Monday, September 26, 2022

Light and Easy with Fresh Flavors by Zig Healthy Made Happy

Fresh, bold and clean flavors, some days you just want to keep it simple. And light. And Zig Healthy Made Happy has just what you're craving for in a variety of new dishes... 

Healthier dining options appear to be on the rise as a result of the quarantine experience, and one unique dining concept stands out from the clutter for making healthy food cool. Zig Healthy Made Happy introduces a refreshing medley of new Salad Bowls, Protein Bowls, Sourdough Sandwiches and a creatively inventive Salad Pizza to its growing menu for even more healthier options packed with fresh, real and vibrant flavors. Who says healthy food has to be boring or bland? Not at Zig Healthy Made Happy... 

Since its entry in the cluttered and competitive culinary scene late last year, Zig Healthy Made Happy set out to change habits and prevailing misconceptions on healthy food options with its modern and fresh take on healthy cuisine. A year later, no other brand gives healthy food a cool, accessible and even fun character (for more on Zig healthy Made Happy, see my previous posts, Healthy. Happy. Zig. At Zig Healthy Made Happy in Greenhills Promenade...on the formal opening of the Greenhills branch, Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Tapas, Cocktails, Dinner and Dessert All in One Strip: Oh My Greek, Zig Healthy Made Happy and Koomi Now Open at Greenhills Promenade on the trio of dining concepts by Visum Ventures, Inc. and #HealthyMadeHappy: Add A Vibrant Splash of Color to Healthy Dining at Zig Healthy Made Happy on my first dining experience from late last year). 

Zig Healthy Made Happy continues to innovate by rolling out fresh new offerings alongside current bestsellers like the wittingly named Pesto Both Worlds (P 365 Regular/P 265 Snack/P 325 No Meat/P 365 Wrap) with tender and juicy Pesto Chicken, soft yet firm Fusilli pasta, garden fresh and crisp Romaine lettuce, Cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, Parmesan cheese and pesto sauce.  

The pasta and Romaine lettuce combo combine for a hearty and sumptuous meal with the nutty hints of the pesto and vegetables adding layers of fresh flavors with each bite. The juicy Pesto Chicken completes the flavors for this unique pasta salad. And it's good for you too. 

Zig Healthy Made Happy adds the new Tuna-Round and Smile (P 365 Regular/P 225 Snack/P 365 Wrap) to their Salad Bowl line for another healthy option. The new Salad Bowl variant is a classic take on the traditional Niĉoise with tuna, Romaine lettuce, marble potatoes, tomatoes, French beans, egg and Kalamata olives dressed with Balsamic vinegar.

The subtle sweetness of the assorted vegetables and tuna are complemented by the mildly sharp notes from the Kalamata olives and Balsamic dressing for contrasting yet balanced notes. And it's quite filling too but without the guilt.  

A hearty duo of Protein Bowls with sushi rice offer even more flavors to your healthy dining options at Zig Healthy Made Happy. The new I'm Feelin' Mushy (P 285) with Enoki mushrooms, Swiss brown mushrooms, red cabbage, carrots, Edamame beans, corn and pickled ginger on sushi rice drizzled with Yakiniku sauce brings deep, nutty and earthy hints for another refreshing option at Zig Healthy Made Happy. If you love 'shrooms, this new Protein Bowl has your name on it. 

Other new Protein Bowls include The Beef Superbowl (P 325) and Katsu Believe in Magic (P 315) to supplement their existing line-up like the popular California Dreamin'. If you love salmon, crab and mangoes, you can stop dreamin' with this bowl.   

The popular California Dreamin' (P 354) remains one of the all-time favorites at Zig Healthy Made Happy with its mix of sashimi style salmon, crab meat, sweet mango, cucumber, salmon roe, green bell pepper, red onion and crisp nori sheets slathered with Crab Mayo dressing on sushi rice. The briny sweetness of the salmon and crab are kicked up a notch by the equally sweet mangoes smoothened by the Crab Mayo dressing. This is one of my personal top picks at Zig Healthy Made Happy.

Other must-try Protein Bowls from Zig Healthy Made Happy include the Keep It Shrimple (P 354) and Tuna Is Better Than One (P 354).

Zig Healthy Made Happy also offers a selection of Sourdough Sandwiches... the Three-Cheese Toasted Sandwich (P 285) with Mozzarella, Kesong Puti and grated Parmesan in between crisp toasted sourdough bread... 

...and the BLT Toasted Sandwich (P 285) with bacon, lettuce and tomato draped in silky smooth mayo dressing on sourdough. Light yet full of flavor, these sourdough sandwiches make for a perfect light lunch or snack any time of day. Other Sourdough Sandwiches include the Roast Beef Toasted Sandwich (P 315), Tuna Toasted Sandwich (P 285) and Chicken Schnitzel Toasted Sandwich (P 315).  

Craving for pizza? Make it a healthy choice with the Salad Pizza selection of Zig Healthy Made Happy like the Tandoorific Chicken (P 540) with tender chicken on a thin crust topped with Pomodoro sauce, Mozzarella and red bell peppers served with crisp arugula, alfalfa sprouts and chili oil.

Simply grab a slice, top it with arugula and alfalfa with a generous drizzle of chili oil and roll it up. Each bite delivers a flavorful burst of fresh and bold notes followed by the smoky savory hints of chicken and soothing heat of the chili oil. 

The addition of arugula and alfalfa adds subtle yet contrasting notes and textures for a refreshing take on pizza. Fresh, clean and uncluttered notes, the use of the freshest ingredients delivers all the real flavors. Other Salad Pizza options include the Be The Spinach To My Popeye (P 510), Aloha Brotha! (P 510), Dance To Your Own Beef (P 540), Prawn To Be Wild (P 580) and Cheese Said Yes (P 580).   

Zig Healthy Made Happy is right on track with its healthy offerings, making it more accessible and fun to more diners. Bravo to the team behind the new dishes at Zig Healthy Made Happy, and a round of applause to the guys thinking up the wacky names for the dishes too. Maybe today is the day for you to discover and experience the new dishes of Zig Healthy Made Happy. And maybe, the start of a healthier lifestyle. You can bet this won't be the last you'll hear from Zig Healthy Made Happy...

Zig Healthy Made Happy is located at the ground floor of Greenhills Promenade (below the parking building). You can also visit their  FB Page at for updates.

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