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Let's Do Lunch Specials, Pizza and Pasta at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe...

New Lunch Specials, hearty pizza and pasta dishes await diners at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe. Let's do lunch at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe...

Lunch at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe in The Podium becomes a tempting proposition with their new Lunch Specials, Pizza and Pasta offerings. And desserts too. Cocktails after 5? Check out some cool deals for a refreshing tipple. Still no plans for lunch? Then, read on and see what's new at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe...

We've seen some serious rains the past few days, but that shouldn't put a damper to a satisfying lunch. Add some vibrant garden-fresh greens to an otherwise cloudy day with the signature Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken (P 380) for that perfect start to a sumptuous meal at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe. You can also opt for the Caesar Saad with Smoked Salmon (P 420). Fresh and crisp made with the best produce, each bite delivers clean flavors setting you up for the main course. And that's just one of many sumptuous dishes at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe (for more on Salvatore Cuomo Cafe, see my earlier post, Save Room for Desserts, Panino and More at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe).  

The generous serving and use of premium ingredients combine for both flavor and value for a hearty lunch at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe. Other Salad options at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe include the equally refreshing Garden Salad (P 350) with beet root, boiled egg and carrots and the Chopped Salad (P 450) with corn, cucumber, Asiago cream and Feta cheese. 

Wash it all down with the soothing beverages of Salvatore Cuomo Cafe from their wide selection of freshly made juices. Enjoy a refreshing drink like the Exotic Lover (P 150) with its blend of oranges and mangoes sweetened with syrup...

...or the Passionate Rosso (P 150) made with watermelon, lemon, cranberry juice and Grenadine syrup to open up the palate with fresh, clean notes.

And here's even better news. Enjoy Buy One, Get One deals on cool cocktails like Aperol Spritz, Bellini and Sangria from Monday to Friday starting 5pm onwards. That's just what you need to end the day right, even when the clouds are grey. 

Then, there's the sumptuous pasta selections at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe promising a hearty lunch. The Truffle Spaghetti (P 450) with truffle sauce, butter, Asiago sauce and Mascarpone cream topped with Grana Padano is lavishly layered with an indulgent and savory richness lingering long after the last bite.

Salvatore Cuomo also has new pasta offerings on the menu, like the Penne Chicken Pesto combining the deep nutty richness of pesto with the light and delicate notes of chicken... 

...and the Penne Gorgonzola with Pistachio delivering a unique savory sweetness for another refreshing pasta option at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe. The pair of new pasta dishes offer a different flavor experience, and a welcome addition to their pasta line-up like the classic Salvatore Style Aglio Olio, Vongole, Cacio e Pepe, Carbonara, Sausage and Spinach and Ham and Mascarpone

And there's more. Salvatore Cuomo Cafe also offers satisfying Lunch Specials featuring various combos like the Set A (P 380) with Porchetta, Truffle Pasta and Grilled Vegetables. The slab of pork belly roasted to a crisp and juicy finish paired with pasta and vegetables is a solid lunch guaranteed to warm and fill you up on your precious lunch hour.

The contrasting textures of juicy pork and crisp crackling combine for rich and savory notes, made even richer with the blend of seasonings, spices and herbs of the classic Italian-style Porchetta. The Truffle Pasta pairs perfectly with the slab of pork, adding its deep, nutty and creamy layers of flavors to a satisfying dish completed by the grilled veggies.

Other Lunch Specials options include the Set B (P 380) with Roast Chicken, Amatriciana Pasta and Roasted Potatoes, Set C (P 390) featuring Italian Sausage, Truffle Pasta, Grilled Vegetables and Whole Grain Mustard and Set D (P 400) with Grilled Ribs, Amatriciana Pasta, Mashed Potatoes and Parsley Mustard. The new Lunch Specials by Salvatore Cuomo Cafe offer both value and variety for a smart lunch option any day.

Still hungry? The specialty Napoli-style Pizza selection at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe should do the trick. I've always loved the classic Salsiccia (P 470/P 570) with sautéed mushrooms, sausage, basil, smoked cheese, Mozarella and Grana Padano on a rustic charred crust but the equally savory Affumicato Pizza just hits all the right notes with its smoky hints.  

The smoked sausages adds that distinct layer of flavor for another unique Napoli-style pizza creation at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe. Enjoy a big slice and an even bigger bite, and you'll want another. Other must-try pizza creations from the game-winning playlist of Salvatore Cuomo Cafe include the traditional Margherita, Mixed Meats with Porchetta, Sausage, Salami, Guanciale, Mozzarella and Grana Padano, Mixed Capriciossa with Smoked Ham, Olives, Mushrooms, Mozzarella and Grana Padano, the enduring Four Cheese, Smoked Salmon, Eggplant Parmigiana and savory Beef Ragu.   

Dessert and Buy One, Get One Cocktails like the Aperol Spritz, Bellini and Sangria after 5pm? Why not. You can also check their Afternoon Set with its tempting sweet and savory nibbles.

The same meticulous attention given to their specialty dishes are likewise applied to a lavish array of indulgent desserts at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe. The Lemon Cake brings bright citrus notes finished by decadent cream...

...while the classic Sicilian Cannoli (P 190) with cannoli cream and shell, pistachios and chocolate conjures images from that short yet iconic line from one of Hollywood's epic masterpieces. The silky smooth and creamy filling, the nutty sweetness of the pistachios and the crisp shell combine for a rustic and traditional dessert masterfully executed at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe.

The Créme Brulée topped with fresh strawberries is one more tempting treat not to pass up at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe. A sumptuous lunch, pizza, pasta, cocktails and desserts, you'll find all your cravings at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe.

Latte? Yes, please. When grey clouds gets you down, head on over to Salvatore Cuomo Cafe and simply pick your spot and bites along with soothing libations for a much brighter start to your day.

Salvatore Cuomo Cafe is located at the Ground Floor of The Podium, 12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong or call 282851679 for inquiries. You can also visit their website at and FB Page at for updates.

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