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A Taste of Italy Down South at Parmigiano Ristorante Italiano in Alabang's Molito Lifestyle Center

 The lamps are turned on once more in one of the south's popular dining destinations...

With the gradual easing of quarantine restrictions, dining out is once again allowed ending the year on a positive note. Long known by southies as one of the best kept culinary secrets in Molito Lifestyle Center along Madrigal Avenue for its rustic and authentic Italian specialties, Parmigiano is ready to welcome you back with all the latest health and safety protocols in place...

Named after the King of Italian Cheese, Parmigiano at Molito Lifestyle Center serves up classic Italian staples from pizza to pasta and more. It was my first time at this popular southern dining destination and after that first bite I now know where Mamma Mia, also managed by Parmigiano, gets their Italian flair (for more on Mamma Mia in BGC, see my posts, Take Me Back to Enduring and Comforting Italian Flavors at Mamma Mia from early this year and Mama Knows Best: Introducing the All-Day Italian Dining Culture at Uptown Mall's Mamma Mia from four years back). 

After handling countless take-outs and deliveries during the quarantine, the lights are back on at Parmigiano Ristorante Italiano for a safe dine-in experience...

...and the tables are set once more for that much awaited meal after months at home. As the country slowly and cautiously opens up with more restaurants accommodating increased capacities, southies have one place that comes top-of-mind for that first dining out experience and it's Parmigiano Ristorante Italiano.  

The brick oven is fired up for Parmigiano Ristorante Italiano's extensive specialty pizza selections making it one of the popular dining destinations down south. Using the freshest and finest ingredients and prepared the old school and traditional way, a slice with premium savory toppings on a hearty crisp crust is the perfect way to celebrate your first day out. After all, there's just nothing quite like pizza fresh off the brick oven.

And your Italian feast is served...

Forget the usual Quattro Formaggi, you deserve the 6 Cheese Pizza (P 595) with Gorgonzola, Pecorino, Mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, Scamorza and Taleggio. The all cheese based pizza featuring six premium cheeses delivers all the rich cheesy notes you love with each slice and bite. Why settle for the four cheese when you can have six, right? And you'll find it here at Parmigiano.

Each distinct note from all six layers of cheeses combine for a decadent richness draping the palate like a comforting hug. The perfectly charred crust from the brick oven becomes the perfect base for the all-cheese pizza. Drizzle some honey and experience pure indulgence with the 6 Cheese Pizza of Parmigiano Ristorante Italiano

The Pizza Con Crema di Formaggi, Mozzarella, Patate E Speck (P 595) is another elegant pizza from Parmigiano topped with premium melt in your mouth Speck on creamy cheese sauce, sliced potatoes and silky smooth Mozzarella base. The sharpness of the speck adds a flavorful and mildly salty layer with each bite, followed by the creamy finish of the cheese sauce and Mozzarella. The contrasting flavors come together seamlessly for another must-try pizza combo.

With over 16 pizza variants to choose from at Parmigiano, you'll be tempted to order a couple for good measure. Other pizza options at Parmigiano include the Capricciosa con Uovo (P 540), Prosciutto E Rucola (P 620), Crema di Tartufo (P 595), Frutti di Mare (P 595), Gamberi con Rucola (P 620), Porchetta Pizza (P 485), Margherita di Bufala (P 620), Margherita Con Prosciutto Crudo (P 585) and Carbonara with Guanciale (P 450). 

You can be forgiven for going straight to the pizza before the antipasto. But Parmigiano offers some tempting appetizers that you'll want to try after quick work on their specialty pizzas. The Insalata di Porchetta (P 490) with paper-thin slices of Italian pork roast laid on a bed of garden-fresh and crisp arugula topped with shaved Parmesan and cherry tomatoes makes this salad a light yet savory starter in a sumptuous feast at Parmigiano. The savory richness of the fork-tender Porchetta and subtle sharpness of arugula combine for that delicately balanced finish.  

