Thursday, September 29, 2022

Nacionale Bladeworks: The Cutting Edge in Your Kitchen

A clean cut, all the time. Real sharp knives for real sharp cooks. This is your cutting edge in the kitchen...

Nacionale Bladeworks brings the sharper edge to elevate your kitchen game with their meticulously crafted Japanese-style cutlery, the edge you need in the professional or home kitchen. For Ryan and Karen David, taking the cleaner, sharper cut is a passionate expression of their love for the high standards and fast-paced nature of the professional kitchen. Are you ready to elevate your kitchen game?

Packed in an elegant box, Nacionale Bladeworks makes a clear statement on the world-class quality of their masterfully crafted products. The wide range of top-tier kitchen knives inspired by the art of traditional Japanese bladesmiths and craftsmanship of independent local knifemakers are presented with a stunning and almost zen-like finish the minute you open the box... 

...from the contemporary handles down to the tip of the blade in an elegantly smooth and balanced design. Weaving both traditional techniques with the very latest innovations in metallurgy, each blade is an expression of precision and rugged beauty for the demands of any seasoned or aspiring chef.     

The value of any knife is in its sharpness, and the clean lines of each finely crafted product by Nacionale Bladeworks is seen right off the box. Make no mistake, this is a serious knife. The set includes the 215cm Chef's Knife designed for general use such as chopping and slicing while the smaller 165cm Petty Knife is an all-around, versatile and handy version of the Chef's Knife which can do most of the usual tasks on a smaller chopping board.

The cold steel teases the eyes with its lustrous sheen, ready to transform your own culinary journey with its bold yet delicately balanced feel. Built for the professional kitchen, these blades are more than ready to slice through any challenge. And even your home kitchen. Nacionale Bladeworks makes finely crafted knives accessible to more kitchen enthusiasts becoming an essential component in any culinary adventure.  

And Nacionale Bladeworks makes the cut. It's the sharper edge, delicately balanced for that clean precision in the kitchen that transforms your experience. It's been said that Japanese culinary masters believe that a chef's soul goes into the knife once its used. The weight and balance of the blade makes it easy to understand why. 

The brightly colored grip adds a modern feel to the collection, and Nacionale Bladeworks offers a wide range unique styles, materials and colors to fit your personality. Functional and customizable, the blade becomes one with your own distinct personality in the kitchen. 

The handle fits the hand like a glove, firm and secure making quick work on slicing and chopping tasks in any kitchen. It is, after all, designed for the modern kitchen. For a newbie like me who's never prepared a serious meal except straight from the can and never paid much attention to kitchen implements, the knives by Nacionale Bladeworks is a transformative experience.

Like a knife through butter in a literal and figurative sense, a slab of premium ribeye is effortlessly sliced and carved into strips with a gentle and single flowing motion. And you suddenly feel different in a good way, making each bite an extremely satisfying experience.

The clean slice and cut of the juicy steak showcases the precision and craftsmanship of the blade, and the beginning of a long-term relationship in a home kitchen now full of possibilities. 

Japanese tradition and the craftsmanship of local independent knifemakers blend in a seamless and delicately balanced blade, forged by fire and lavished with a passion expressed in a elegant yet pragmatic and functional style. Real sharp knives for real sharp chefs. That's Nacionale Bladeworks.  

For more on Nacionale Bladeworks, visit their website at on their extensive selection, FAQs and detailed instructions in knife care. You can also visit their FB Page and scroll through their IG Feed at and for more updates.

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