Sunday, November 6, 2022

Long Night? Just Ice It With The Soothing Blends of Stay Up Espresso Bar

It's one of those nights when you need a soothing pick me up to last the marathon. Rest easy, and just ice it with the selection of bold espresso brews from Stay Up Espresso Bar...

No Sleep. Woke. Wide Awake. And Up All Night. When you have a long night ahead, just open up a cold brew from Stay Up Espresso Bar and ice it. Now with three branches in Las PiƱas, Katipunan and the newest at Kapitolyo, you're never too far from the refreshing coffee offerings of Stay Up Espresso Bar for those nights when you need a bold blend to keep you up and alert all night long.

With four blends to choose from made with premium beans sourced from Brazil, Indonesia and even Sultan Kudarat down south, Stay Up Espresso Bar has just what you need for that much needed caffeine fix. And that all-nighter. 

The local coffee culture continues to grow with the entry fresh and new players in the category offering coffee lovers even more options. The aptly named flavorful quartet of No Sleep, Woke, Wide Awake and Up All Night by Stay Up Espresso Bar offers refreshing and distinct notes soothing both the mind and palate with each sip. 

Blended with creamy milk, the rich and deep notes of the premium coffee of the No Sleep, Woke and Up All Night variants cuts through the milky richness for that balanced finish while the Wide Awake blend brings pure caramel-like nutty hints with just a hint of sweetness. Each sip brings layers of flavors draping the palate with a calming richness. The premium coffee beans make all the difference.  

An ice-cold glass and soothing sips, and you're more than ready for the long night ahead with the refreshing quartet of No Sleep, Woke, Up All Night and Wide Awake by Stay Up Espresso Bar

When you're up for an all-nighter, just add ice and pour the refreshing brews from Stay Up Espresso Bar. Simple, easy without the fuss. It really doesn't have to be complicated when faced with the prospects of a long night ahead. 

Available for delivery, order up your stash of refreshing coffee blends ahead of your all-nighter from one of three branches of Stay Up Espresso Bar for delivery. Simply click on the link below for your caffeine fix. Long night ahead? Just ice it. 

For more on the full selection of Stay Up Espresso Bar, visit their FB Page at for inquiries and updates.

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