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Ice Cream Cakes and Chilly Burgers for the Holidays: Sebastian's Ice Cream Unveils its 2022 Christmas Collection

The world's longest holiday season gets into high gear with the introduction of Christmas-themed offerings adding a festive vibe for the most anticipated time of the year. Sebastian's Ice Cream joins the holiday fray with the introduction of indulgent new ice cream cakes and Chilly Burgers for memorable Yuletide feasts with the family.  

A decadent selection of Ice Cream Cakes inspired by traditional Filipino flavors and Crinkle Chilly Burgers with indulgent ice cream sandwiched between two moist Crinkles sprinkled with powdered sugar are the lavish entries for the holidays from one of the metro's ice cream wizards, Sebastian's Ice Cream. Comfortingly nostalgic local flavors weave alongside classic ice cream creations for dessert lovers this holiday season in a variety of tempting options. Meet the 2022 Christmas Collection from Sebastian's Ice Cream...

Ever since I first experienced Sebastian's Ice Cream more than four years ago, I knew then that the playfully inventive flavor combinations like Sapin-Sapin, Green Mango & Bagoong, Champorado at Dilis and Unresolved Issues made with bitter gourd was a sign of even better things yet to come (more on that first experience on my blog post, Fast-Forward to Summer with Sebastian's Ice Cream from 2018). 

Daring and innovative, Sebastian's Ice Cream continues to blaze new trails with his amazing ice cream (see more on my posts, Closure, Unresolved Issues, Matinong Girlfriend and Matinong Boyfriend: Meet the 2020 Valentine's Collection of Sebastian's Ice Cream from two years back, Forget the Spoon. Enjoy Ice Cream in a Fun New Way with Poppits in a Pint by Sebastian's Ice Cream on their novel bite-sized ice cream nuggets from early this year, Strawberries n' Ice Cream: Meet the New Strawberry Summer Collection from Sebastian's Ice CreamSummer Ain't Over Yet: The New Fruitsicle Frozen Fruit Ice Pops by Sebastian's Ice CreamA Rainbow of Flavors: Sebastian's Ice Cream Presents Pride Pops and the Rainbow Ice Cream Cake for Pride MonthIt's Avocado August at Sebastian's Ice Cream and American Classics and Pinoy Favorites Poppit Pint Mix: Let The Good Times Roll with Fourteen Awesome New Flavors by Sebastian's Ice Cream on their non-stop parade of innovative and sinfully indulgent seasonal ice cream creations). Each new seasonal offering provides a unique insight on the unconventional creative mind behind Sebastian's Ice Cream. And Sebastian's Ice Cream isn't done with the year just yet.

This Christmas, Sebastian's Ice Cream takes it up a notch to cap the year with a bang with yet another collection featuring Ice Cream Cakes with a nostalgic and timely local spin just in time for the festive season plus Chilly Burgers too...

Continuous innovation is more than just a philosophy at Sebastian's Ice Cream, it's routinely factored in the timetable for that constant flow of exciting new variants. This Christmas is no different, with the introduction of four Ice Cream Cake creations from Sebastian's Ice Cream guaranteed to delight and warm your palate with its nostalgic holiday theme.

Since its impressive debut last year, the Bibingka Supreme Ice Cream Cake with real bibingka and the brand's signature ice cream made a lasting impression among countless fans. The unique creation returns this year to delight ice cream lovers one more time. 

Taking the cue from the local delicacy, Sebastian's Ice Cream transforms the traditional bibingka with the brand's whimsical flair for the lavish Bibinka Supreme Ice Cream Cake. Layers of Keso Ice Cream, Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream from real salted duck eggs and freshly baked bibingka made with rice flour topped with more salted duck eggs, cheese and grated coconut combine for familiar flavors reimagined by Sebastian's Ice Cream. The Bibingka Supreme Ice Cream Cake offers contrasting textures and flavors from the bibingka and ice cream along with the toppings for sweet and mildly salty notes in an elegant and smooth finish. Bibingka for the holidays is tradition. But you enjoy the very same flavors in a new and indulgent form with the Bibingka Supreme Ice Cream Cake by Sebastian's Ice Cream.  

The Bibingka Supreme Ice Cream Cake is joined by a trio of equally decadent creations inspired by local flavors, like the new Sapin-Sapin Special. The local kakanin is reinvented by Sebastian's Ice Cream with layers of freshly-baked Kutsinta Cake infused with pandan, silky smooth Gata Kakanin Ice Cream, Langka Cake with fresh jackfruit and Ube Kakanin Ice Cream topped with toasted latik and grated coconut. The flavors of the cakes made with rice flour to recreate the same familiar notes of the traditional local staple while the layers of ice cream are made richer blended with malagkit or sticky rice.

Each bite brings the familiar notes of bibingka to the palate with hints of pandan and the distinct sweetness of langka smoothened by the richness of the Gata Kakanin Ice Cream and Ube Kakanin Ice Cream for a festive burst of flavors with each slice. It's these ingredients that deliver the nostalgic notes of the local sapin-sapin, tediously recreated in frozen form by Sebastian's Ice Cream

A closer look reveals the complex layers combining a variety of flavors and textural contrasts in a smooth and elegant weave just like the local sapin-sapin. The latik and grated coconut completes the flavors.

The colors tease the eye before the palate, and one bite seals the deal with its medley of lingering flavors for that holiday vibe. It's sapin-sapin with a luxurious spin that can only come from Sebastian's Ice Cream.

