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#AirAsiaInBohol: Savor Comforting Local Flavors with the New AirAsia Santan In-Flight Meals

Fresh, bold, regional and authentic flavors up in the skies, AirAsia serves up yet another flavorful layer in the rich, colorful and diverse culinary heritage of ASEAN...

AirAsia stays ahead of the game with its innovative offerings to enhance your experience with the introduction of new in-flight meals inspired by comforting local flavors. At the exclusive launch held at Amorita Resort Bohol, AirAsia adds to the growing menu of rich and diverse ASEAN flavors with its Chicken Kare-Kare, Chicken Bicol Express and Beef Tapa in-flight meals. Part of the growing AirAsia Santan repertoire of ASEAN flavors, the new in-flight meals are a welcome addition to your on-board flight experience. 

Santan, also known as coconut milk, is a widely used ingredient in Southeast Asian cuisine. It's an appropriate name for AirAsia's in-flight meals with its wide selection of local and regional flavors (for more on AirAsia Santan In-Flight Meals, see my earlier posts, #AirAsiaInDavao: Experience Davao's Sights and Flavors with AirAsia on the new Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce in-flight meal created by Chef JP Anglo and Celebrating Asian Flavors with AirAsia's Santan Food Festival on the launch of AirAsia Santan highlighting the flavors of ASEAN last year in Kuala Lumpur). The rich flavors and health benefits of santan binds the distinct flavors of Southeast Asia, and this is highlighted and celebrated with every hot meal on your AirAsia flight. From Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak to Kung Pao Chicken with Rice and Thai Green Curry with Rice (a personal favorite), AirAsia takes pride in serving the very best of the ASEAN region onboard with AirAsia Santan. Adding to the growing AirAsia Santan menu are three new in-flight meals with comfortingly familiar flavors that will make you feel right at home on your next flight with AirAsia. And there's no better way to savor the new in-flight meals than with a leisurely flight to one of the country's premier resort destinations...

The past few weeks have been marked by grey skies and rains, but it's blue skies all the way to Tagbilaran with AirAsia...

 ...aboard AirAsia Flight Z2 354...

...and it was a good day to leave the busy metro behind for some sun, sea and sand at Amorita Resort Bohol.

During the flight, a familiar favorite was served. AirAsia Santan's Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice is a classic Chinese Malaysian dish with tender and juicy roast chicken laid on soft and fluffy richly seasoned rice served with Uncle Chin's sweet, tangy and mildly spicy chili, ginger and garlic sauce for that flavorful kick. It's one of the popular in-flight meal options in many AirAsia flights across the region, and it's easy to see why. All it takes is one bite and the vibrant flavors line your palate with its richness. In-flight meals don't have to be bland, not with AirAsia Santan. In-flight meals add that all-important layer to your travel experience, and AirAsia celebrates the rich diversity of ASEAN flavors with its extensive menu of hot meals and snacks.

And innovation never stops with AirAsia. Passengers aboard AirAsia flights will soon get to enjoy easy Wi-Fi access to keep you connected online with ROKKI Wi-Fi so you never miss a beat way up there at a cruising altitude of 30,000 ft. Enjoy free in-flight entertainment and your favorite apps on board with a few simple and easy clicks on your mobile device. It's just one of many innovative features that makes flying with AirAsia special.

After a short flight and a half-hour van ride from the airport, we arrived at our destination. It was my first time at Amorita Resort, and one couldn't help but be impressed and amazed at the panoramic views of the prestigious property. Amorita Resort's many infinity pools simply fade into the bright azure waters of the Bohol Sea for that perfect getaway from the city.   

Situated high above a limestone cliff overlooking the famed Alona Beach of Bohol's Panglao Island, Amorita Resort is a tranquil and exclusive seaside sanctuary that's perfect for families or the solo traveler offering privacy in a luxurious setting.

