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#AmoritaXAirAsia: Three Days at Amorita Resort Bohol

Three days. And you wish you could just stay a little longer...

Maybe it's the soothing warmth of the pools, the stunning views of Alona Beach, the gracious hospitality of the staff, or the perfectly cooked sunny side-up eggs for breakfast. Maybe it's the exclusivity, the privacy of it all, immersed in the lush and natural beauty of the resort. Whatever it is, three days are really not enough to enjoy everything Amorita Resort has to offer. But if three days are all you can spare, come and recharge both your body and soul at Bohol's premier resort...    

A short flight via AirAsia to Tagbilaran and a half-hour van ride takes you to Amorita Resort, your ultimate getaway for some sun, sea and sand and much more. With regular flights from Manila, getting to your dream destination is as easy as a few clicks on your laptop or mobile device with AirAsia.

Upon arrival at Amorita Resort, guests are welcomed with a refreshing Cucumber Lemongrass beverage and a cold towel getting you in that tropical island vibe in no time.

The warm and friendly smiles at the reception kicks off your vacation on a high note, as the spacious lobby and its panoramic views of the ocean captivates you almost immediately. Throughout the property, the seamless blend of sleek modern lines and the lush natural surroundings converge in an organic modern aesthetic... a nature sanctuary draped in verdant greens. You can definitely leave all your urban and city worries behind the minute you enter Amorita Resort. Think of it as an expansive secret garden that overlooks the ocean. Just can't get better than that. 

Elevated on a limestone cliff overlooking the Bohol Sea and Alona Beach, Amorita Resort is the perfect vantage point for panoramic views of Panglao Island. It's definitely one of Bohol's brilliant gems.

Guests can observe the shifting light with its changing colors throughout the day at Amorita Resort's wide open Saffron Restaurant. Amorita Resort offers bikes for guests to use and explore the property. The resort's facilities and amenities also include top-notch dining options, from sumptuous buffet dining, tapas and cocktails and a la carte options, Amorita Resort has it all figured out so you don't even have to leave the property for a tasty bite. 

My first ever visit to Amorita Resort was for the launch of the new AirAsia Santan In-Flight Meals with its latest offerings infusing comfortingly familiar local flavors (for more on the new AirAsia Santan In-Flight Meals, see my post, #AirAsiaInBohol: Savor Comforting Local Flavors with the New AirAsia Santan In-Flight Meals). As with any journey, AirAsia ensures every layer of your experience is a memorable one. And offering fresh, regional and vibrant local flavors is something AirAsia does very well (for more on AirAsia's innovative approach to in-flight meals, see my previous posts, #AirAsiaInDavao: Experience Davao's Sights and Flavors with AirAsia on Chef JP Anglo's special in-flight meal creation for AirAsia and Celebrating Asian Flavors with AirAsia's Santan Food Festival in Kuala Lumpur).

Pick your spot, and relax. Throughout the property, you can find numerous spots to simply unwind and do nothing at all. You can always opt for a soothing massage at the spa, but sometimes just doing nothing at all is the whole point of any vacation.

Inside my Junior Suite, Amorita Resort leaves little touches to make you feel extra special...

...with fresh fruits along with the complimentary mini bar. The Junior Suite tag may be deceptive, my Junior Suite was large and spacious.

With a twin bed configuration, my Junior Suite has all the modern amenities you need for that perfect getaway. From the flat screen LED TV with cable to tea and coffee-making facilities, just getting out of your suite's comfort zone can be a challenge. Amorita Resort offers a variety of rooms to suit any need, requirement or budget, from Junior Suites to Deluxe Rooms, One Bedroom and Two Bedroom Suites, One Bedroom Sea View Suites to the luxurious and private Pool Villas.

Bath amenities include all-natural organic soap and shampoo, perfect with the Rainfall Shower with both hot and cold water to gently wash away all the stress. And with Wi-Fi access all throughout the property, you can stay connected without skipping a beat in your spot of paradise this side of Bohol.

The elegant Pool Villas are fully detached and self-contained units for offering both luxury and privacy at Amorita Resort. When you have your own private pool in your own villa, you know you're on a real vacation.

But if you decide to get out of your suite or the pool, you're in for some tasty treats at Saffron Restaurant. With its spacious dining area with views of the pool and sea, live stations and open kitchen set-up, having a meal becomes a sumptuous feast at Amorita Resort. 

Just let the station chef prepare your Caesar's Salad. Want some prosciutto with your salad? Check.

That day, starters included a nutty and creamy Mushroom Soup along with gourmet cheeses, charcuterie and freshly baked bread. At the open kitchen, the station chefs were all fired up serving order after order of local noodles, each one prepared a la minute. Guests simply choose the ingredients and the station chefs do the rest. 

