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Dining in the Next Normal: Baker J Brings Classic Pastries and Artisan Bread with a French Flair to Your Home and Office

The metro's newest patisserie + boulangerie opens at Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila offering artisan bread, indulgent pastries and other delicacies with an elegant French spin...

The current quarantine experience may have limited the dine-in operations of all food establishments but for newly opened Baker J at Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila, that simply means going online to reach their target market. The new normal continues to change the way we go about our daily routine with online access and transactions along with the emerging food delivery culture shaping consumer habits. Baker J is a patisserie + boulangerie redefined, infusing healthy and organic concepts with French flair with their wide selection of artisan breads, rustic sourdough, decadent cakes and pastries, intricate croissants, tartes and sandwiches freshly prepared by Baker J's passionate team of creative chefs. Take a closer peek at how a new establishment goes online in the new normal...  

The artisan bread movement continues to flourish in the new normal as healthier options become increasingly popular among consumers. The recent opening of Baker J at Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila, is a most welcome addition to the metro's food scene down south adapting to changing consumer habits in the new normal. Like many food establishments, online transactions and food deliveries remain the only viable options in a quarantine that restricts movement and mobility. Adapt, evolve and pivot, strategic actions that have defined the new normal are now key in remaining relevant to consumers in these uncertain times. Baker J faces the new normal head on, customers only need to call, click or tap on their mobile devices.

As a first step, Baker J will introduce their fresh-baked offerings online via their Facebook Page at and IG at @bakerjmanila. Changing times require new ways of doing business, and Baker J embraces this with its lavish selection of artisan bread...

...including a variety of artisan sourdough creations from the classic Country Sourdough to Whole Wheat and Beetroot Sourdough, crusty Baguettes, soft Focaccia and hearty Loaves...

...classic French Viennoiserie or pastry-like baked bread made from yeast-leavened laminated dough like their specialty Croissant, Pain Au Chocolait and Pain Au Raisin to lavish pound cakes in Banana, Lemon, Choco Peanut Marble and Blueberry variants...

...creatively inventive Filipino-inspired bread creations like Ube Cheese Bread and Chocolate Ensaymada to savory tartine topped with the finest premium ingredients like Smoked Salmon, Prosciutto & Manchego and Croque Monsieur... elegant cakes and pies to make any celebration at home or the office even more special. All these can be ordered conveniently online via Baker J's Facebook Page or Instagram account so you don't have to leave the safety and comfort of home. When your cravings for artisan bread and French style pastries hits, Baker J comes to you. 

Once you complete your online order via Facebook or Instagram, Baker J dispatches your fresh-baked treats fresh from their kitchens to your home or office. You can also call +63 998 595 3831 between 7:00 am to 7:00 pm daily with options to pick-up at Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila's ground floor driveway or delivered via third party delivery service providers. As a special treat to residents of Muntinlupa City, Baker J offers free delivery for orders that total or exceed P 1,500. Packed and sealed in a box, each order is also individually wrapped following the health and safety protocols in the new normal. 

Nothing beats a savory sandwich for a light, healthy and satisfying meal anytime and Baker J's Prosciutto & Manchego Tartine (P 480) tastes as good as it looks. Topped with layers of premium prosciutto, sharp Manchego cheese and fresh arugula on a slice of sourdough draped with creamy butter, the Prosciutto & Manchego Tartine delivers fresh yet bold flavors with every bite.

The mildly salty notes of the prosciutto are complemented by the deep, nutty flavors of Manchego followed by the distinct hints of arugula and finished by the rich butter slathered sourdough bread. The best and freshest ingredients brings all the flavors, making this tartine a light yet sumptuous meal option at home or at work.

Freshness is flavor, and a closer look at the premium ingredients followed by a bite is more than enough validation. For your peace of mind, Baker J's tartine offerings are individually packed and sealed in a box to guarantee its freshness.

Baker J clearly has a winner with their savory Prosciutto & Manchego Tartine. Other savory options include the Smoked Salmon Tartine (P 480) and Croque Monsieur (P 450).  

An iconic staple of French bakeries and patisseries, Baker J's own version of the Croissant (P 120) follows tradition with its intricate and delicately folded layers of crisp, flaky buttery dough. A complex process of tediously rolling and folding layers of yeast-leavened dough draped in rich butter multiple times goes behind each croissant resulting in its unique and contrasting textures. Soft yet dense almost like a puff pastry with a lightly crisp outer layer, the croissant is the benchmark of the classic Viennoiserie capped by its indulgent buttery notes.

