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Celebrating Milestones with 100 Stores in the Country, A New Cheese Series and Froyo Line by Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt

Now with its milestone 100th store in the country with still more in the pipeline since it launched early last year, Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt remains one of the most successful and truly inspiring brands in the local food scene. And the brand isn't done just yet. Far from it. Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt launches a series of new product offerings to tempt your palate...

Hitting 100 stores in less than a year since it entered the cluttered and competitive local food scene is no small feat. It's just downright impressive. And the fact that it was launched at the height of the pandemic last year amidst countless uncertainties makes it even more remarkable. It's a spectacular run any which way you look at it. And Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt has so much more in store for all its loyal koomikadas with its new Koomi Froyo and Limited Edition Cheese Series.

From Australia to Manila, Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt brings its brand of #GuiltlessGoodness with a wide array of yogurt creations made with the freshest premium ingredients that's still growing driven by the inventive geniuses behind one of the best and inspiring success stories in the local culinary landscape. From its vibrant, colorful and fun brand character to its diverse range of fresh offerings, Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt just makes you feel good the minute you enter their store (for more on Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt, see my earlier posts, First Five: Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt Unveils Five New Flavors for Summer on their seasonal variants from April this year, Get Your Sticky Purple Rice Fix with Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt's New Purple Rice Series from March this year, #GuiltlessGoodness Comes to Robinsons Magnolia with Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt from late last year and #GuiltlessGoodness: Avo Nice Day with Koomi  on my first experience with the brand also from last year).

And with 100 stores nationwide and counting, it's a safe bet to say there's one near you for that quick and satisfying yogurt fix. And when you do visit, you'll find these exciting new product offerings just waiting for you...

First up, the silky smooth Koomi Froyo frozen yogurt for a refreshing and indulgent option to satisfy your sweet cravings. Made with their specialty yogurt, the frozen variant delivers the same fresh and tart flavors we all love with a decadently smooth textural finish. All natural and made fresh daily, it's also good for you too.

And it's easy to customize your very own Koomi Froyo in three simple and easy steps, just choose from the Simply Koomi Froyo with yogurt and fruit honey or the Waterberry Wonder Froyo with yogurt, strawberries and watermelon then pick your size (Medium or Large) and finally, select your toppings. And with thirty fresh toppings to choose from like Purple Rice, Boba, Cashews, Pistachios, Almonds, Avocado, Cheese Foam, Kit Kat and Mochi, Red Bean, Lychee, Mango and ChocNut, creating your own Koomi Froyo becomes part of the fun and experience. Just thinking of the countless possibilities and permutations makes you hungry.

Create your Koomi Froyo with an extensive range of toppings like fresh fruits and even candy, and simply follow your cravings. I've always enjoyed the Nuts About You with almonds and pistachios from Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt and thought I can enjoy the same nutty experience with the Koomi Froyo. The Simply Koomi Froyo with yogurt and fruit honey topped with Almonds, Pistachios and Cashews just hits all the right notes for me. 

The subtle sweetness of the cashews, almonds and pistachios combine for elegant nutty finish completed by the indulgent and smooth texture of the frozen yogurt. And that's just one of many possible combinations you can enjoy with the new Koomi Froyo. Prices start at P 129, depending on your final version of size and blend of toppings. 

Say cheese. Finally, meet the newest Limited Edition creations from Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt with a cheesy twist. The creamy Cheese Series with its rich blend of cream cheese and yogurt becomes the flavorful base for five refreshingly inventive and decadent variants namely Red Velvet Cheese, Ube Cheese, Oreo Cheese, Boba Cheese and Matcha Cheese. Each flavor has its own distinct and indulgent profile with the yogurt and cream cheese blend binding it all together in a velvety smooth finish.

And the weave of flavors with its distinctive colored streaks from the new Cheese Series just tempts both the eyes and palate. What's you mood today? In a decadently sweet groove? The Red Velvet Cheese is the perfect pick. Mildly sharp yet sweet with a delicately balanced finish? The Matcha Cheese is the one for you. Looking for comfortingly familiar local flavors? The Ube Cheese has your name on it. Did you say cookies? Then, look no more with the Oreo Cheese. Dessert you can drink with a bite? The Boba Cheese has you covered. Prices for the new Cheese Series start at P 155.

Packed in an elegant box, the new Cheese Series by Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt arrives...

Each variant has its own distinctive notes and colors and it's easy to spot the new flavors apart. The Red Velvet Cheese with its bright red streaks is the first one that catches the eye, with each sip delivering an indulgent sweetness made even richer by the cream cheese and tempered by the subtle fresh tartness of the all-natural yogurt. The Boba Cheese has a deep lingering sweetness pairing well with the cream cheese and yogurt blend along with its delectable and chewy bite.  

The Oreo Cheese brings a cookies and cream vibe with each sip, followed by the zesty hints of the yogurt and creamy richness of the cheese. The cookie crumbles add some texture and bursts of sweetness with each sip. If it's contrasting notes you're after, the Matcha Cheese brings its delicately balanced play with the sharpness of the green tea tempered by the cream cheese and yogurt combo.

The Ube Cheese is another flavorful match with the deep nutty sweetness of the local ube perfectly complemented by the cream cheese and yogurt in a complex yet seamless weave. And this one just fits my particular mood for the day. Each variant just works in its own unique way, and it's a reflection of the brand's continuous innovation with its product offerings.

Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt has much to celebrate with its milestone 100th store, and it doesn't end there. With its regular roll-out of new products, Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt offers even more reasons to visit one of their 100 branches around the country.

If you can't visit your nearest Koomi store, no worries. You can have it conveniently delivered via your favorite food delivery app like foodpanda, GrabFood, TokTokFood or PickARoo. What's your mood today? Make it a Koomi Day Everyday with the all-time bestsellers alongside the new Cheese Series and Koomi Froyo line now available at the Koomi store nearest you.

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