Thursday, October 15, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: Sending Out a Tasty Message in a Bottle with Ulam in a Bottle PH

The rise of home-based food businesses and the food delivery culture continues to flourish in the new normal, and one family sends out flavorful messages in a bottle... 

Laing, Guinataang Langka and Binagoongang Bagnet. Fresh, home-cooked meals packed and sealed in a bottle is just one of many innovations spotted during the quarantine experience. Ulam in a Bottle PH is exactly that, savory local dishes bottled and delivered to your doorstep. Think of it as a tasty and flavorful message in a bottle, just open it up for a satisfying meal. How? Simply send a message on FB and IG and your sumptuous Ulam in a Bottle is on its way to you... 

Home-based food businesses continues to flourish in the new normal, and we've seen quite a number of tasty innovations during the prolonged quarantine. Homey, freshly-cooked and comforting dishes using natural and organic produce sealed and packed in bottles, you can say it's a product innovation made for the new normal. Glass bottles certainly has added advantages over flimsy plastic packaging, and in these challenging times, you want your food packed and sealed properly for your peace of mind. Prepared fresh and delivered twice a week without the use of preservatives and even MSG by a mother and son team, Ulam in a Bottle PH offers home-cooked and sumptuous meals all packed and sealed in a bottle.

It all starts with the freshest and finest all-natural ingredients, tediously prepared in the old-fashioned way in a family's home kitchen. More and more, it's the comforting and familiar flavors of well-loved Filipino dishes that make dining at home even more special in the new normal. And Ulam in a Bottle PH makes it easy for you, all you have to do is open up a bottle. The deceptively simple and traditional southern dish of taro leaves simmered in creamy coconut milk and fresh chili can be tricky to prepare at home, but Ulam in a Bottle PH does all the work for you with their specialty Laing (P 100/200 g bottle). And they do it well. 

The hearty dish with taro leaves is gently simmered with rich coconut milk for that soft and smooth texture with each bite releasing mild nutty notes followed by a gentle and soothing heat. It's a delicately balanced dish with the subtle sweetness of the taro leaves and creamy richness of the coconut milk tempered by the fiery chili. This calls for extra rice.

The Guinataang Langka (P 100/200 g bottle) is another local dish prepared and bottled using the freshest ingredients. The vegetable stew with shredded unripe jackfruit cooked in coconut milk and spices delivers contrasting notes of sweet, savory and spicy hints with each bite.  

The flavors are honest and real, just like any home-cooked meal. And that's what makes Ulam in a Bottle PH special. Each satisfying bite allows you to experience all the fresh and vibrant flavors of the different ingredients from the natural sweetness of the jackfruit, the indulgent creamy notes of the coconut milk, the sharpness of the bagoong alamang and the spicy finish of the chili in a seamless weave. Homecooked goodness in a bottle? Absolutely.

For the main course, the Binagoongang Bagnet (P 150/200 g bottle) by Ulam in a Bottle PH completes your sumptuous meal at home with slabs of lightly crisp and savory pork draped in a thick bagoong or fermented shrimp paste sauce capped by a layer of spicy heat for rich flavors straight out of a bottle. 

The deep-fried bagnet offers a savory punch followed by a light crispness from the layer of crackling for contrasting textures finished by the bold sharp notes of the bagoong and the fresh chili. The distinct notes of each component combine for another delicately balanced and flavorful dish by Ulam in a Bottle PH. Sweet, salty and spicy, you'll want some extra rice by your side with this bottled specialty by Ulam in a Bottle PH.

Each dish is cooked, prepared and bottled fresh so you can enjoy all the savory notes at its flavorful peak. Once delivered, it's best to consume immediately, reheat or store in the ref before your next meal.

The Binagoongang Bagnet by Ulam in a Bottle PH is also available in 500 g (P 300) and 1000 g (P 520) packs. Open up some comforting and familiar flavors straight from the bottle for a sumptuous meal at home, only from Ulam in a Bottle PH.   

Home-cooked meals fresh from a family's kitchen, sealed in a bottle and delivered to your doorstep. Ulam in a Bottle PH is a promising entry in a rising wave of home-based food businesses in the new normal. And it all comes straight from the bottle, fresh from the kitchen of Ulam in a Bottle PH. 

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