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Azuthai Thai Restaurant: First with the #ThaiSELECT Seal, First On Your List of Authentic Thai Cuisine Now Serving New Dishes

Since 2008, Azuthai Thai Restaurant has been top-of-mind when it comes to authentic Thai cuisine. It's no wonder that it's the first local restaurant to receive the coveted #ThaiSELECT seal from the Ministry of Commerce of the Royal Thai Government back in 2017. And now, Azuthai Thai Restaurant has new dishes for your next visit...

From their classic Crispy Catfish Salad to Bagoong Fried Rice, Pad Thai with Prawns and Massaman Lamb Curry, Azuthai Thai Restaurant remains at the top of your list for sumptuous and authentic Thai cuisine. One of the few and the very first local Thai restaurant with the prestigious #ThaiSELECT seal of authenticity from the Royal Thai Government, Azuthai Thai Restaurant continues to showcase homestyle Thai ingredients and recipes with their new dishes. Read on for a peek at Azuthai Thai Restaurant's new dishes...

The secret to longevity in a competitive culinary landscape? Authenticity. For more than fourteen years, Azuthai Thai Restaurant has endured with its homestyle and authentic Thai cuisine remaining one of the metro's very best Thai restaurants. The many lessons and challenges posed by the pandemic experience simply brought the message home with authenticity as the key differentiating driver for relevance in the cluttered F&B industry. This uncompromising commitment to authenticity continues with its lavish new dishes (for more on Azuthai Thai Restaurant, see my post Homestyle Thai Cuisine at Azuthai from way back in 2014).

From the same family behind established restaurants such as Milky Way Cafe, Cirkulo Restaurant and Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant managed by Chef J Gamboa (R), Azuthai Thai Restaurant has the notable distinction of being the very first local restaurant awarded the coveted #ThaiSELECT seal of authenticity. Thai Chef Watee (L) from Bangkok is at the helm of Azuthai Thai Restaurant's kitchen serving up homestyle Thai cuisine with the finest and freshest ingredients following authentic recipes. 

Start your authentic Thai dining experience at Azuthai Thai Restaurant with the specialty Thai Iced Tea (P 150), a soothing black tea sweetened with condensed milk for that indulgent creamy finish.

Other equally refreshing options include the Lemongrass Iced Tea (P 150) with its fresh and clean notes to open up the palate for the new dishes at Azuthai Thai Restaurant.

A pair of tasty starters from Chef Watee were served, starting with the Crispy Larb Moo, a crispy minced pork salad served with chili, roasted rice powder, kaffir lime leaves, fresh cucumber and string beans. The delectable crunch of the crispy pork releases rich flavors for a play on textures pairing well with the side of vegetables. The savory notes of the crispy pork are perfectly tempered by the soothing heat from the chilies and the subtle sweetness from the medley of fresh vegetables for balanced flavors. 

The Kai Jeaw Poo (P 895) is a classic Thai-style fluffy crab omelet generously filled with succulent lump crab meat with onions, soy sauce and served with a chili dipping sauce. The soft and fluffy omelet blends seamlessly with the crab meat delivering a rich briny sweetness with each slice and bite.  

The delicate notes of the crab meat comes through with a subtle yet sharp hint of onions. A dab of the chili sauce completes the flavors adding depth with a lingering heat. The freshness and quality of the ingredients becomes evident from the first bite, delivering clean and uncluttered flavors.

Extra rice? Absolutely. Take your pick from the Khao Pad Poo (P 795) or crab fried rice with crabmeat, eggs, oyster sauce and spring onions with its subtle and delicate sweetness...

...or the Khao Pad Tom Yum (P 595) or tom yum fried rice with prawns, nam prik pao chili paste, galangal, lemongrass and fresh coriander with bold, upfront flavors from the tom yum spices and herbs. Both rice dishes pair well with a variety of savory mains at Azuthai Thai Restaurant for a sumptuous and memorable feast.

Chef Watee then served the first of many savory dishes from the new menu at Azuthai Thai Restaurant...

...like the Gaeng Pet Phad Yang (P 695), a hearty roast duck red curry with sweet peppers, eggs, onions, pineapple, tomatoes and curry powder thickened with coconut milk. The roast duck is fork-tender delivering a flavorful burst of savory richness with just a hint of smokiness followed by the creamy yet punchy notes of the red curry. The roast duck is the star of the dish, ably supported by the cast of vegetables adding layers of equally rich notes and the red curry for that savory finish. 

