Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: When A Serious Case of Munchies Strikes, Bring Out the Nacho Bake by Nacho Macho MNL

An epic movie marathon, the NBA Bubble Finals, or just another quarantine day in the new normal, when a serious craving of munchies hits, just give in and go with the flow with Nacho Macho MNL... 

The quarantine experience forced many of us to stay home as dining at home and the rise of the food delivery culture continue to shape and define the new normal. Another day at home in the quarantine usually results in occasional bouts of the munchies. Crisp nachos and a savory dip with juicy beef, cheese, refried beans and jalapeños comes top-of-mind when a case of the munchies strikes. And when it does strike, no worries. Just give Nacho Macho MNL a call or simply send a message via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nachomachomnl and IG at https://www.instagram.com/nachomacho.mnl/. and your sumptuous Nacho Bake is on its way to you...

It all starts with that bowl of perfectly crisp nachos. Nacho Macho MNL is serious about their bag of crunchy chips with just the right level of seasonings capped by a light and delicate crispness. Though settling may occur while in transit, the chips are larger than the commercial varieties with rounder and fuller flavors. That means even more surface area for your favorite dip. The addicting flavors of fried corn tortillas alone makes it a favorite for movie night, but it gets better when paired with Nacho Macho MNL's specialty Nacho Bake for a comforting "munchies" home dining experience. 

And just in time too for Game 4 of the NBA Bubble Finals. Nacho Macho MNL's specialty Nacho Bake is available in three sizes, and I had the Small Nacho Bake (P 585 good for 3-5) which comes with one bag of chips and one tub of fresh salsa. But there's really nothing "small" about this Nacho Bake by Nacho Macho MNL. 

The Nacho Bake by Nacho Macho MNL is an elaborate dip layered with juicy beef topped with refried beans, a creamy cheese sauce, spicy jalapeños and even more cheese for that final top layer. The big difference is that the Nacho Bake is separate from the chips so you can enjoy it fresh and crunchy unlike the way it's served in most establishments where it's slathered on the chips. That's good too but the chips get soggy mid-way through the movie or the second half of the game. Nacho Macho MNL solves that by serving the components in separate sets. It's another innovation in the new normal to make home dining even more special. Then again, you can slather it on a platter of chips. Your call. 

Packed and sealed and ready-to-heat, simply warm your tray in the oven or microwave and you're all set for the first quarter of the Finals or the opening credits of your favorite film. Just add a heaping spoonful of the Nacho Bake to your chip and enjoy. Or just grab a chip and scoop up the Nacho Bake, you can enjoy it any way you like it.  

The Nacho Bake is clearly the star of the show for movie night or the NBA Bubble Finals. The savory richness of the tender and juicy beef is made more intense with the layer of cheese sauce and more shredded cheese tempered by the soothing heat of the jalapeños and spicy yogurt and rounded out by earthy notes of the soft refried beans. Contrasting flavors and textures combine to complement each gripping scene or an exciting transition fastbreak play on the screen for a home dining experience like no other. Pair it with your favorite chilled beverage of your choice, and it just doesn't get better than that.  

Perfect for sharing (then again, you'll probably want it for yourself), Nacho Macho MNL also offers their specialty Nacho Bake in Medium (P 880 good for 5-7 with two bags of chips and two tubs of salsa) and Large (P 1,380 good for 8-12 with three bags of chips and three tubs of salsa) that's perfect for family movie night at home. 

Now that you've seen what Nacho Macho MNL has to offer, call in or message your order before your next bout of munchies strikes in another day in quarantine at home. 

I've always enjoyed a good pico de gallo or the classic salsa with my chips, and Nacho Macho MNL has that covered too. Made with fresh and tart tomatoes (and yes, even green tomatoes for that zesty flavorful punch), crisp onions, herbs and lime juice, each dip in Nacho Macho MNL's refreshing Salsa brings bold, clean and vibrant notes that will have you going another handful of chips. The tartness of the salsa just cleanses the palate and you're ready for another round with the savory Nacho Bake. 

As consumer habits change and evolve with the new normal, the simple pleasures of snacking are taken to a whole new level by Nacho Macho MNL with their Nacho Bake. A serious case of the munchies? No worries. Nacho Macho MNL is just a quick call or short message away on your mobile device.

What's on for game day morning or movie night? Nacho Macho MNL's Nacho Bake takes the spotlight for another quarantine day at home...

For more on Nacho Macho MNL, call 0945 259 2096 for inquiries and orders or visit their Facebook Page at Nacho Macho MNL for more information and updates. You can also visit their IG Account at https://www.instagram.com/nachomacho.mnl/

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