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Green Days and Vegan Holiday Platters by Green Bar Cafe

Hearty and savory sliders, tacos, burritos and even desserts, all without the guilt. Your long search for vegan dishes ends at the newest dining destination along Aguirre Street in Makati. From starters to mains and even desserts and beverages, enjoy an all vegan feast at Green Bar... 

This holiday season, discover and experience healthy cuisine at Green Bar Cafe with its wide selection of vegan and plant-based comfort food for a unique and flavorful dining experience guaranteed to satisfy any carnivorous palate. And you won't even miss the meat in the meatless dishes at Green Bar. 100% plant-based and vegan, going green for the holidays may be the best thing you can gift yourself to end the year on a healthier note. Curious? Read on for a tasty peek at green days at Green Bar...

For sisters Jaderani and Sarada Santos, the concept for a plant-based restaurant began with their frustration with the lack of real vegan dining options in the metro. Drawing inspiration from cherished family recipes and memorable travels abroad, Jade and Sarada set out to create an all plant-based menu based on comfortingly familiar dishes with a novel and creative Southern Californian spin. At Green Bar, all the ingredients are plant-based with fresh batches of seitan (a gluten based meat alternative), cheeses, bread and even doughnuts prepared and baked in-house daily. 

I had a taste of that unique culinary journey five years ago when Jade and Sarada sent their BBQ Tofu Sandwich, Cuban Burrito, Breakfast Burrito, the savory Hail Seitan roast beef style sandwich and vegan Cupcakes (for more on that first encounter, see my post Green and Go at Green Bar Cafe from five years back) and I knew then that this was a concept that has some potential right from the very first bite. Fast forward to 2021 and the concept that began more than five years ago has blossomed to the newest vegan dining destination in Makati. And they now offer sumptuous Vegan Holiday Platters for a festive and healthy Christmas feast at home, available for dine in, take-out and delivery (simply call the number or hit the links below for more information). Start your dining experience at Green Bar with a refreshing Watermelon Shake (P 190)...

...followed by their popular Barbacoa Street Tacos (P 280 for two tacos, also available in Holiday Platters), soft flour tortillas loaded with house made seitan meat gently cooked in rich chipotle sauce with onions, cilantro and calamansi served with mild and tart pico de gallo or spicy chipotle salsa. The gluten-based seitan is the flavorful base of Green Bar's plant-based dishes, and it's a versatile ingredient pairing well with a variety of seasonings and preparations including the Barbacoa Street Tacos. 

The soft and chewy homemade tortillas are the perfect vessel for the savory seitan meat filling with its tender texture and meaty notes. The texture is almost like fatty beef, and you won't miss the beef at all with the Barbacoa Street Tacos at Green Bar.

The savory and beefy flavors of the barbacoa are complemented by the onions and cilantro, rounded out by the sharp notes of calamansi and finished by the fresh and tart pico de gallo. Green Bar's seitan recreates all the rich flavors and textures of meat, and this becomes evident in the other savory dishes in the all vegan menu... the Wild Thing Sliders (P 1,399 Holiday Platter with 15 sliders). These sliders pack a flavorful punch from the bun to the cheese and the patty, all 100% vegan and made fresh in-house at Green Bar. The juicy patty delivers all the savory notes you'd expect from a burger, with the same mouthfeel and bite. 

But it's the combination of the seitan patty with the homemade cheese, lettuce, tomato and soft bun coming together with each bite that makes these meat-free sliders a real treat. And you'll want another, so it's a good idea to go for the Holiday Platter with 15 sliders so everyone's happy. 

And Green Bar isn't done with their flavorful surprises just yet...

Fresh from the oven, the classic English Wellington (P 1,399) traditionally made with a slab of beef becomes another meatless option with rich, bold and savory notes. Served with gravy, the intricately woven lattice work of the crusty Wellington is an impressive dish for the family dining table. And yes, the dish contains absolutely no beef. 

A slice of the delicately crisp and flaky Wellington reveals a juicy and savory filling of seitan, perfectly recreating the textural and flavorful notes of fork-tender beef with each bite. Pour some gravy to complete the flavors and just like that, the fatty beef-like consistency and flaky crust completes the impression. 

Green Bar's done it with their Barbacoa Street Tacos and Wild Thing Sliders demonstrating just how flexible their seitan is, but the Wellington simply elevates vegan dishes to a whole new level of flavors and textures. But Green Bar has even more tricks up their sleeves...

