Thursday, October 22, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: Bigger. Juicier. Tastier. That's How They Do It at Tito Paolo's Inasal...

How can you improve on a traditional local specialty? Pull all the stops and make it bigger, juicier and tastier...

That's exactly what they did, transforming the popular dish adding flavor, value and more bang for the buck with their specialty chicken inasalTito Paolo's Inasal elevates the chicken inasal game with bigger, juicier and tastier offerings for a refreshingly new home dining experience. Fresh off the grill and delivered to your doorstep, rediscover a local traditional staple fired up with a lavish spin from Tito Paolo's Inasal and you'll agree that bigger, juicier and tastier makes this probably the best inasal in the metro. 

Using the freshest hand-picked ingredients, Tito Paolo's Inasal cuts through the crowded clutter of chicken inasal joints with its leveled-up offerings that's not only noticeably bigger but juicier and tastier than the usual inasal options in the metro. Each piece of juicy chicken as well as the traditional sides like their specialty Inasal Rice, Chicken Oil and Atsara are prepared with a tedious secret process to deliver deep, rich and full flavors with every bite. The guys behind Tito Paolo's Inasal are serious about their inasal game, and one bite immediately validates this. 

When dining at home became the new normal due to the pandemic, preparing a sumptuous meal at home was a challenge. But you can always find a chicken inasal joint near you for that quick fix. Grilling chicken can be tricky, and achieving that perfect charred surface often results in a disappointing dry texture. Admit it, you've come across small, hard and dry chicken inasal a number of times. That not only dampens your inasal experience, it just ruins it. Those days are over, thanks to Tito Paolo's Inasal.

We've seen both innovation and the continued rise of home-based food businesses along with the food delivery culture in the new normal, and it's a welcome and much needed positive development in these uncertain times. And it's also a treat to find chicken inasal that's made right, from its sumptuous size to its juicy texture and rich flavors. Legs and thighs, breast and wings and even liver, pick your favorite part with extras like flavorful Chicken Oil and Atsara or pickled vegetables and Tito Paolo's Inasal will fire up the grill and deliver your inasal feast. From Inasal Rice Meals to Party Trays of 16 to 24 pieces of chicken inasal, Tito Paolo's Inasal got you covered. It's the small details that sets Tito Paolo's Inasal apart from the usual inasal joints, like their specialty Inasal Rice. Soft and moist topped with toasted garlic and crunchy chicken chicharon and the comforting sharpness of the tuba sinamak with soy sauce and calamansi, each order is a complete package for that perfect inasal experience at home.

UPDATE: Tito Paolo's Inasal is now grilling everyday due to popular demand but it's best to call in your order two days in advance to reserve a batch.

Perfectly grilled, your order comes with the specialty Inasal Rice. And it's a flavorful meal in itself. Topped with garlic and crisp chicken chicharon, this isn't your ordinary rice. But when you combine it with their specialty chicken inasal, it becomes a feast for the eyes and palate. Tito Paolo's Inasal has cracked the code in keeping their grilled chicken tender, moist and juicy all the way until your order is delivered to your doorstep. The mild fragrant and smoky hints tease your palate when you open a box... 

...and take that first bite. The delicate notes of the savory chicken are complemented by a light drizzle of rich Chicken Oil for even more intense flavors pairing well with the Inasal Rice. A dip in the tuba sinamak with soy sauce and calamansi adds even more flavorful layers capped by the tartness of the atsara or pickled vegetables. 

Add a fiery yet soothing heat with each juicy bite with a generous dab of the specialty Chili Sauce, and prepare for vibrant flavors that pop in your mouth. Tito Paolo's Inasal brings all these flavors and more followed by that distinctive tender and juicy finish. 

Size does matter. And one look clearly emphasizes that. The cuts are noticeably much larger than the usual offerings of other inasal joints. And one order becomes a real meal and a sumptuous feast to satisfy any appetite.

But despite the size of the cuts, each piece remains as juicy and tender all the way to the last bite. And the flavors are just as vibrant draping the palate with a savory richness. The mildly sweet and nutty hints of the annatto oil glazed on each cut while grilling adds its own unique layer of flavor for a chicken inasal experience like no other. 

Clearly, Tito Paolo's Inasal elevates the inasal game in the metro adding to your list of options for dining at home. That delicate balance of a charred grilled surface and a mouthwatering juicy finish with each piece just makes Tito Paolo's Inasal stand out from the rest. And with prices that are reasonably competitive that wont bust your wallet.

Just take a look at the grill-fired charred outer layer, yet the chicken remains tender and juicy and never dry or hard. That's how they do it at Tito Paolo's Inasal. 

And I've had this for days, stored in the ref. What's even more amazing is that the chicken remains just as tender, juicy and tasty when reheated. Though it really is best enjoyed fresh off the grill, a few minutes on the home grill or oven recreates all the flavors you love with inasal.

Tito Paulo's Inasal recommends reheating by steaming the chicken for five minutes before slapping it on a high temp grill for around twenty seconds for that off the grill finish. Reheating the Inasal Rice by steaming is also recommended before finishing in a pan or oven toaster for a minute. 

Add all the components together like the Chicken Oil, Chili Sauce and Inasal Rice and you've got a complete winner chicken dinner at home. From the juicy and tasty chicken to the Inasal Rice and the traditional sides, Tito Paolo's Inasal is the complete package.

This may very well be the best chicken inasal in the metro. And ordering this inasal feast is easy...

...simply follow these three easy steps and your chicken inasal feast from Tito Paolo's Inasal will be on its way straight to your table. And here's even more good news. As of August 12, Tito Paolo's Inasal is now firing up their grill everyday of the week due to popular demand. It's recommended that you call in your order two days in advance to ensure your batch is reserved.

The new normal will continue to change and transform the way we go about our daily routine, but the continued rise home-based food businesses and the food delivery culture remains a bright spot in these trying times. And when a comfortingly familiar dish is transformed and made even better, now that's special. The disappointing days of small, hard and dry uninspired inasal are over. You've had chicken inasal, then there's Tito Paolo's Inasal. Rediscover inasal that's bigger, juicier and tastier than the rest with Tito Paolo's Inasal, just call or send a quick message via FB or IG (see contact details below) and your inasal feast is on its way to you...

For more on Tito Paolo's Inasal, simply call 0956 452 0710 for orders and inquiries. You can also check out their FB Page at and IG Feed at @titopaolosinasal for more information and updates. You can also send an email at for orders. 

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