Just have the station chef prepare your noodles with everything on it. In addition to the live stations, Saffron Restaurant also offered a wide variety of main dishes in a lavish buffet spread.  

Cap your hearty lunch with indulgent desserts, like the Ube Halaya at the Dessert Station as well other tempting pastries.

Later that evening, we indulged in rich Spanish flavors with tapas and rounds of sangria at Amorita Resort's Tomar Tapas x Bar (more on my post at #AmoritaXAirAsia: Tapas and Sangrias at Amorita Resort Bohol's Tomar Tapas x Bar).

Early the next day, the station chefs at Saffron Restaurant are up for the first wave of early risers. Even on a vacation, it's often a good idea to get up early. The fragrant aroma of fresh-baked bread and brewed coffee just triggers your senses. It's another start to a perfect day at Amorita Resort's Saffron Restaurant.

Your cup of never-empty brewed coffee just keeps the good vibes going at Amorita Resort... you explore the breakfast spread. Over at the Live Station, French Toast and pancakes were prepared as you order, and there's just nothing quite like French Toast and pancakes fresh from the hot griddle.

French Toast drizzled with Amorita Honey, crisp and crunchy hash browns and a sunny side-up done to perfection, you can always get your perfect start at Amorita Resort's Saffron Restaurant.

After breakfast, why not do something right for your body with a calming and serene yoga session at Amorita Resort's Cliff Deck overlooking Alona Beach?

Amorita Resort holds regular sunrise yoga sessions at 7:00 am to get you in the groove early in the morning. The views alone are enough to get you in that near perfect state of nirvana, with its brilliant hues of turquoise blues in varying shades merging at the distant horizon. If it's your first time, this is the perfect spot for yoga newbies.

One more deep breath...

...and gently exhale releasing all the negative vibes from your system. It's going to be another great day at Amorita Resort.

And why not. With views like this, days are always perfect at Amorita Resort.

What to do the rest of the day? You can opt for a two hour drive and explore the famed Chocolate Hills or visit the equally famous tarsiers, your call. And you can have it arranged at the Front Desk for your convenience. Or why not take another dip at Amorita Resort's infinity pools? How about a healing massage at Sea Tree Spa? Or why not explore Alona Beach by kayak or stand-up paddle board? Or go deep and snorkel or dive and discover Panglao's amazing marine life? If you have three days, go for all of it.

Less than twenty kilometers from Alona Beach is another unique boutique resort owned and managed by the same group behind Amorita Resort. With its own distinct bohemian yet charming vibe, Momo Beach House is another excellent option that takes you far away from the usual crowds (more on Momo Beach House on my next post, Momo Magic at Momo Beach House).  

As the sun slowly fades in the horizon casting vibrant hues of dramatic blues and purple, Amorita Resort's Cliff Deck is transformed for Sunset Cocktails.

Mojitos, margaritas or rum colas, get your drink and pick your spot for the sunset. And if you're still at the pool by the cliff deck, just have your drink sent over. You already have the best seat in the house for the sunset. But if you decide to move to the edge of the cliff deck...

...bring your drink along and have another soothing sip with the sunset. A sunset, after all, deserves a toast. And another.

Is there any better way to end the day with a sunset and a cocktail? At Amorita Resort's Cliff Deck, you can end it that way throughout your stay with some refreshing libation and positive vibes all around. And that's what Amorita Resort offers, a whole lot of definitely good vibes for that perfect escape.

That evening, Amorita Resort prepared a lavish feast with Baked Red Snapper, Roast Pork, Shrimp Kebabs and many more along with new signature cocktails like the Midnight, a refreshing sweet blend of rum with lychee syrup for that tropical touch.

Other cocktails served that evening included the classic Vodka Tonic with tarragon leaves and pomelo for that unique Amorita Resort twist...

...and the Tropic Wonder, a smooth cocktail made with gin, fresh buko juice, melon, pandan syrup, and a splash of calamansi.

Bright and early the next day, head out and enjoy the property's Private Cove one last time...

...and surround yourself in the stillness of the moment. Three days have by so fast.

One last breakfast at Saffron Restaurant, and after three days, the friendly staff just know when you want a coffee refill without even asking for it. And they know how you want your eggs for breakfast. I'll definitely miss that. And many other little touches that made my three days at Amorita Resort a memorable one. 

All packed up and ready to go, it's hard to say goodbye to views like this...

But you'll be back. Soon. It's as easy as clicking your next flight with AirAsia.

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Amorita Resort Bohol is located at #1 Ester A. Lim Drive, Barangay Tawala, Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol or call +63 38 502-9003 or visit their website at for more information. 

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