The Red Burrito (P 350) is another hearty meatless alternative with fork-tender strips of house made seitan strips gently simmered in chipotle layered with rice, beans, guacamole, pepper jack cheese, red bell peppers and onions wrapped in a soft tortilla generously slathered in chipotle ranch, cream and enchilada sauce. A meal in itself, you'll be just as surprised with the savory notes of the meatless burrito.

A slice gives you an idea of just how packed this burrito is, and the flavors are just as loaded. The beef-like qualities of the seitan makes this a serious burrito guaranteed to satisfy any hefty appetite. And you won't miss the beef at all. 

The Quinoa Bowl (P 390) is both refreshing and filling with marinated tofu steaks laid on quinoa and chickpeas with sweet potatoes, sautéed dark greens, shredded cabbage salad and crunchy peanut brittle served with a thick peanut dressing. The contrasting notes weave seamlessly for a satisfying bowl that won't leave you feeling heavy. Other Hot Bowls include the Tahini Bowl (P 400), Penne Pomodoro (P 390) and BBQ Seitan Rice Bowl

Green Bar also bakes their own vegan Gourmet Donuts in house, and you can enjoy a mildly sweet and savory treat with the Glazy Donut Sandwich with crispy tofu chicken nuggets...

...or go for their fresh-baked Pandesal Sandwiches like the Fried Chickun (P 300) with tofu nuggets, house made ranch dressing, garden fresh and crisp lettuce and tomato. Other Pandesal Sandwich options include the BBQ Tofu (P 320) and Roast Seitan (P 280) for a vegan take on the roast beef sandwich. 

Avocado Toast? Green Bar's got that covered too. The creamy Avocado Toast (P 380) served with a balsamic side salad is part of their All-Day Breakfast Menu which includes the Breakfast Burrito (P 370), Breakfast Sandwich (P 320) with tofu egg and seitan breakfast sausage, Chickpea Omelette (P 289), Chia Pancakes (P 280) and Rice and Shine (P 285) with seitan tapa. Loaded with silky smooth avocado on crusty house baked French bread, this green combo is another light yet filling option for that perfect start any time of day at Green Bar.

From breakfast to hearty meals, salads to Hot Bowls, burritos to tacos and sandwiches, Green Bar's sumptuous repertoire of vegan offerings makes it the perfect spot for a leisurely and healthy plant-based meal in the metro. But did you know that they also bake indulgent desserts?

The Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Pie are just some of the tempting desserts from the ovens of Green Bar. Not too sweet, each slice and bite just warms the palate like a comforting hug. These pies, along with their Buko Pie, are also available for take-out and delivery just in time for too for the holidays.

Made with all-natural vegan ingredients with absolutely no butter, milk or eggs, the pies deliver the same homespun and nostalgic vibe for guiltless pleasures. 

The Pumpkin Pie has that deep, rich and smooth finish while the Pecan Pie completes the festive holiday mood to any Christmas feast. 

Then, there's the fresh baked vegan pastries and Gourmet Donuts in  a variety of flavors, from the Original Glazed to the Boston Cream filled donut, Matcha Muscovado and Churro Donut, Coconut Caramel and Bukayo-filled Donut, Maple Bacun Donut and Chocolate Honeycomb filled donut, Ube Macapuno and Sans Rival Donut. And more. And all vegan. 

Be sure to check the day's fresh batch by taking a peek at the display, and have a soothing cup of Latte along with your selection of Gourmet Donuts. If it's vegan you're looking for or just plain curious, Green Bar offers an extensive selection of plant-based options (scroll down for the menu).

And when you just want to enjoy a tipple, be sure to check out the cool offerings at Green Bar... their Happy Hour from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm...

...and handcrafted cocktails. 

Taco Tuesdays? It's definitely on at Green Bar.

In response to the recent onslaught of Typhoon Odette, Green Bar invites you to join their Helping Hand raffle to aid those affected in the calamity.

Each donation counts and goes a long way in assisting those in need. 

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised by the meatless plant-based and vegan offerings of Green Bar. Then again, I knew as far back as 2016 that Jade and Sarada Santos had a winning concept with their BBQ Tofu Sandwich and Breakfast Burrito. And now the Barbacoa Street Tacos, Wild Thing Sliders, Wellington, Gourmet Donuts and Pecan Pie just elevates the vegan experience in their continuing culinary journey. Have a green day at Green Bar, and experience it for yourself... 

Green Bar is located at 106 Aguirre Street, Legaspi Village, Makati or call 0917 808 2506 for inquiries and orders. You can also visit their website, FB Page and IG Feed at and for more updates.

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