Other equally tasty starters or antipasti at Parmigiano include the Caprese (P 470), Carpaccio di Manzo (P 490), Antipasti Fritti (P 400), Melanzane Alla Parmigiana (P 390), Spinaci Gratinati (P 335), Salumi Plate (P 725), Formaggi Plate (P 725) and Polpo Al Marinara (P 700). Parmigiano also offers a selection of soups and salads from Insalata di Parmigiano (P 395/P 590) and Shrimp and Apple Salad (P 395/P 590) to Minestrone (P 210/P 300) and Zuppa di Cippole (P 250/P 370).

After some pizza and antipasti, you're ready for pasta. And Parmigiano offers some of the very best pasta dishes down south like the Cacio e Pepe (P 520), Pasta del Parmigiano (P 520), Rigatoni Alla Gricia (P 520) and Fettucine Alfredo (P 520) made right on the Parmigiano wheel...

...and the traditional Spaghetti Pomodoro with Italian Meatballs (P 375/P 650). Savory and juicy meatballs draped in rich and thick tomato sauce with basil on soft yet firm noodles topped with Parmesan, it just doesn't get more old school and better than that.

The Fettuccine Al Funghi Porcini, Salsiccia E Tartufo (P 490) is another hearty pasta dish loaded with 'shrooms delivering deep, earthy and nutty hints. Imagine Porcini mushrooms in a rich truffle cream sauce with Italian sausages topped with sliced black truffle and you get the picture. 

Other must-try pasta dishes at Parmigiano include Ravioli Funghi Porcini (P 560), Pappardelle con Stufato di Maiale (P 430/P 690), Lasagna Alla Bolognese (P 520), Orrechiette Pugliese con Friarelli E Salsiccia (P 375), Spaghetti Calamari Nero (P 430/P 790), Puttanesca (P 395/P 690), Buccatini All' Amatriciana (P 430/P 690), Spaghetti Al Ragu Bolognese (P 395/P 690), Spaghetti Alle Vongole (P 395/P 690), Spaghetti Al Granchio (P 750) and Spaghetti Pulpo Al Marinara (P 520/P 950).

In between bites, the Saute di Frutti di Mare (P 490) with the day's freshest catch of large succulent prawns, plump mussels and clams in olive oil and white wine brings fresh, clean and briny sweet notes to the palate. The use of the freshest ingredients delivers all the flavors with each dish at Parmigiano. 

For the main course, the Agnello Alla Scottadito (P 1, 900) with tender and juicy lamb chops served with potatoes, French beans, mushrooms and mint sauce is an impressive dish. Perfectly grilled, the delicately charred outer layer adds hints of smoke to the savory richness of the tender lamb chops. 

A dab of mint tempers the richness of the lamb for balanced notes, but the lamb chops are great on its own. 

Tender and juicy with bold and clean flavors, the Agnello Alla Scottadito is also ideal for sharing. Complete your dining experience at Parmigiano with their specialty desserts...  

...like the Gooey Dark Chocolate Brownie Skillet (P 190), pure chocolate bliss that's moist and fudgy inside with a lightly crisp and chewy crust on the outside made with  70% Belgian Chocolate on a skillet topped with ice cream. 

The light and elegantly smooth Panna Cotta (P 230) served with strawberry coulis pairs well with a soothing cup of freshly brewed coffee...

...while the Tartufo Classico (P 390) with coffee semi freddo ice cream sprinkled with crushed meringue tempts both the eyes and palate. 

From antipasto to savory mains and desserts, Parmigiano Ristorante Italiano makes the drive down south a tasty trip to a dining destination loved by southies. It's a taste of Italy in the metro, and it's good to see the lamps turned back on and the brick oven fired up again. 

Pizza and pasta? Parmigiano Ristorante Italiano has you covered. Savory mains, paella and risotto, fresh seafood and desserts? It's all here, made with that rustic Italian flair and it's now open for dine-in with all the latest health and safety protocols in place for the new normal...

Parmigiano is located at Unit 10, Lifestyle Extension, Molito Commercial Complex, Madrigal Avenue, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa or call 8776 7295 for inquiries and orders. You can also visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/ParmigianoPH/ for more updates. 

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