Monday, July 30, 2018

A Toast to Tasty Bites: The Cheese & Charcuterie Buffet at Alfred

Friday evenings become a much-anticipated day of the week at Alfred...

Starting July 27 to September 28, 2018, guests at Makati Diamond Residences can enjoy a lavish Cheese & Charcuterie Buffet at Alfred every Friday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Indulge in a grazing menu selection of assorted appetizers, cold cuts, gourmet cheese and heavier savory dishes paired with cocktails in that elegant style Alfred is known for, all for only P 1,800 net per person. Just let Alfred take care of you this Friday...

The panoramic floor to glass ceilings drape the elegant interiors with natural light and as the afternoon sun slowly fades, a golden warmth transforms the space with an ethereal glow. It's the perfect time for cocktails and Alfred does it so well. Red or white wine? Beer or a Gin & Tonic? Your call. Friday's looking real good at Alfred.

Inclusive in the Cheese & Charcuterie Buffet are round after round of red or white wine, local beer or your own Gin & Tonic concoction to cap a lavish and sumptuous evening at Alfred. Choose your own customized blend with the different gin labels, tonic water and garnish. Lemon, lime, orange or peppercorns, have your own special Gin & Tonic prepared by the bar and enjoy. A tipple before the Cheese & Charcuterie buffet at Alfred? Absolutely. The Cheese & Charcuterie Buffet at Alfred also includes unlimited soda, chilled juices, and the special Diamond Iced Tea

The bar selection at Alfred include premium gin brands like Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, JJ Whitley Elderflower, Beefeater, and local libations like Sirena Premium Gin. Or you can toast in luxury by adding P 1,800 for a bottle of Champagne Jean Vesselle for the ultimate tipple. Alfred is one of those perfect spots at the heart of the Makati commercial and business district that offers elegant dining and cocktails (for more on Alfred at Makati Diamond Residences, see my earlier posts, #DiamondExperience: A Preview Of New Dishes At Alfred on their exclusive culinary creations, #DiamondExperience: French Flair With Bon Vivant Fridays at Makati Diamond Residences on their past promotion and A Bubbly Brunch: A Weekend Champagne Brunch at Alfred).

With its elegant interiors capped by its dramatic high ceiling, Alfred is an intimate, cozy and elegant spot to meet friends over cocktails and tasty bites with the extensive Cheese & Charcuterie Buffet. For only P 1,800 net per person that includes cocktails and the buffet, that's one deal that's hard to pass up. Relax, and let Alfred take care of you. 

Take a shot. Alfred's tart and comforting Gazpacho coats the palate with its richness, opening it up to even more flavors from the extensive Cheese & Charcuterie Buffet selections. It's tasty bites, and sips, like these that make the Cheese & Charcuterie Buffet at Albert special.

At Alfred's Cheese Board, the Caramelized Brie with fresh and dried fruits tempt you. On succeeding Fridays, guests can enjoy a variety of cheeses, from Gouda to Manchego, at Alfred's Cheese & Charcuterie Buffet.

Your pre-dinner tipple with Alfred's handcrafted Gin & Tonics becomes an even more luxurious experience with premium Jamon Serrano, expertly carved to paper-thin slices that melt in your mouth releasing rich, bold and vibrant flavors. Cheese, Jamon Serrano and Gin & Tonics, just can't get better than that.

Have a few slices of Smoked Pork along with some cheese, and have another Gin & Tonic. It's Friday, and capping the end of another long week deserves its own little celebration.

Tender slices of Smoked Turkey (L) and savory Chicken Sate (R) with sweet peanut sauce add to the international flavors at Alfred's Cheese & Charcuterie Buffet. Other tempting bites include Ham and Cheese Croquettes, Ementaler Tarts, Pate en Croute, and even the local Longanisa for endless bites with cocktails.

But there's more. Seafood Sliders (L) and sweet Dates stuffed with Cream Cheese (R) are just some of the other tasty bites. Guests can expect even more selections with a curated menu rotated on a weekly basis like Caprese Skewers, Chicken Lollipops, Prawn Kataifi with Salted Egg Dip, Jalapeno Poppers, and Baba Ghanoush

But it's the savory mains that will have you coming back for more at Alfred's Cheese & Charcuterie Buffet. Fork-tender, slow-cooked premium US Beef Belly served with a side of roasted vegetables and thick mushroom sauce, this is one serious Cheese & Charcuterie Buffet.

Each slice just melts in your mouth with its savory richness leaving you wanting another. And another. And after a few rounds of Gin & Tonics, there's just nothing like tender beef belly to line your tummy. This one's a favorite.

And if you're still hungry, no worries. Alfred's unique and creative Spanish-inspired Pinakbet Paella with Crispy Bagnet is another must-try at the Cheese & Charcuterie Buffet. The soft and fluffy rice infused with the sharp notes of shrimp paste tempers the richness of the crunchy pork bagnet, as the mild sweetness of the vegetables round out the flavors. This one's another favorite.

One of the highlights at Alfred's Cheese & Charcuterie Buffet is the Raclette. Offering a variety of sides like boiled marble potatoes, cocktail onions, bagel crisps, rye bread and gherkins, you can customize your very own plate topped with delicious scrapings of velvety smooth cheese. And you can come back for seconds. 

Rye bread, bagel crisps, cocktail onions, boiled marble potatoes and gherkins with soft, rich and creamy Raclette, it's more than enough reasons to visit Alfred on a Friday. Each plate, filled with your choice of sides, is prepared a la minute, with the melted cheese scrapings at its flavorful peak just the way it should be.

For dessert, Alfred lays on an equally indulgent spread with delicate Rosewater Macarons (L) and dainty Fruit Tarts (R). The selections are rotated weekly, and dessert options include Diamond Makati Residences' very own Homemade Ice Cream and sweet and Rhubarb Tarts. Definitely save room for dessert at Alfred.

That day, an elegant Chocolate Fondue was served as part of the dessert selection, best paired with a hot pot of TWG Tea or Toby's Estate Coffee.

Tasty bites and cocktails, the Cheese & Charcuterie Buffet at Alfred is reason enough to celebrate the end of another week. For only P 1, 800 net per person, it's an all-in deal that makes Fridays even better. And Friday's coming up soon. See you this Friday at Alfred...

Alfred is located at the lobby level of Makati Diamond Residences, Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City or call 632 3177 0999 for inquiries and more information.

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