The Gai Pad King (P 595) is a light dish of tender stir-fried chicken breast with ginger, mushrooms, sweet peppers and celery pairing well with the Crab Fried Rice or Tom Yum Fried Rice. Like most Thai dishes, the complex blend of flavors from the different ingredients and spices come together in a balanced and seamless weave.  

And my personal pick from the new menu at Azuthai Thai Restaurant...

...the Poo Nim Phat Pong Karee (P 995) or soft shelled crab draped in rich yellow curry with sweet peppers, onions, egg, curry powder and coconut milk. The yellow curry is rich without overwhelming the delicate notes of the soft shelled crab combining for sweet, savory and mildly spicy hints. The egg, sweet pepper and coconut milk add layers of distinct notes for that creamy finish. Just like the roast duck red curry, the yellow curry completes the complex flavors of the seafood dish. Enjoy this new dish with the Crab Fried Rice for a double dose of pure crab goodness.

But Chef Watee has even more dishes to share...

The Gaeng Hang Lay (P 895) or northern style pork curry is another savory number from the kitchen of Chef Watee at Azuthai Thai Restaurant. Slabs of fork-tender pork belly simmered in a thick and flavorful Hang Lay curry with garlic, peanuts and shallots demand an extra serving of rice. The thick curry adds deep nutty hints to complement the pork belly with the lingering notes of garlic cutting through the savory richness. It's a comforting meal with the garlic and peanuts conspiring together along with the curry base for intense flavors. And soon, one spoonful is quickly followed by another. That homestyle vibe Azuthai Thai Restaurant is known for comes through with this dish, 

The Kha Moo Tod Grob or Azuthai Baby Crispy Pata adds a festive vibe to your feast at Azuthai Thai Restaurant with crisp fried suckling pig leg served with red and green chili sauces. Deep-fried to a perfect and light crispness, the tender and juicy pork with a crisp layer of crackling is a welcome addition to the new menu that's perfect for sharing with family and friends.

The juicy pork delivers a subtle sweetness while the layer of crackling teases the palate. Paired with red and green chili sauces, a generous dab adds contrasting sweet and mildly spicy flavors with each bite. Here's one more dish to add to your must-try list at Azuthai Thai Restaurant

The Rat Na Seafood (P 695) with soft flat rice noodles simmered in a thick Thai gravy with fresh broccoli and soy bean paste loaded with prawns, squid and mussels is a comforting and satisfying option warming the palate with its fresh flavors. The thick gravy along with the sweetness of the fresh seafood combine for a hearty feast. Nothing like noods on a cloudy day. Or any day. Served in a clay pot, the rustic dish is consistent with the homestyle Thai cuisine of Azuthai Thai Restaurant. Chef Watee also offers a version with chicken, Rat Na Chicken (P 595).

The See Klong Ob Samunprai (P 1,095) or Thai style US Beef Short Ribs with garlic, lemongrass, coriander root and fried shallots is another personal pick. Tender and juicy with bold beefy notes, the garlic, lemongrass, coriander root and fried shallots add multiple layers of flavors to the dish. The new dishes at Azuthai Thai Restaurant are more than enough reasons to revisit one of the metro's best Thai dining destinations. 

And with the #ThaiSELECT seal from the Royal Thai Government, you're guaranteed nothing less than a legit Thai dining experience prepared by Chef Watee at Azuthai Thai Restaurant. It's what Azuthai Thai Restaurant has been doing since 2008.  

Dessert? The Mango Sticky Rice Ice Cream Sundae (P 350) with fresh and sweet mangoes over warm sticky rice topped with homemade mango ice cream, coconut cream and toasted rice is a creative spin on a traditional Thai dessert. It's also the perfect ending to a sumptuous Thai dining experience at Azuthai Thai Restaurant. Azuthai is open Mondays to Sundays from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm for lunch and 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm for dinner. See you at Azuthai...

Azuthai is located at the Ground Floor, Milky Way Building, 900 Arnaiz Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati. You can call 8817 6252, 8813 0671 and 0927 136 1306 for inquiries or check their FB Page, IG Feed and website at https://www.facebook.com/azuthairestaurant/https://www.instagram.com/azuthai_makati/ and https://www.azuthai.com/ for more updates.

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