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Unwind and Chill with Soothing Cocktails and Sumptuous Latin Flavors at MamSer in UNWND Boutique Hotel Makati

Spice up your Poblacion experience with the fresh, vibrant and soothing Latin vibe. Say hello to MamSer at UNWND Boutique Hotel Makati...

The eclectic Makati neighborhood adds yet another dining experience to your long list of options with hearty and authentic Latin cuisine paired with handcrafted libations at MamSer in UNWND Boutique Hotel Makati. Known for its vibrant nightlife, the infusion of authentic Latin flavors is a welcome addition to the complex weave of culinary offerings at Poblacion. Tucked away in the narrow streets of the cool Bohemian 'hood, it's time to say hello to the wittingly named MamSer and indulge in its extensive array of hearty Latin-inspired dishes...

It's not hard to find the modern boutique hotel property along General Luna Street in Poblacion, you'll spot in on the left side coming from Makati or Kalayaan Avenue before Makati Elementary School. UNWND Boutique Hotel Makati is part of an extensive network with locations in Calatagan and Caticlan offering a home away from home experience in a casual and chill setting. 

And you'll also find authentic Latin cuisine paired with refreshing cocktails right here in UNWND Boutique Hotel Makati at MamSer. The culinary landscape at the 'hood continues to evolve with the opening of new dining establishments adding to its colorful tapestry of diverse flavors proving once again that there's always something new to discover and experience at Poblacion. Araw Hospitality, the group behind UNWND properties, felt the time was right to offer another flavorful slice of the world this time from Latin America.  

Inside UNWND Boutique Hotel Makati, a relaxed and casual laid-back vibe acquaints you with the property's distinct brand of chill. And this is carried over to their menu of Latin dishes... 

...with its unique kind of soul food that's comfortingly familiar yet refreshingly different. While a shared history and culinary heritage from the colonial experience offers some flavorful cues, Latin cuisine is by itself a whole new dining experience meant to be savored with friends without the rush. And MamSer is the perfect setting for a whole lot of good vibes and rich flavors. 

A tipple before the Latin feast gets you in the right groove...

...starting with the signature libation, The MamSer. The indulgent sweet blend of dulce de leche infused vodka, ube cream, salted caramel and condensed milk conspire for a smooth yet naughty tipple to open up the palate before the Latin feast. 

Sweet, smooth and easy, The MamSer gently eases you into that spirited Latin vibe at MamSer. Garnished with sweet caramelized bananas, The MamSer offers a decadent start to your Latin experience at MamSer

Classic South American cocktails like the Pisco Sour add to the distinct Latin vibe at MamSer with its refreshing tartness from its blend of Pisco brandy, lime juice and bitters...

...while the Caipirinha with Cachaca 51 or sugar cane liquor, brown sugar, soda and lime takes you to far-off Brazil with each soothing sip. One more round and a different kind of beat takes over. Welcome to MamSer.

The Beat The Heat cools you down with its blend of vodka, dalandan, cranberry, lime juice, bitters, syrup and just a pinch of salt to release the intense yet refreshing notes in a thirst-quenching concoction that's easy and light on the palate. 

Adequately fueled by endless rounds of libations from the bar at MamSer, test your skills on the pitch and kickstart the World Cup fever. Football fans will be glad to know that UNWND Boutique Hotel Makati will be airing the live games starting November 20 at 10:30 pm, so book your table and enjoy cool deals on beer and cocktails along with tasty bites from the bar chow menu.  

Now that you've worked up an appetite, the Latin feast at MamSer begins...

...starting with the Patacones (P 250), deep-fried saba pressed flat served with a side of chimichurri sauce. The deep nutty notes of chimichurri adds a tasty layer to the sweet local plantain. The contrasting sweet, salty and savory notes and delectable textures tease the palate for that first deep dive into Latin flavors. 

The lingering yet soothing heat and briny sweetness of the Ceviche (P 320) with white snapper fish cured in yellow pepper vinegar mixed with crunchy Cornicks and drizzled with Pisco brandy delivers fresh and clean flavors and another inventive play on textural contrasts pairing well with your cocktail. The spicy hints from the fresh chilies add a flavorful depth with each bite, perfectly finished by the sour notes of the yellow pepper vinegar and Pisco brandy. The addition of Cornicks is pure genius. 

Fork-tender and savory pork knuckles gently stewed and simmered with bacon, chorizo and pork belly in thick black bean sauce brings full-on flavors to the palate. The Fejoada Brazil (P 610) is a comforting dish with the subtle sweetness of tender pork and black beans laying the foundation for its savory base kicked up by the mildly sharp notes of the chorizo and bacon. 

The multiple layers of flavors from the pork, chorizo, bacon and black beans combine for an unrestrained savory richness and a taste of Brazil in Poblacion. Best paired with steamed white rice, the Fejoada Brazil at MamSer is a serious meal in itself guaranteed to satisfy any appetite. 

