Saturday, November 5, 2022

Sweet and Savory Indulgence. Meet The New and Decadent Truffle Butter with Candied Bacon Bibingka by Bibingka Manila

There are certain flavors that just warms the palate all year long like the deep nutty notes and creamy richness of truffle butter, the sharpness of Parmesan and the savory, mildly smoky hints of bacon. This holiday season, enjoy all these indulgent flavors in one of the most inventive and elegant spins on a classic local delicacy...

Truffle butter, Parmesan and bacon come together for a sweet and savory blend following an impressive line-up bannered by their Original with Salted Egg & Cheese, Ube & Cheese and Suman Latik variants. Bibingka Manila unveils yet another unique creation combining the lavish trifecta of truffle butter, Parmesan and bacon with the new Truffle Butter with Candied Bacon Bibingka just in time for the holidays. Read on for a closer look at the latest creation from Bibingka Manila and jumpstart the festive holiday season...

You can enjoy the classic baked rice cake any time of year, but it just seems so much tastier and so right during the holidays. Bibingka Manila takes the comfortingly familiar delicacy and elevates it with their modern and contemporary twist with the Truffle Butter with Candied Bacon Bibingka as their latest fresh-baked masterpiece. And they've been reinventing the popular staple with their playfully inventive flavor pairings right from the start for a refreshingly new dessert experience.

The local delicacy made from rice is an enduring tradition marking the start of the longest holiday season in the world. And Bibingka Manila takes it a step further with its innovative blend of both tradition and the contemporary with each new variant. 

Pull out your Christmas list for the season of giving, Bibingka Manila has just what you're looking for conveniently packed in attractive boxes. Available in Boxes of 6, 9 and 15, Bibingka Manila now offers four tempting variants plus two combination options for that bibingka craving that's bound to strike as the holidays near. From their traditional Original with Salted Egg & Cheese to Ube & Cheese and Suman Latik, Bibingka Manila explores a novel sweet and savory pairing reimagined with the new Truffle Butter with Candied Bacon Bibingka

The Truffle Butter with Candied Bacon Bibingka (P 480 Box of 6/P 700 Box of 9/P 1,400 Box of 15) is the perfect gift for the holidays elegantly packed in a box for comfortingly familiar flavors yet uniquely and refreshingly different. Once you open the box, the subtle fragrant aroma from the traditional banana leaves pulls you in for a bite delivering indulgent layers of richness you just won't find any where else except at Bibingka Manila

Once you've crossed out your gift-giving list, reward yourself with a box or two of the new Truffle Butter with Candied Bacon Bibingka. Soft and fluffy yet moist and dense, Bibingka Manila has perfected the local rice cake delicacy down to the banana leaf lining at the base. It's the perfect vessel for limitless flavor combinations like truffle butter, truffle Parmesan and candied bacon. 

Each bite is a delectable play on textural contrasts and tasty notes delivering a solid flavorful punch. From the soft and moist bibingka to the indulgent and creamy truffle butter, the subtle yet pronounced sharpness of the truffle Parmesan and the crunch and bold savory flavors of the delicately crisp candied bacon, the new Truffle Butter with Candied Bacon Bibingka by Bibingka Manila drapes the palate with a flavorful weave in a seamless and perfectly balanced finish. 

Sweet, mildly salty, moist and crunchy with the deep notes of truffle, the new Truffle Butter with Candied Bacon Bibingka is probably the most indulgent expression of the beloved local delicacy to date. Each distinct flavor complements the other, rounded out by the lingering richness of the prized truffle for a festive burst of decadent notes. 

Best enjoyed warm, simply pop the Truffle Butter with Candied Bacon Bibingka in the microwave or oven toaster for 20-30 seconds on medium heat. Then, spread the melted butter on top and enjoy. You'll find yourself repeating the process a number of times, with one bite leading to another. 

Nostalgic yet refreshingly different, it's the flavors of the holidays masterfully recreated by Bibingka Manila

Good food often triggers memories and emotions transporting you back to a time and place, and Bibingka Manila takes you there with one big bite of the new Truffle Butter Bibingka with Candied Bacon. Place your orders early with Bibingka Manila via their FB Page at or call 0995 159 3990 and beat the holiday rush. And don't forget to gift yourself with a box or two...

For more on Bibingka Manila, visit their FB Page at and website at for updates or call 0995 159 3990 for orders and inquiries. 

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