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Exceptional Service and Personal Touches at Discovery Suites

When thoughtful personal touches add unforgettable layers to your hotel experience, you just know it's special. After all, it's the little things that go a long, long way for a lasting and memorable impression in any hotel stay. 

At Discovery Suites, exceptional service and heart-warming little touches weave a colorful tapestry of experiences for a truly extraordinary stay in one of the premier hotels within the Ortigas commercial and business district. From elegant accommodations to sumptuous meals, Discovery Suites transformed my overnight experience into something truly special. Read on and find out more about my stay at Discovery Suites...

Discovery Suites combines the convenience of a spacious residence with the service and personal touches of a hotel making it the preferred choice among business and leisure travelers in the Ortigas CBD. A full bouquet of red roses greets my  mom upon arrival, beginning a continuous thread of memorable experiences throughout your stay at Discovery Suites. A proud member of the Preferred Hotels and Resorts Connect Collection, Discovery Suites is part of some of the world's smartest, welcoming hotels designed to connect guests to family and friends, business associates, and interesting neighborhoods.

And at Discovery Suites, making you feel special is something they do very well. Just ask my mom.  

Inside my luxurious One Bedroom Suite, more fresh flowers fill my home away from home with a fragrant and lingering scent, immediately relieving you of the stress from the mad urban rush outside in the hectic Ortigas CBD. And why not, this is your own personal sanctuary.

And when the soft and plush pillows have your name on it, you just know you're home. At Discovery Suites. It's just one of many unique personalized touches that made my experience at Discovery Suites a memorable one. Velvety smooth linens guarantee a restful sleep, and if you give in, getting up and about may be more than a serious challenge. For your convenience, each suite includes essential amenities like complimentary high-speed internet access for multiple devices, digital access to newspapers and magazines worldwide via PressReader, an in-room safe, multi-line telephone, voice mail, iPod docks in selected suites, 60-channel cable television, bedside clock radio, complimentary coffee and tea-making facilities, daily replenishment of bottled water, housekeeping services, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, 24-hour in-room dining, and complimentary shoe shine service. It's the full repertoire of all-inclusive amenities that make you wish you can stay longer that's why its the ideal choice among expats for extended stays.

The spacious layout of a typical One Bedroom Suite at Discovery Suites include a cozy living area (L) with a large screen LED TV and JVC sound system, and a work desk (R) to keep you organized in case you need to submit that urgent report, both efficient and functional spaces separate from the bedroom for privacy.

A standard feature in all One Bedroom Suites is a fully-furnished kitchen with complete dining set and utensils in case you feel like whipping up a gourmet meal. Everything you need is right here, including coffee and tea-making facilities when a sudden craving for a soothing cup hits you any time of day.

At the dining table, Discovery Suites prepared even more welcome treats to further sweeten your stay...

...from fresh seasonal fruits... dried plums, nougat, cashews and indulgent desserts. Little touches definitely go a long way in any hotel stay, and Discovery Suites makes you feel special the minute you enter the lobby all the way to your suite. It's this continuous thread of special moments that weave colorful layers of experiences for a memorable stay at Discovery Suites.

After gently laying the bouquet of flowers in my suite, the door bell rings for another surprise. A refreshing Cucumber Lemonade is served by the staff as a welcome drink, just what you need to get you settled down in your suite. But it just keeps getting better and better at Discovery Suites.

At the kitchen, a little note revealed yet another surprise. Breakfast prepared and served in your own suite by Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon, it just doesn't get better than that. When Discovery Suites goes that extra mile, you just can't help but feel thankful for the privilege.

But another sumptuous meal awaits at Discovery Suites' signature 22 Prime. Listed on Philippine Tatler's T-Dining Best Restaurant Guide for 2018 as well as consistently ranked among Philippine Tatler's Best Restaurants from 2008 to 2018 and the prestigious Miele Guide, 22 Prime is the flagship restaurant of Discovery Suites. Located high above at the 22nd Floor, diners can enjoy panoramic views of the ever-changing Ortigas skyline in an elegant setting. Whether it's one of many premium choice cuts served fresh off the grill or seafood options, 22 Prime redefines elegant fine dining matched with impeccable service.  

Known for their premium steaks and grilled specialties, 22 Prime is a dining destination in itself (for more on 22 Prime, see my previous posts, The Flavors of Christmas: Cirque du Noel at Discovery Suites Ortigas from three years back and XOXO With Love from Discovery Suites: A Valentine's Feast at 22 Prime from early this year).

That day, Discovery Suites served their New Lunch Menu by Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon featuring a full range of starters and salads to satisfying main courses that's light yet comfortingly filling designed for its business and corporate clientele. The 22 Prime Lunch Menu is a curated selection to satisfy the midday appetite with Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon's own inventive spin on traditional Western lunch specials with that "distinctly 22 Prime" touch.  

For starters, 22 Prime's Oyster Rockefeller (P 650) began my sumptuous feast, with fresh and succulent plump oysters delicately baked with spinach, Parmesan, and a flavorful herb garlic crust.

Perfectly baked, the fresh and clean briny notes of the oysters come through delivering the comforting notes of the ocean followed by the richness of the Parmesan and herb garlic crust for both flavor and texture. It's a masterfully executed starter, and you can expect nothing less from Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon and 22 Prime.