In between bites, enjoy the soft and crisp Coxinha (P 300) with deep fried dough stuffed with a creamy chicken filling and served with the signature UNWND Sauce. The delicate crispness and soft tasty bites are given that perfect silky smooth finish by the creamy sauce, completing your round of starters at MamSer.

Other tasty small plates at MamSer include the Cuban Corn (P 350), Pastel de Jaiba (P 400), Calamari (P 380), Garlic Scampi (P 340) and Baked Mussels (P 500). Sandwiches? MamSer has that covered too with their Choripan (P 420), Torta Cubana (P 590), Vegetarian Cubana (P 560) and Porchetta Sandwich (P 580).

Fork-tender beef is a mainstay of Latin cuisine, and MamSer serves up another flavorful snapshot of Latin flavors with the Ropa Vieja (P 490). Hand-pulled strands of beef simmered in tomato sauce and served over patacones brings sweet and savory notes in another play on contrasting notes. 

Rich, clean and deep flavors, a bite of tender beef followed by the patacones completes the experience. 

The day's freshest catch is then served next with the Pescado a lo Macho (P 580), a fully loaded with with pan-fried fish fillet, squid, clams and succulent mussels in a wine and yellow pepper sauce.

The briny sweetness and clean, uncluttered flavors of the medley of fresh seafood are perfectly complemented by the light yet flavorful wine and yellow pepper sauce. For those looking for a fresh seafood option, this one hits the spot. 

The Lomo Soltado (P 440) is a uniquely Latin spin on beef and potatoes with sautéed strips of beef tenderloin with onions and tomatoes mixed with spiced fries. A bite of the fries releases a burst of savory notes from the sauce, completed by the robust flavors of the beef.

Beef and potatoes are always a winning combo, but add a dash of vibrant Latin soul with tomatoes and onions and you'll soon be going for another bite. Simple yet hearty and comforting, it's flavors like these that adds to the chill vibe at MamSer

One more round of Caipirinha? Yes, please...

The Latin fiesta of flavors continues at MamSer with one more savory dish...

...with the Aji de Galina (P 440), a tasty chicken course with tender fillet stewed in yellow pepper sauce and black olives topped with egg. The bold and punchy flavors of the yellow pepper sauce becomes a recurring theme in the menu, pairing well with a variety of meats and seafood. 

The gentle notes of the tender chicken are kicked up by the yellow pepper sauce without overwhelming its delicate flavors followed by the sharpness of black olives. The complex yet delicately balanced play on flavors makes this a perfect introduction to Latin flavors, draping the palate with a lingering richness in every bite.

Other equally tempting savory courses include the Arroz Con Pollo (P 470), Chicken Mole (P 400), Pollo Encachuetado (P 420), Frango Acebolado (P 480), Argentinian Aglio e Olio (P 390) with chili flakes and salsa verde and Beef Churrasco (P 500).

For dessert, MamSer caps your lavish Latin feast with an indulgent trifecta of Alfajores or lemon flavored cookies with dulce de leche filling dipped in dark chocolate, the Bunuelos or deep-fried dough filled with cheese served with chocolate dip and the Brigadeiro Bonbon with its sinful mixture of condensed milk and cocoa powder formed into decadent bite-sized balls sprinkled with roasted sliced almonds or desiccated coconut. Dessert and sweet endings just doesn't get better than that.

A freshly brewed cup of coffee allows you get back in that chill vibe and you're in the right place at MamSer in UNWND Boutique Hotel Makati.

If you can spare the time, head up the roof deck and imagine yourself in the hot tub... 

...or spend happy hour just before sunset with its shifting light revealing yet another side to the many faces of Poblacion. This may also be the perfect hidden spot for intimate gatherings and if that sparks a few ideas, give UNWND Boutique Hotel Makati a call or send a DM. 

Can you already picture yourself with some friends in this cozy spot?

With its wide diversity and eclectic mix of dining options plus always lively nightlife, Poblacion continues to charm and captivate its loyal crowd. And with so many establishments adding to the already colorful weave of the 'hood, your list of options just got longer. And more interesting. Experience the unique brand of chill at UNWND Boutique Hotel Makati along with hearty Latin flavors and refreshing cocktails at MamSer in Poblacion... 

...and just unwind. When you're looking for a refreshing change of pace and sumptuous Latin flavors, simply head on down to General Luna Street for that much needed break at UNWND Boutique Hotel Makati. And some tasty bites and a round of libations too. Say hello to MamSer.

MamSer is located at the Ground Floor of UNWND Poblacion, 5396 Geberal Luna, Makati, Metro Manila. Call 0917 532 2424 for inquiries or visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/unwndmakati/ for more updates.

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