A good croissant and a cup of coffee always sets the tone for the rest of your day. A light, leisurely breakfast or an afternoon bite, there's just something about a warm, buttery croissant that elevates ordinary mornings or any time of day. Baker J's croissant is quite large, promising a hearty breakfast paired with freshly brewed coffee at home. And you get it fresh from the ovens of Baker J.

Starting another day in the new normal is just so much better with a warm croissant. Other Viennoiserie style offerings from Baker J include their Pain Au Chocolate (P 120) and Pain Au Raisin (P 120), each one prepared with the same lamination process as their specialty croissant. 

But the ovens of Baker J still has so much more to offer like this Herb Focaccia (P 250), a traditional Italian bread. Unlike the usual variety, Baker J's version is much taller allowing one to experience and enjoy the soft almost cake-like yet dense texture of the bread. The prominent notes of fresh herbs give it a richness in flavor that's great on its own or paired with savory dishes. 

A tall slice makes for a satisfying snack. Just like Baker J's other baked offerings, it's the clean and fresh notes and soft yet dense texture of the Herb Focaccia that makes it an essential for the home pantry adding a comforting and reassuring vibe in these challenging times. Other artisan bread offerings from Baker J include the French Baguette (P 70), the Mixed Seeds Loaf (P 120) and Dried Fruits and Nuts Loaf (P 120).

Sourdough fans will be pleased to know that Baker J also offers this specialty artisan bread. The Country Sourdough (P 180) is Baker J's healthier spin on a classic without the use of yeast, milk, eggs, oils or sweeteners. But all the familiar notes of your favorite sourdough come through with every bite. Like all sourdough bread, Baker J follows a tedious fermentation process in preparing their fresh batch of sourdough. The fermentation process also breaks down gluten to make it more digestible than regular bread. With all the known health benefits of sourdough, having a slice or two is good for you. And staying healthy with healthy options in a pandemic makes a whole lot of sense. 

Baker J's Country Sourdough is impressive in both size and weight. But the proof of the pudding is always that first bite...

Simply warm it up in the oven or toaster and add a generous dab of butter. The crisp, crusty sourdough brings subtle hints of sourness and mildly nutty notes perfectly finished by the creamy butter. You don't lose any of the familiar sourdough flavors despite not having any yeast, milk, eggs, oils or sweeteners. 

The Country Sourdough by Baker J is masterfully executed and crafted, from its dense texture to its rich flavors. For those residing in the south of the metro, Baker J is your source of fine artisan bread, conveniently delivered to your home or office fresh from their ovens. A fresh-baked slice of sourdough with a cup of coffee in the comfort of your home just brings good vibes to any table.

From their range of pound cakes, Baker J's soft and moist Blueberry Bread (P 230) is yet another tempting offering perfect for quarantine afternoons at home. The vibrant tartness of blueberries adds a unique and zesty finish to the bread followed by just a whisper of sweetness, now that's guaranteed to brighten up another cloudy day in the quarantine. In an indulgent mood? Try Baker J's Pecan Pie (good to know that there's finally a good source of Pecan Pie in the metro), Calamansi Matcha, Choco Royale, Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, Red Pearl or Mango Graham

Craving for an afternoon snack? Baker J's Pain Au Raisin (P 120) should do the trick. Light, flaky and delicately crisp with rich buttery notes kicked up by sweet raisins, the Pain Au Raisin brings both textural contrasts and flavor with each bite. 

The intricate layers of buttery laminated yeast-leavened dough gives the Pain Au Raisin a delicate crispness followed by indulgent notes from the butter and raisins. The wide variety of fresh baked offerings are made available to you daily by Baker J. That's like having an authentic French patisserie and boulangerie right next to your home, delivered with just one call or message on Facebook and Instagram.

It's hard to imagine if the pandemic occurred ten or twenty years ago, without a well-established internet infrastructure and social media to keep us connected in our home isolation. But businesses are now slowly adapting using online platforms to reach their customers like never before. Baker J is one prime example. Now you can have artisan bread and pastries delivered anytime you feel like it. The new normal may be challenging, but there are opportunities as well. 

The unparalleled online access to a wide variety of offerings is one bright spot in the quarantine experience. Enjoying fine artisan bread and pastries at home is now made so much easier by Baker J at Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila. And with Baker J, you're never too far from an authentic French patisserie + boulangerie experience, all you need to do is call or send a PM...

For more on Baker J at Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila, call +63 998 595 3831 or visit their Facebook Page at and IG at @bakerjmanila for more information and updates.

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