The traditional puto bumbong adds to the holiday vibe of the 2022 Christmas Collection of Sebastian's Ice Cream with the new Puto Bumbong Deluxe, another elegantly layered creation with Puto Bumbong Kakanin Ice Cream, Muscovado Ice Cream and freshly-baked Puto Bumbong Cake made with rice flour, margarine and muscovado sugar topped with grated coconut and chunks of muscovado toffee crisps. 

The different components of the Puto Bumbong Deluxe combine for another masterfully executed expression of local flavors and pure frozen indulgence. The rich, deep and sweet notes of muscovado add depth to the flavors of the Puto Bumbong Deluxe while the layers of ice cream and cake ties everything together in a balanced blend. But it's the toppings of grated coconut and muscovado toffee crisps that complete the play on flavors and textures. The Puto Bumbong Deluxe and Bibingka Supreme Ice Cream Cake may the dessert combo you're looking for this Christmas. After all, puto bumbong is best paired with bibingka this holiday season. 

In contrast, the luscious smooth textures and finish of the local custard takes the spotlight with the new Leche Flan Torte by Sebastian's Ice Cream. A rich butter cake infused with orange zest and diced almonds is the flavorful base topped with a smooth layer of Leche Flan Ice Cream made with real leche flan blended for that indulgent custard base and transformed into ice cream and for that final touch, the stacked frozen dessert is crowned by leche flan for the real deal. 

That's three desserts in one decadent ice cream cake. Cake, ice cream and leche flan, it's a dessert trifecta for the holidays. The dense and rich butter cake, custard ice cream and leche flan combine for another inventive spin on a local staple, refined with an elegant smooth finish in the signature style of Sebastian's Ice Cream.

Four unique and creative expressions of local holiday flavor traditions, updated and redefined by Sebastian's Ice Cream...

...with the Bibingka Supreme (P 1,750 Whole/P 165 Slice), Puto Bumbong Deluxe (P 1,650 Whole/P 155 Slice), Sapin Sapin Special (P 1,650 Whole/P 155 Slice) and Leche Flan Torte (P 1,750 Whole/P 165 Slice). And that's just one part of the 2022 Christmas Collection by Sebastian's Ice Cream...

The 2022 Christmas Collection includes a new line of Chilly Burgers, the Crinkle Chilly Burger. The season of giving may have catapulted the popularity of Crinkles as a holiday staple and its association with Christmas, and Sebastian's Ice Cream sees a creative opportunity to complement its line-up. But how do you create Crinkles that are thin enough for use as a sandwich yet soft even when frozen? Long hours in R&D seemed to have paid off, and Sebastian's Ice Cream has another set of winners with the new selection of Crinkles Chilly Burgers.

Using Chocolate Crinkles instead of the usual Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sebastian's Ice Cream reinforces the holiday vibe dusted with powdered sugar. The popular White Chocolate Crinkle and Peppermint Crinkle are back at Sebastian's Ice Cream, joined by the new Hazelnut Crinkle filled with Nutella Ice Cream

And the Chocolate Crinkle becomes a perfect base for the new line of Chilly Burgers by Sebastian's Ice Cream. From its unique texture to its sweetness, it's a match with a limitless variety of ice cream flavors. And that's more than enough for Sebastian's Ice Cream to create three new variants with a local twist for the 2022 Christmas Collection...

Sebastian's Ice Cream introduces the Ube Crinkle Chilly Burger with soft purple ube cookies made with Ube Halaya and filled with local ice cream flavors. It's another playfully inventive take on Filipino flavors with three interesting and decadent flavor variations... 

...the Ube Keso Crinkle with Cheese Ice Cream and rolled in grated cheese, the Ube Buko Crinkle with Coconut Ice Cream rolled in grated coconut and the Ube Leche Flan Crinkle with Leche Flan Ice Cream made from real leche flan. The deep, nutty sweet notes of ube adds that local element to the unique ice cream creation while the flavors of the ice cream filling brings familiar flavors from countless childhood summers.

With three new flavors in its line-up, the Chilly Burgers by Sebastian's Ice Cream presents one more brilliant solution to satisfy your ice cream cravings for the holidays. And the combination of flavors works so well, with the cheese, coconut and leche flan adding its own distinct notes to the mix. So stack it up and order all six for that festive holiday vibe.

The Ube Crinkle cookie base becomes an equally indulgent option to the Chilly Burger line-up of Sebastian's Ice Cream, holding up well all the way to the last bite with its lightly crisp texture. 

The thick, dense and silky smooth ice cream brings everything together, releasing rich flavors as it slowly melts on the palate. From its unconventional flavors to innovative expressions of pure ice cream indulgence, Sebastian's Ice Cream remains on top of its game this holiday season. The Crinkle Chili Burgers are priced at P 145 per piece, and also available in 5-piece Gift Boxes with holiday wrapping and card for P 700 (available at their online store, simply hit the links below).

Any Christmas feast just isn't complete without ice cream. Let Sebastian's Ice Cream change your ice cream game this holiday season with their 2022 Christmas Collection. And make your celebration even more memorable with the new Ice Cream Cakes and Chilly Burgers. Now available for pick-up and delivery via their online store at and The Podium store. 

For more information on Sebastian's Ice Cream, visit their website and online store at for orders, pick-up and delivery. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates and view the entire range of frozen offerings.

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