Friday, July 13, 2018

Momo Magic at Momo Beach House

There's a distinct charm and bohemian vibe that greets you, pure positive vibes, when you arrive at Momo Beach House. Locals say that's Momo Magic...

Just a mere forty-five minute van ride from Tagbilaran Airport is another of Bohol's many hidden gems. Momo Beach House is a quaint and rustic boutique resort offering visitors another facet of the island's many charms.

Not more than twenty kilometers from the famed Alona Beach just northeast, Momo Beach House offers both intimate privacy and that much desired seclusion for a memorable getaway. If you want to get away from it all, you can have your own space, your piece of paradise in Panglao Island at Momo Beach House. A part of the One-of Collection, the same group behind behind Amorita Resort (more on the luxurious resort on my post, #AmoritaXAirAsia: Three Days at Amorita Resort Bohol), Momo Beach House focuses on the destination experience the group is known for with its other distinctive properties like the Sta. Monica Beach Club in Dumaguete and The Funny Lion in Coron.  After the launch of AirAsia's new Santan In-Flight Meals at Amorita Resort, we visited this unique beachfront property for a cozy lunch and a taste of the cool tropical island vibe (for more on AirAsia's new in-flight meals, see my earlier post, #AirAsiaInBohol: Savor Comforting Local Flavors with the New AirAsia Santan In-Flight Meals).

The nature-inspired theme and architecture of the beachfront property gives it a casual yet exclusive vibe, far from the usual crowds. With only sixteen rooms with eco-friendly amenities, you can always find that hammock or lounge chair facing the beach with your name on it. Finding your own spot is always easy.

At Momo Beach House, you can feed your eyes and soul with the stunning beachfront views and dramatic sunsets. You can also please the palate with the fresh and vibrant flavors at Beach Tree Cafe, the signature restaurant at Momo Beach House. Recharge and refresh with Beach Tree Cafe's "detox water," ice-cold water infused with fruits and vegetables, just what you need after a day at the beach. Or before a sumptuous meal.

The signature dishes at Beach Tree Cafe also reflect the simple, honest and eco-friendly personality of Momo Beach House, with comforting pasta dishes like the Aglio Olio...

...and garden-fresh salads with a tart vinaigrette made with local fruits. The use of the freshest local ingredients deliver all the flavors you need for a hearty meal at Beach Tree Cafe.

From local regional dishes to refreshing salads and comforting pasta dishes, diners can also indulge in a variety of pizza selections with different toppings...

...guaranteed to satisfy any craving. The food, the vibe and the beachfront property all combine for that Momo Magic.

And after a satisfying meal, you can head back to your cozy room...

...or hit the beach. Or just go back to your hammock and do nothing at all. And wait for the sunset. And if you find the beach all to yourself, that's part of the magic at Momo Beach House too. You too can get away from it all, let AirAsia fly you to your piece of Momo Beach House.

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Momo Beach House is located at Barangay Bil-isan, Momo Beach Panglao Island, Bohol or call +63 2 553 9549 or visit their website at for more information.

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