The Yellow Fin Tuna Poke (P 820) offered light yet refreshing notes with sustainable line-caught certified tuna on garden-fresh mesclun greens, edamame, and sesame seeds drizzled with a rich togarashi aioli. The range of flavors and textural contrasts from the crispness of various ingredients to the melt-in-your-mouth feel of the fresh tuna come together in a seamless blend with this elegant salad, opening up the palate for the main course. Other tasty starters in 22 Prime's new lunch menu include Soft Shell Crab Tempura, Prime's Caesar, Wedge Salad, Sesame Chicken and Buffalo Cobb.

In between bites, pair your comforting meal with 22 Prime's refreshing beverages, like the Apple Cinnamon Tea or the fresh Watermelon Fruit Shake.

The Blackened Salmon Tacos (P 660) served with guacamole, pico de gallo and garlic crema is a light and casual alternative that's perfect for that midday meal. The traditional fish taco is given a fresh take with Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon's blackened salmon replacing the usual deep-fried battered fish fillet, and it works. The premium salmon rubbed and "blackened" with spices delivers bold and intense notes for a refreshingly new fish taco experience. There's a uniquely 22 Prime vibe with this elegant fish taco version, and definitely a must-try.  

The fun part about this dish is creating your own taco for a new kind of dining experience at 22 Prime. The buttery notes and texture of the salmon are kicked up by the special spice blend, the creamy guacamole, tart pico de gallo and nutty garlic aioli for one of the best fish tacos this side of the metro. A meal in itself, it's a light and healthy option for lunch.

Craving for pasta with a beefy punch? The Braised Short Ribs Stroganoff (P 750) with fork-tender beef on soft yet firm fettuccine draped in a rich and creamy sauce with mushrooms and shaved Parmesan is another hearty dish in 22 Prime's new Lunch Menu. The savory richness of the beef short ribs and creamy sauce is perfectly tempered by the subtle smoky hints of the peppers for delicately balanced flavors. Flavorful and filling, the Braised Short Ribs Stroganoff is another perfect pick for lunch at 22 Prime. Other hearty mains at 22 Prime include Baby Back Pork Ribs, Chicken Piccata, Prawns and Chips, Pork Chop Schnitzel, Asian Lamb Riblets and Seafood Risotto. Of course, if you're craving for some serious beef, there's always the signature steaks at 22 Prime. 22 Prime's Lunch Menu is available daily from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, ideal before, during or after your business meeting.

Cap your feast with 22 Prime's selection of premium ice cream...

 ...or one of their many indulgent desserts to cap your lunch on a high and sweet note. 

Back at your own suite, the bedroom is an inviting option more so after a satisfying meal at 22 Prime. The coffee and tea-making facilities at each suite offers soothing refreshment for that late afternoon cup. The fully furnished kitchen in your suite is where breakfast will be prepared and served by Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon... the meantime, a cup of tea in your suite caps another perfect day at Discovery Suites.

Bright and early the next morning, Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon prepared breakfast at the kitchen, bringing with him all the ingredients for the perfect scrambled eggs. Having breakfast in your suite is in itself special, but when a chef prepares breakfast in your suite, that's a whole different level.

Using farm-fresh eggs with butter and cream, Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon demonstrated the proper technique in preparing scrambled eggs, gently folding the eggs for that soft, fluffy and creamy texture (for more on the memorable breakfast, see my post on my other travel blog, Breakfast is Served at Discovery Suites).

Using a variety of ingredients, Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon prepared three kinds of scrambled eggs for that ultimate in-suite breakfast. Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon makes it look easy, and the fragrant aroma of butter rises to mark another great start for the day at Discovery Suites.

Traditionally scrambled, in a burrito or with salmon, how do you like your eggs? Why not have all three? With swift and precise motions, Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon whips up an impressive breakfast as the staff prepared our dining table. It's not very often you get an executive chef to prepare breakfast in your suite.

But Discovery Suites pulled all the stops in ensuring my experience would be a memorable one. It's these little touches, the little details that add up and leave a lasting impression on the personalized brand of service and hospitality Discovery Suites is known for, and making you feel special and at home.   

For my mom, the experience was also special. She mentioned the exceptional service and attention she received, like the staff had known her for years. That is the brand of hospitality at Discovery Suites. For breakfast, we had the perfect scrambled eggs and the Breakfast Burrito (R) with ham and mushrooms...

...and the Scrambled Eggs with Salmon on Toast for a breakfast like no other. Soft and fluffy, in a burrito and with salmon on toast, Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon levels up the usual scrambled eggs with three flavorful variations.

That morning, Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon added some Bacon, Hungarian sausages and Longganisa to our breakfast feast along with garlic fried rice. Since the day I arrived, it just kept getting better and better at Discovery Suites. At Discovery Suites, you just go with the flow and leave it to the friendly staff to handle the rest.

Breakfast in the comfort of your own suite personally prepared by Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon, that's a first for me. And days after, fond thoughts of that morning continue to linger. Maybe that's what defines a memorable hotel stay, when the taste of the scrambled eggs and fish tacos, the scent of fresh flowers and the warm smiles of the staff remain with you long after your stay.

Exceptional service and personal touches go a long, long way and at Discovery Suites, you can experience this continuous thread of memorable moments the minute you enter one of the premier hotels in the Ortigas commercial and business district. 

Discovery Suites is located at 25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City or call (+632) 719-8888 for inquiries and reservations. You can also visit their website at for more information and updates.

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