Throughout the expansive property, the seamless integration of the resort's modern design and structures with the natural surroundings combine for that casual island vibe. It's this unique stye of organic modern aesthetic that gives Amorita Resort such a pleasing and calming feel, allowing you to fully immerse in its charm. 

Amorita Resort also offers some of the finest culinary dining experiences in the island (more on Amorita Resort on my next post, #AmoritaXAirAsia: Three Days at Amorita Resort Bohol). Right after lunch, a quick dip in one of the resort's pools is a tempting option.

Later that afternoon, guests were welcomed by the team of AirAsia to Amorita Resort's lush gardens behind Saffron Restaurant for the launch of the new AirAsia Santan in-flight meals.

As with any adventure, AirAsia takes the lead in ensuring your journey is a memorable one. In one afternoon and the next few days, both the journey and the destination combine for another chapter in chasing wonders with AirAsia.

Selected items from AirAsia's In-Flight Catalog were also featured at the launch...

...including a collection of environment-friendly merchandise in tune with the times. Ditch the one-use plastic straws and go for a reusable metal straw. It's the little steps that go a long, long way and I'm glad to see AirAsia advocating this much needed change.  

AirAsia Philippines CEO Captain Dexter Comendador is joined by his team and top management from Amorita Resort Bohol at the launch of the new AirAsia Santan In-Flight Meals at the idyllic resort. In a short message, Captain Dexter Comendador reaffirmed their commitment to providing the best passenger experience...
...with its continuous innovations to make your flight with AirAsia a memorable one. One of these innovations is their in-flight meals. A recipient of numerous awards for its in-flight meals, AirAsia knows how to please their passengers' palates as the new in-flight meals were served to the guests.

Kare-kare and Bicol Express are just some of the country's iconic flavors, and AirAsia masterfully recreates these dishes with the new Chicken Kare-Kare and Chicken Bicol Express in-flight meals. It's a unique taste of home that adds to the colorful diversity of ASEAN flavors to your AirAsia experience.

The rich and creamy regional dish simmered in coconut milk tempers the fiery heat of the chili, and the Chicken Bicol Express served with soft steamed white rice has all the comfortingly familiar notes you love. The tender chunks of chicken complete the flavors. It's the sauce that really brings home the dish, with its thick and creamy texture followed by a whisper of soothing heat that will have you going for one more spoonful of rice. The use of chicken makes it a lighter and healthier version of the regional dish, but the flavors are just as bold an intense for a satisfying meal.

Like the Chicken Bicol Express, the Chicken Kare-Kare is another tasty take on a local favorite with tender chicken and vegetables draped in a thick and rich peanut sauce. The sauce is just packed with so much flavor, you won't miss the side of fermented shrimp paste at all. The vegetables still have that fresh bite adding both textural contrast and flavor. The earthy nutty notes and the subtle sweetness of the sauce brings back fond memories with the dish for another tasty option on your flight. 

And you can't go wrong with the AirAsia Santan Beef Tapa in-flight meal. An improved version, the savory notes of the tender beef are kicked up by the distinct hints of garlic for even more flavor. Served with steamed rice and scrambled eggs, it's a complete meal. And quite tasty too. 

In addition to hot meals, AirAsia also offers hearty sandwiches for a light snack. At AirAsia, they've got everything covered to satisfy any appetite.

The new additions to AirAsia Santan in-flight meals complete that layer to your flight experience. And it's definitely one of the things I look forward to with every flight on AirAsia.

It's innovations like these that keep AirAsia well ahead of the game, each one designed to enhance your flight experience. Chicken Kare-Kare, Chicken Bicol Express, and Beef Tapa, make your flight a tasty and satisfying part of your journey with AirAsia.

The end of another day at Amorita Resort sets the stage for even more adventures. Let AirAsia take you there...

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Amorita Resort Bohol is located at #1 Ester A. Lim Drive, Barangay Tawala, Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol or call +63 38 502-9003 or visit their website at for more information. 

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