Saturday, December 11, 2021

Because Odri Knows Cheesy Embutido...

It's that time of the year when comfortingly familiar and classic dishes like Embutido makes its graceful appearance on the family dining table. And now you can enjoy this traditional staple all year round because Odri Knows Cheesy Embutido...

The popular Filipino meatloaf is given a lavish cheesy spin by Odri Knows Cheesy Embutido for a festive savory dish that's perfect for the holidays and beyond. Available in Pork, Chicken and Bacon variants, Odri Knows Cheesy Embutido shares its take on the local staple with a tastier, meatier, chunkier and cheesier twist. One bite and you'll agree, Odri Knows Embutido...

Steamed, baked or fried, Odri Knows Cheesy Embutido lets you enjoy traditional flavors with an inventive and contemporary upgrade with cheese adding indulgent layers of both texture and creamy notes. Made with all-natural ingredients with real cheese chunks and absolutely no preservatives, extenders or artificial flavors, each variant packs a solid and flavorful punch. It's the perfect dish to add to your holiday feast at home, and also an ideal gift to friends and loved ones.  

Savory, meaty and creamy with a subtle sweetness from the raisins, each flavor variant brings its distinct notes into play infused with the indulgent flavor and texture of cheese. The traditional Pork and Chicken variants delivers delicate flavors while the Bacon embutido adds a robust sharpness with subtle smoky hints to the local meatloaf. But the flavors are all tied together by the richness of cheese combining with the other ingredients for a seamless weave. Tightly wrapped in foil, serving Odri Knows Cheesy Embutido is easy. Simply thaw and steam for ten minutes. You can also bake or fry in a pan on medium heat for that lightly crisp seared finish. 

The Pork variant is rich and juicy with just a whisper of sweetness. Steaming the embutido lets you enjoy the clean yet rich flavors of the local meatloaf with the other components like egg, carrots and raisins adding their own subtle even nuanced notes to the palate. But the local embutido gets a flavorful boost from the cheese making it even more special for the holidays.

Served with steamed white rice and a dab of ketchup or sweet chili sauce, it's a nostalgic dish triggering countless childhood memories recreated with each bite. 

Frying the embutido changes the flavor profile with a seared and lightly crisp finish. The subtle flavors are now more pronounced yet balanced. The delicate flavors of the Chicken variant are enhanced by the creamy cheese for a savory richness. 

The play on flavors, from savory to sweet, are enjoyed with each tasty bite followed by the silky smooth layer of cheese. And the flavors are rounder and deeper with the use of the freshest ingredients.

Seared on a pan for just a few minutes, the Chicken variant with cheese is another tasty combo from Odri Knows Cheesy Embutido.

And just in time for the holidays, Odri Knows Cheesy Embutido recently launched its newest offering with the Bacon embutido. Bacon and cheese, and you can already imagine the flavors from this savory variant.

Seared for that lightly crisp outer layer, the Bacon embutido has that familiar sharp and smoky flavor perfectly tempered by the cheese that will have you going for another piece. Pork, Chicken and Bacon with Cheese and you'll agree that Odri Knows Cheesy Embutido.

Add these savory embutido dishes from Odri Knows Cheesy Embutido to your family's holiday feast, all it takes are a few quick taps on your mobile device. 

You can also order the special holiday packages of Odri Knows Cheesy Embutido in Boxes of 2, 3 and 5 for the season of gift-giving. Traditional and comfortingly familiar yet refreshingly different, Odri Knows Cheesy Embutido upgrades the local meatloaf from your childhood with a lavish cheesy spin. And yes, Odri Knows Cheesy Embutido...

For more on Odri Knows Cheesy Embutido, call 0945 792 3567 and 0976 113 6677 for more information and orders or visit their Facebook Page at for updates. You can also send an email at

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