Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas Mornings with the Hot Chocolate Bomb by Black Daisy Coffee

Despite all the seemingly unending challenges from the past year, there's still a whole lot to be thankful for in the calming stillness of early Christmas mornings... 

Like Christmas the year before, a cautious and subdued optimism marks the end of another year with the hope of better things yet to come. The cool air of early Christmas mornings calls for a comforting beverage to start the day on a high note, and there's just nothing like a cup of hot chocolate to warm both the palate and body. Ignite the festive spirit of the season with the soothing Hot Chocolate Bomb by Black Daisy Coffee and enjoy Christmas mornings with a lavish start to your day. 

The Hot Chocolate Bomb (P 150 per piece or P 380 Gift Set with glass mug and candy cane) is just one of many novel offerings from Black Daisy Coffee for your daily morning ritual with an indulgent holiday spin. Located in Malabon City, Black Daisy Coffee offers a selection of premium coffee made from the finest beans. Established just last November of this year, Black Daisy Coffee is one of the newest homegrown concepts to watch out for, and it's just what you need for cool Christmas mornings.

The Hot Chocolate Bomb is an innovative and lavish twist on the usual with its rich and elegant ball made from hard chocolate filled with cocoa powder and marshmallows. Creating your mug just takes a few minutes...

...simply place the ball in the mug along with the marshmallows and pour warm milk to soften the hard chocolate shell. 

The whole process adds to the experience, setting this cup of hot chocolate apart from the usual option making it perfect for the holidays.

Within minutes, the hard chocolate shell melts away releasing the cocoa powder along with its fragrant and nutty aroma. Just add milk, easy and simple. 

Gently stir and the warm milk is slowly transformed into the familiar cup of hot chocolate. 

That first sip drapes the palate with the deep and decadent richness of chocolate followed by the creamy warm milk for balanced notes. The marshmallows add layers of flavors and textures for that indulgent finish, and your Christmas morning is looking good. 

It's unique and innovative twists like this that make your mornings special, something we all need after the challenges of the new normal and the quarantine experience. It's Christmas in a mug for those days when you need a flavorful lift to start your day.

The Hot Chocolate Bomb by Black Daisy Coffee is also the ideal gift for friends and loved ones this holiday season. But you deserve a comforting hug too and the Hot Chocolate Bomb does that in minutes, simply add warm milk. To order your Hot Chocolate Bomb by Black Daisy Coffee, hit the links below...  

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