Thursday, December 2, 2021

Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen Raises the Bar for Home-Based Food Businesses. Again.

Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen aims for a bigger slice of the homebased food business pie with her lavish and elegant Japanese inspired offerings along with a new line of decadent cakes and soon, even private dining.  

And Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen raises the bar. Again. Using premium ingredients mostly flown in direct from Japan, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen sets the standard for home-based food businesses with her luxurious take on Japanese cuisine and it doesn't stop there. Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen also unveiled her line of indulgent cakes available soon on her expanding menu as well as plans for intimate private dining. 

Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's uncompromising commitment to quality is evident in all her dishes, and that day we sampled some of her kitchen's latest creations (for more on Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen and her luxurious take on Japanese cuisine, see my previous posts,  ECQ Eats: Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen Elevates the Bento Experience on her opulent bento offerings, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen Raises the Bar for Home-Based Food Businesses with Restaurant Quality Dishes highlighting the finest and freshest premium ingredients, A Tasty Peek at the New Premium Japanese offerings by Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen showcasing her premium selection and Turning Japanese with Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen... on her best-selling dishes).

The Mix Sushi Balls by Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen with Salmon, Tuna and Unagi delivers flavorful bursts of fresh, clean and briny sweetness with each bite. Best enjoyed in one bite, the uncluttered and natural sweetness of the freshest seafood comes through draping the palate with an indulgent richness.

The sticky Japanese rice completes the experience. It's a refreshing option from the usual sushi guaranteed to brighten up any home dining table in the holiday season.  

The Mix Nigiri Sushi offers even more comforting bites with sticky Japanese rice blanketed with a variety of ingredients delivering delicate notes. The dense and tightly packed texture makes it easy to handle with chop sticks.

The different colors are a visual clue on the tempting array of flavors of the Mix Nigiri Sushi. The bright and festive colors also makes it a perfect addition to any holiday feast at home.

The Steamed Ebi Wrapped in Cabbage Leaf brings delicate and refined nuanced notes to the palate highlighted by the succulent sweetness of the prawn and the fresh notes of the cabbage. The rich sauce adds another layer of flavor with each bite.

Simple, uncomplicated yet tasty, these bite-sized treats reflect the high level of creativity and culinary prowess of the team at Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen.

But it's the use of the finest and freshest ingredients that bring all the flavors. And at Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen, you get the very best served on your table. 

Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen brings top-tier ingredients into play with her luxurious Foie Gras Marinated in Den Miso Topped with Dried Fruits and Nuts for an elegant addition to your holiday feast at home. 

The infusion of miso adds mildly sharp notes to temper the richness of the foie gras, while the dried fruits and nuts add both flavor and textural contrast to the elegant dish.  

The deep, rich and nutty notes of the foie gras is an experience like no other and Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen just lays on the flavors with the miso, dried nuts and fruits for an even more decadent play of sweet, nutty and savory in one bite. 

The Steamed Seabass in Edamame Puree with fresh asparagus and shredded carrots is another impressive dish from Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen. The light, flaky and buttery texture of the premium seabass just melts in your mouth followed by the nutty sweetness of the edamame puree for that delicately balanced finish. 

A bite delivers a flavorful weave of buttery notes from the succulent seabass and the edamame puree, complimenting without overwhelming the other. This dish is pure indulgence. And it's not surprising that it's from Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen. 

The Chicken with Mushrooms offers comfortingly familiar notes with tender and juicy fillets of chicken slathered in gravy and topped with mushrooms. The delicate notes of the chicken are enhanced by the thick gravy with the mushrooms completing the dish.

The Gyuniku with Shimeji Mushrooms and Young Corn in Special Steak Sauce should fix your steak cravings. Perfectly grilled with that juicy finish, a slice brings all the beefy flavors you love with the mushrooms and young corn adding its own unique notes to the plate.

The mildly sharp and sweet notes of the special steak sauce adds that perfect finish balancing the savory richness of the beef. And yes, you'll want some extra rice with this dish.

Long known for her specialty Tempura, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen shares another variation with her Crispy Egg Foam Tempura. With a slightly thicker batter, the familiar crunch is there followed by the succulent briny notes of the prawn. 

And just like her bestselling specialty tempura, you just can't stop after one piece. The Crispy Egg Foam Tempura stays crisp all the way to the very last piece, making it perfect for delivery and pick-up. The egg foam batter doesn't mask the flavors of the prawns, and one bite is announced by an audible crunch followed by the fresh snap of the prawn. Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen clearly mastered the art of tempura. 

Then, there's the sweet surprises soon coming out from Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen...

Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen recreates the familiar and even nostalgic notes of a childhood favorite, the classic Chocolate Cake

Layered with a creamy filling, the dense, moist and soft Chocolate Cake just takes you back to those childhood summers.

And that's not all. Soon, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen will also be offering the equally classic and nostalgic Cheesecake to her menu...

...along with other treats like the Chocolate Mango Walnut Cake. With its lightly crisp outer layer almost like a brownie, each slice is loaded with mangoes and walnuts in a chewy chocolate cake. 

From her initial offerings of Japanese inspired dishes, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen is all set to start next year with a bang. Her lavish Japanese dishes, a fast growing base of loyal clients and now cakes as well as private dining, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's aim for a bigger slice of homebased food businesses is off to a great start.  

For more on Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen, simply call 0917-672-7230 and 0999-881-4272 or email at and for inquiries and more information. You can also visit her FB and IG accounts at @Bambi'sGourmetKitchen.

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