet juicy chicken patty. And the sweet and salty hints of the soft pan-de sal-like bun completes the flavors.

Did someone say cheese? H.I.D. Burgers' creamy Cheesebomb (P 140 Deluxe/P 155 Premium Double Patty/P 155 Combo Burger with Sausage/P 130 Big Dogg for the Hungarian Sausage Option) adds a flavorful cheesy trifecta with its cheese sauce, cream cheese, and mozzarella draping the chicken patty. The combination of cheeses adds both flavor and texture, pairing well with both the chicken patty and the soft bun.

You can also opt for the Low Carb variant with any of H.I.D. Burgers' signature burgers, replacing the bun with fresh and crisp iceberg lettuce (add P 20).

The H.I.D. BLT Low Carb (P 160) is light and refreshing, with the crisp greens adding its own unique layer of flavor. Think of it as a garden fresh salad with a juicy chicken patty, cheese sauce, and bacon...just can't get better than that.

For the Big Dogg, we go for the Mediterranean variant (P 120), with its spicy and richly seasoned Hungarian Sausage laid on fresh bell peppers, onions, and garlic sauce on a soft bun. Like the burgers, the bun has a familiar texture and flavor similar to pan de sal, with its light sweet and salty notes enhancing the upfront flavors of the Hungarian sausage. And it works. 

And if you want some beef, H.I.D. Burgers has that covered too, with the The Beastmode BLT (P 200), a hefty 200 gram high-quality all-beef patty with bacon, fresh iceberg lettuce, roasted onions, tart and juicy fresh tomatoes, and cheddar cheese on their signature buttered buns.

The rich beefy notes of the flame-grilled all-beef patty combine well with the smoky hint of bacon and the creamy cheese sauce in a perfectly seamless play of distinct yet balanced flavors. And the bun completes the flavors.  

The soft pan de sal-like buns add that unique local touch, while the chicken patties offer a new and healthier flavor experience. And it's great to see local, homegrown concepts entering the metro's blossoming yet competitive culinary scene. Innovative yet real flavors and value for money, you can find it all here at H.I.D Burgers, now open at City Golf Ortigas. 

H.I.D. Burgers is located at the Ground Floor, City Golf Ortigas, Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City. You can also check out their FB Page at

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