Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Authentic Thai Flavors and the World's Best Noodle Dish Comes To Ortigas with the Opening of Greyhound Cafe at The Podium

Finally, authentic Thai cuisine comes closer to your 'hood at Greyhound Cafe's newest branch now open at The Podium...

Greyhound Cafe brings its modern spin to traditional Thai cuisine at The Podium, now with three branches in the metro including SM Aura Premier and SM Mall of Asia with a fourth soon on the pipeline. And with the recent recognition by TasteAtlas for Khao Soi as the world's best noodle dish, diners at the newest branch of Greyhound Cafe in The Podium will have a special treat. Enjoy a hearty serving of rich, creamy and savory Beef Khao Soi exclusively at The Podium branch of Greyhound Cafe. Plus traditional Boat Noodles and comforting Tom Yum only at The Podium. Now that's a good reason to visit the newest branch of Greyhound Cafe (for more on Greyhound Cafe, see my earlier post Born in Bangkok: Greyhound Cafe Comes to Manila at SM Aura Premier from May this year).

Located at the Ground Floor of The Podium, the third and newest branch of Greyhound Cafe offers two floors for more seating options. Awarded the #ThaiSELECT seal by the Royal Thai Government for authenticity, Greyhound Cafe draws inspiration from classic Thai flavors infusing a contemporary spin for "modern Thai food with a twist." For those living in this part of the metro, you no longer have to drive far down south for an authentic taste of Thai cuisine. Greyhound Cafe is now in your 'hood at The Podium.

Once seated, order up your starters like the crisp and savory GHC Seafood Spring Rolls (P 550) filled with succulent scallops, shrimps, squid and asparagus served with garden-fresh and crisp greens to wrap it with and a tart sweet and sour sauce...

...and the signature Greyhound Famous Chicken Wings (P 390) with its contrasting juicy and crisp textures. Marinated in fish sauce for that tasty layer of flavor, the single-bone wings are then deep-fried for that delectable crisp and juicy golden brown finish. And once you start with one piece, well you know the rest...

At Greyhound Cafe, even their specialty beverage selection teases the eyes before the palate like the colorful and refreshing Pink Journey (P 300) with its soothing layered blend of apple juice, strawberry and lime juice combining for fresh, clean and tart notes. 

Craving for bolder yet soothing notes? The Thai Iced Coffee (P 250) sweetened with condensed milk always hits the spot before the savory main courses. 

And here's some even cooler news for those living near the Ortigas area. Exclusive to the newest branch of Greyhound Cafe at The Podium, three new dishes will be served... 

...starting with the traditional Tom Yum loaded with a variety of savory toppings in a tart broth... 

...and the Classic Boat Noodles made richer with pig's blood and topped with an assortment of savory balls and crunchy chicharon for contrasting flavors and textures. Both dishes take inspiration from the floating markets of Thailand, reinterpreted with a modern vibe at Greyhound Cafe. And the flavors are fresh and bold, draping the palate with a lingering richness after each sip. 

But it's the much talked about Beef Khao Soi that has you all giddy and excited. Why? Recently, the website TasteAtlas ranked the Thai classic Khao Soi as the Best Noodle Dish in the World. To celebrate this recognition, Greyhound Cafe will be offering the dish exclusively at it newest branch in The Podium along with the Classic Boat Noodles and Tom Yum

Greyhound Cafe's version of the world's best noodle dish ranked by TasteAtlas includes fork-tender braised beef and crisp egg noodles with sour and tart notes from lime and pickled vegetables cutting through the rich broth. The hearty Northern Thai curry broth is made even richer with coconut cream for that lavish and smooth finish tempered by the subtle heat from the chilies, the lime and pickled vegetables. 

World's best noodle dish? The complexity of flavors, the rich savory texture of the broth with the crunchy noodles and tender braised beef along with the fresh condiments bring layers of intense notes with each sip. That, in my book at least, makes it the world's best. And Greyhound Cafe does an impressive job with its version of Khao Soi. If you want to try what's currently ranked as the world's best noodle dish, you'll find it exclusively at The Podium branch of Greyhound Cafe.   

Then, there's the Crispy Pork Knuckle with Chili Paste (P 1,400) in case you're still hungry...

Greyhound Cafe takes German style braised pork leg marinated in Thai herbs and deep-fried to juicy and crisp perfection. The mildly sweet and spicy Tamarind Chili Paste, Jaew Sauce and Sticky Rice served in a basket competes the dish.  

It's the textural contrasts that makes the dish, with juicy pork capped by a delicately crisp layer of crackling that will have you going for another bite. The Tamarind Chili Paste and Pickled Vegetables are the perfect sides to balance the savory richness of the pork.

For dessert, the indulgent Banoffee (P 275) in a jar with Oreo crust, sea salt caramel, sweet bananas and silky smooth fresh vanilla cream ends your Thai feast at Greyhound Cafe on a high note. 

If you still have that lingering caffeine craving, the Espresso Float (P 260) with a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with Ferrero Rocher is my personal pick.

The bold notes of the espresso are smoothened and tempered by the vanilla ice cream for that perfectly balanced finish. And the icing on the cake? That's the Ferrero Rocher on the Espresso Float. It just doesn't get better than that.

Now with branches in SM Aura Premier, SM Mall of Asia and The Podium, Greyhound Cafe is now in your 'hood for a taste of authentic "modern Thai food with a twist." And along with the Classic Boat Noodles and Tom Yum, you'll find the world's best noodle dish ranked by TasteAtlas, the rich and savory Beef Khao Soi, exclusive to the menu at Greyhound Cafe in The Podium

Greyhound Cafe is located at the Ground Floor of The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong. You can also visit their website at https://greyhoundcafe.com.ph/ and FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/greyhoundcafephilippines for more information and updates. 

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