Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Meet Me For Lunch at U Hotels...

U Hotels spreads a new canvas in a tapestry of colorful layers with new flavorful offerings...meet me for lunch at U Hotels.

Poblacion's first art hotel now offers a hearty and sumptuous Lunch Menu drawing inspiration from cherished family recipes. From sandwiches and burgers to savory and comforting mains and deserts, U Hotels adds to the vibrant culinary scene of the eclectic neighborhood. Read on for a peek of U Hotels' new menu...

There's another reason to chill and hang out at U Hotels' cool Lobby Lounge. Lunch is now served for the convenience of guests as well as walk-ins (for more on U Hotels, see my earlier post, Be Inspired At U Hotels Makati, The First Art Hotel In Poblacion and on my other travel blog at Art and Comfort at U Hotels Makati, Poblacion's First Art Hotel).

In sync with its "destination within a destination" concept, the new Lunch Menu at U Hotels is a welcome addition to its smart, functional, laid-back charm and multi-sensory experience the hotel is known for. Being the very first art hotel in Poblacion, and maybe even the metro, each room in each floor showcases the creative style of local artists. The wall of my suite is adorned by the nature-inspired original artwork of Anina Rubio, exuding a serene and calming vibe. Every time you visit U Hotels, try a different floor and discover the style and vision of other artists like Mercedes Olondriz, Kris Abrigo, Avin del Rosario, Exldmanila, Trip63, Chilersssss, and Archie Oclos aka Tatak A. 

Like your own private museum, your room is your sanctuary here at U Hotels. Plush and velvety smooth linens and a soft five-star quality mattress, this was going to be another awesome weekend at U Hotels as culinary consultant Chef Decker Gokioco prepares a lavish Chef's Table tribute to Anthony Bourdain (more on the Chef's Table Tribute to Anthony Bourdain at U Hotels on my next post at A Cook's Tour with No Reservations to Parts Unknown: Chef Decker Gokioco's Chef's Table Tribute to Anthony Bourdain at U Hotels).

But it was time for lunch. Culinary consultant Chef Decker Gokioco draws inspiration from comforting childhood dishes he grew up with as the foundation for U Hotels' new Lunch Menu. At the hotel's Lobby Lounge, the cozy yet spacious interiors allow guests to dine in comfort at the heart of Poblacion.

That day, we sampled U Hotels' new signature main dishes that seemed just perfect in yet another day filled with grey skies and rains. It's comfort food with real flavors that just takes you back to countless childhood summers. And when food triggers memories, you just know lunch is going to be special at U Hotels. 

Start with U Hotels' tasty Loaded Nachos (P 249) with crisp nachos drizzled with cheese and topped with savory beef and herbs. Sourcing many of the produce from the family's farms, Chef Decker Gokioco spins his magic with the freshest and finest ingredients. Perfectly crisp with rich layers of flavors, once you start on these Loaded Nachos, you just can't stop.

Then, Chef Decker Gokioco shares a childhood staple with a comforting noodle dish with rich yet clean flavors. It's the kind of dish that Chef Decker Gokioco along with brothers Alex and Carter Yu grew up with, recreated at U Hotels.

Wittingly named Just Noodles (P 195), it's a hearty Fookien-style dish with stir-fried noodles topped with egg, peanuts and crisp shallots that immediately warms both the palate and body with its rustic richness. Each bite releases distinct flavors that just comes together so well, from the textural contrasts of peanuts and crunchy shallots to the soft yet firm noodles draped in egg, it's a dish that's perfect on a rainy day. Or any day, really.

Then, Chef Decker Gokioco serves up a duo of classic dishes with its distinctive and honest home-style spin...

The Heritage Chicken Pork Adobo (P 320) is a complete meal in itself with tender and juicy chunks of chicken and pork simmered for hours in a vinegar and soy-based sauce, slowly infusing its rich notes to the slow-cooked meat. Topped with fresh spring onions and crisp garlic bits for both flavor and texture and laid on steamed white rice, this one's a winner.

The signature Chicken Curry (P 320) offers deeper and bolder flavors with its flavorful spice blend. The thick sauce alone brings a tasty punch, and just perfect with the steamed white rice. The delicate notes of the juicy chicken are kicked up by the curry spice blend, coating your palate with its subtle nutty and mildly spicy hints. 

The traditional pares is given a fresh spin with Chef Decker Gockioco's Pah Res with Tehn Don (P 240) for another tasty option at U Hotels.

The use of fork-tender and melt-in-your-mouth beef tendon adds a savory richness to the classic pares, tempered by the mildly sweet sauce infused with the distinct notes of star anise. It's flavors like these that make lunch at U Hotels special. This one's a personal favorite.

And here's another. The aptly named Mommy's Pork Chop comes from a family recipe that reflects U Hotels' approach to its culinary offerings that's simple yet hearty, real and honest with rich and vibrant flavors that take you back on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Paired with Ahma's Chili Sauce for that soothing heat, the light crispness and juicy texture of the pork is another winning combination that just might get you going for that extra bowl of rice.

Pair your meal with U Hotels' refreshing Avocado or Banana Fruit Shakes (P 120) for a satisfying lunch. It's a cool addition to the expanded offerings at U Hotels. Cap your hearty lunch at U Hotels with the indulgent Brownies Ala Mode (P 120) for that perfect ending... 

...or why not indulge in a nostalgic childhood favorite, the Lokal Buko Ice Drop (P 40) made with rich coconut cream and topped with mung beans for a trip down memory lane? U Hotels now offers ice cream too with local flavors like Ube Macapuno, Quezo, and Gata (P 100/scoop).

Nothing like a freshly brewed cup of coffee after a satisfying meal at U Hotels.

Back at my own art room, a quick snooze recharges your body for the evening's feast. And I can't wait to see and taste what Chef Decker Gokioco has in store for us for the Chef's Table tribute to Anthony Bourdain.

Early the next day, U Hotels offers a lavish buffet spread for breakfast on weekends. Pork tocino, daing na bangus, longanisa, and bacon with scrambled eggs and garlic fried rice with unlimited refills of U Hotels' premium brewed coffee, now that's breakfast. Spend a night at U Hotels, and immerse yourself in the creative vision of local artists. But you can also meet me for lunch...at U Hotels.

U Hotels Makati is located at 5091 P. Burgos Street corner San Mateo Street, Poblacion, Makati City or call (02) 820-1000, (02) 820-1001, (02) 828-1002 and (63) 933-816-3333 for more information and reservations. You can also send an email to hello@uhotels.ph. Check out their cool FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/uhotelsmakati/ for more updates.

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