Saturday, October 3, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: Showcasing the Diverse Stories of the Filipino Coffee Heritage with Yugto Cold Brew

An artisan product with unique packaging and distinctive branding come together in a seamless weave tied by a single-minded mission of preserving the Filipino coffee heritage...  

Hand-picked by local farmers and perfected by master roasters, there are so many rich and flavorful stories behind each bottle of cold brew by YugtoOfficialPH. Each soothing sip reveals a layer from this colorful tapestry of the continuing Filipino coffee story, as the local artisan coffee movement continues to flourish in the new normal. Here's a peek at the bold and robust flavors of Supremo and the indulgent notes of Las Filipinas by YugtoOfficialPH...

The new normal proved to be fertile ground for local food businesses helped along with the rise of the food delivery culture, and we're seeing quite a few proudly Filipino products making waves amidst the restrictions of the quarantine. YugtoOfficialPH is one of those emerging local brands infusing a distinctly Filipino character with its artisan cold brews. From the name of the brand to its artisan cold brew offerings, YugtoOfficialPH weaves the unique story of the local artisan coffee experience with each bottle. 

Shaped like old-fashioned flasks, YugtoOfficialPH offers its cold brew creations in 400 mL plastic packaging completing the unique look of the brand setting it apart from the already crowded and cluttered local artisan cold brew category.

The Las Filipinas is the ideal introductory variant to get you acquainted with YugtoOfficialPH's brand, philosophy and advocacy. Refreshingly sweet and smooth, the indulgent flavor of Las Filipinas is quickly followed by the bold notes of coffee. It may be innocently sweet, but it packs a flavorful kick from the local coffee beans.  

Inspired by the name given our country by Spain in colonial times, Las Filipinas is a refreshing blend of Robusta and Excelsa coffee beans from the mountains of Benguet sweetened with indulgent Hazelnut Creme. The deep, bold notes of premium coffee are perfectly tempered by the rich and sweet hints of the hazelnut-infused cream for a velvety smooth and soothing finish. The superior quality of the coffee beans leaves its nutty richness on the palate lingering long after the first sip.  

If you prefer a purist's approach to cold brew, then the aptly named Supremo should do the trick. The name just says it all, and you get unrestrained coffee flavors right from the very first sip followed by subtle hints of chocolate. 

The Supremo, the classic black cold brew of YugtoofficialPH, is made with 100% Sagada Arabica Coffee steeped for 18 hours for intense and concentrated flavors with hints of bittersweet cocoa notes rounded out by a smooth and clean finish. Both variants, the Las Filipinas and Supremo, offer uniquely contrasting flavors yet captures the stories of the local coffee farmer by supporting farming communities and dedicated master coffee roasters in a bottle. 

The cold brew process delivers a smooth and mellow beverage that's perfect with ice and some milk. There's a decadent richness with the flavors of cold brew coffee, and steeping it for hours results in concentrated and intense flavors yet soothingly satisfying coffee for humid quarantine afternoons at home. 

The deep, nutty notes of the Supremo are perfectly complemented by a splash of milk for full yet rounded flavors. Keep your cold brew chilled by adding ice cubes to your mug. Keeping it cold maintains the sharpness of the flavors. 

The new normal challenges all of us to adapt, and the flurry of new products keeps the local food scene refreshed and vibrant. But few bring with it some intense local pride along with fresh and bold flavors. YugtoOffcialPH is one of those brands that immediately stands out in the new normal. 

In addition to Las Filipinas and Supremo, YugtoOfficialPH offers even more artisan variants of their specialty cold brew with distinctive Filipino-inspired names like La Henerala, Artikulo Uno and Illustrado with even more exciting innovations yet to come. 

These challenging times require all of us to think out of the box, as well as renew our support for local businesses. Here's a toast to a local cold brew that warms our palate with pride with colorful stories of the local artisan coffee movement...

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