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Dining in the Next Normal: Celebrate Oktoberfest with a Local Vibe at Home with Resorts World Manila's TASTE October Fiesta Package

Good food and refreshing rounds of beer, it's Oktoberfest. Celebrate Oktoberfest in the new normal while staying at home with the value-packed offerings of Resorts World Manila... 

Starting October 9 to 31, Resorts World Manila celebrates Octoberfest with its TASTE October Fiesta featuring sumptuous Oktoberfest inspired dining packages for pick-up, take-out or conveniently delivered to your home. As the new normal changes and transforms the way we go about our daily routine, Resorts World Manila adapts and evolves with the times with themed offerings available for home dining. Raise a toast and roll out the barrels and celebrate Oktoberfest at home with cold brews and hearty bites in the new normal with Resorts World Manila's Taste October Fiesta...

Celebrating Oktoberfest has always been a much-anticipated annual event but regulations on mass gatherings in the new normal brings with it certain restrictions. The rise in the food delivery culture is one of those new consumer habits that defined our quarantine experience as dining at home becomes the rule rather than exception. The food service industry has responded to these changing consumer habits by offering innovative options available for take-out and delivery. Now you can celebrate Oktoberfest at home as Resorts World Manila lets you bring home the Oktoberfest vibe with its special TASTE October Fiesta promotion. The property wide promotion includes tempting offers and deals at Resorts World Manila as part of its Oktoberfest celebrations (see the full listing of offers on their website at, including booking professional musicians, theater actors, singers and performers for live virtual performances. 

A proper Oktoberfest celebration includes cold brews and sumptuous food. Resorts World Manila offers tempting options like the TASTE October Fiesta Package A (P 1,200 net good for 6), an inclusive bundle with Shrimp Salted Egg Popcorn, Roasted Pork Belly Sisig, six Franks Mini Pinoy Hotdogs and six cans of San Miguel Pale Pilsen. Curated from Resorts World Manila's own dining establishments, the TASTE October Fiesta Package brings brews and bites to your home with just one call or message on your mobile device.

For starters, the Shrimp Salted Egg Popcorn brings both contrasting textures and flavors with each tasty bite. The delectable crunch and fresh snap of the succulent shrimps coated in a lightly crisp salted egg batter with its deep and rich notes is a flavorful combo that will have you going for another bite. 

It's an inventive spin on the traditional salted egg shrimps that just works. And it pairs perfectly with an ice-cold San Miguel Pale Pilsen. The refreshingly crisp and hoppy notes of the cold brew cleanses the palate and you're ready for another tasty bite. 

Open up another San Miguel Pale Pilsen for the next round of tasty bites. Franks at Resorts World Manila adds its own unique flavors to the TASTE October Fiesta with its Filipino-inspired hot dog creations (for more on Franks, check out their website here at

Local flavors give these dogs a new and tasty savory spin. With Chicken Inasal, Bistek Tagalog and Chicken Pork Adobo variants, add a distinctly local vibe to your Oktoberfest celebration at home with these inventive creations. The buns are soft and lightly crisp and the savory dogs draped in familiar flavors pack a solid punch, with each variant offering unique flavors. 

I've always enjoyed a good hot dog, and Resorts World Manila takes it to another level with these creations. Weaving local flavors to these dogs adds layers of unique savory notes, but don't let the size of these mini dogs fool you. Each big bite can be quite filling, then again, just go with the flow and enjoy yourself at home with these savory dogs from Resorts World Manila.

The Roasted Pork Sisig is Resorts World Manila's indulgent spin on the iconic local classic for another perfect pairing with San Miguel Pale Pilsen. The tender pork is slathered in a creamy and savory sauce topped with egg adding even more richness with every bite. 

The savory richness of the dish is perfectly tempered by a soothing heat that lingers long after the last bite. Wash it down with an ice-cold San Miguel Pale Pilsen and you're ready for another round of tasty bites. It's an elegant take on the popular local sisig, completing the all-Pinoy vibe of your Oktoberfest celebration at home.

Shrimp Salted Egg Popcorn, Franks Mini Pinoy Hotdogs and Roasted Pork Sisig, a savory trio of tasty bites guaranteed to make any proper Oktoberfest celebration at home with a cool local touch special. And you can have it prepared for pick-up or conveniently delivered to your home via Delishvery.

And with a six-pack of San Miguel Pale Pilsen as part of the bundle, your Oktoberfest celebration at home is complete. In these uncertain times, any reason to celebrate at home goes a long way in keeping a positive outlook in the new normal.

You could also opt for the TASTE October Fiesta Package B (P 550 net good for 2) which includes your choice of one savory pulutan like Shrimp Salted Egg Popcorn, Roasted Pork Belly Sisig, three Franks Mini Pinoy Hotdogs and two cans of San Miguel Pale Pilsen. We've seen quite a few innovative offerings and trends during the quarantine as food service establishments adapt to the new normal. The TASTE October Fiesta Packages from Resorts World Manila are just a few more tempting options to add to your list of food delivery options. But better hurry. The TASTE October Fiesta Packages will be available only until the end of the month.

The new normal and its long-lasting impact on the way we go about our daily routine is here to stay. Adapt and evolve, that's the way to get through the new normal. So just open up another San Miguel Pale Pilsen...

Despite countless restrictions in the new normal, celebrations remain a part of the social fabric. And with Resorts World Manila's TASTE October Fiesta Packages, you can celebrate in the safety and comfort of your home. Ready to roll out the barrels for Oktoberfest? Just give Resorts World Manila a call...

For more on the October Fiesta Package by Resorts World Manila, call +63 (2) 7908 8885 or 0917 878 8856. Minimum order depends on the location. Terms and conditions apply. Delishvery option available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Sunday. Dine-in/Takeaway Outlet at The Grand Bar & Lounge, Newport Grand Wing, 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Tuesday to Sunday. For more on Resorts World Manila's October offers, visit their website at for more information or their Facebook Page at for updates.

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