Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tea's The Season for MiPanda Milk Tea

It's the holidays and Tea's the season for MiPanda...

MiPanda Philippines brings its lavish offerings of soothing beverages from Milk Teas and Signature Drinks to Fruit Teas and Coco Drinks to tease your palate and quench your thirst using the freshest ingredients. The popularity of milk teas continues to grow and with the holidays just a little more than a few days away, MIPanda gives you more than a dozen reasons to indulge with their refreshing beverages. This Christmas and beyond, Tea's the season with MiPanda...

"Honest, authentic and superior ingredients skillfully blended into premium, satisfying drinks - that is our promise."

The highly competitive local milk tea segment gets even more exciting as MiPanda Philippines shakes up the scene with its lavish selection of specialty beverages. And it's one more refreshing option to add to your list. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients from Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, MiPanda brings quality and authenticity with each soothing serving of their specialty beverages in Regular or Large sizes (yes, you'll probably want a Large size). And with its newest branch at SMDC Grass in Quezon City adding to its growing network of stores, you're never too far away from your favorite chilled beverage.

With over 37 uniquely flavored variants from their Signature Drinks Selection to Rock Salt & Cheese Blends, Milk Tea, Fruit Teas and specialty Coco Series plus tempting add-on options including Black Pearls, White Sagu, Coconut Jelly, Egg Pudding, Fruit Jelly, Coffee Jelly and Chia Seeds, choosing just one can be challenging...

...so here's a quick run down on MiPanda's bestselling flavors to help you decide which variant to try first. Ready?

From the Classic Milk Tea to colorful Fruit Teas and creative blends, MiPanda has something for everyone to suit any mood or craving. Drawing inspiration from the popular local staple, the Strawberry Taho combines the comfortingly familiar nutty notes of silken tofu with the vibrant tartness of fresh strawberries for a unique and indulgent milk tea experience. 

It's a surprisingly flavorful blend, teasing the palate with its nostalgic and indulgent finish with a vibrant twist from fresh strawberries. Who knew the popular local taho and milk tea would be a perfect combo? But that's just one of many soothing options from MiPanda...

Then, there's the classic MiPanda Milk Tea, prepared to your desired level of sweetness. The deep soothing notes of tea are given a lavish creamy layer with milk for that silky smooth finish. it's comforting flavors like this that make milk tea a popular beverage.  

Jazz up your milk tea from PandaMi with the Oreo Milk Tea added with Cheesecake for an indulgent dessert you can drink. Bits of Oreo combine with creamy cheesecake for another decadent combination. Take a closer look at the labels and you'll find some good vibes in the form of a message to complete your milk tea experience for a nice touch.

Craving for chocolate? The Cocoa Milk Tea hits all the right spots complementing the milk and tea with its rich nutty notes. In addition to taho, chocolate seems like a natural pairing as well adding yet another flavorful base to your milk tea.

If you've enjoyed the Strawberry Taho earlier, you'll like the Mango Taho Boba too. Silky tofu with sweet mangoes and chewy boba, this playfully inventive blend offers contrasting layers of flavors and textures with each sip from the unique milk tea blend with the fruit, taho and and tapioca pearls adding that bite and burst of flavor.

The Wintermelon Milk Tea brings the subtle sweetness of wintermelon into play weaving seamlessly with the tea and milk base for another flavorful blend...

...while the Brown Sugar Fresh Milk adds the deep and rich sweetness tempered by the creamy fresh milk for refreshing and balanced flavors. There's a whole range of distinct blends to discover and experience at MiPanda to satisfy your milk tea fix.

The Glacier Milk Tea with its distinct blue tint from butterfly pea flowers teases the eye before the palate. The light and delicate notes of the blue tea pair well with the creamy milk blend that not only quenches your thirst but eases you down to a chilled mood. Good vibes in a glass? Absolutely.

Fresh fruits add their own colorful weave to the tea selection of MiPanda with its bountiful harvest of Wintermelon, Lemon, Passionfruit, Strawberry, Green Apple, Lychee, Kiwi and Peach for an all-natural and healthier option.

The Wintermelon Fruit Tea loaded with real fruit bits and slices combine for a naturally sweet beverage to pick you up from another long day. Light and refreshing, the use of real ingredients makes this one stand out.

I've enjoyed all the variants from MiPanda, but it's the Classic Taho Boba Milk Tea that got me hooked from the very first sip. The familiar notes of taho just takes you back while the rich blend of milk, tea and boba adds an exciting new spin to a real classic. 

Now it's your turn to choose your MiPanda Milk Tea

And MiPanda has a whole range of tempting options to satisfy any milk tea craving.

After all, Tea's the Season for MiPanda. Visit their newest branch at SMDC Grass in Quezon City or have your beverages conveniently delivered by GrabFood or FoodPanda with just a few quick taps on your mobile device.

MiPanda is located at SMDC Grass in Quezon City. For more on MiPanda Philippines, visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/mipandaph/ for more updates.

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