Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Holy Grail and Twist and Stout at The Perfect Pint

A deep, golden hued Double IPA, and dark stout with chocolate...a classic signature craft beer and an exciting and inventive new brew. At The Perfect Pint, there's always something brewing...

Almost a year after it opened, The Perfect Pint continues to live up to its chosen advocacy serving the very best premium local craft brews as well as supporting the local artisan brewing community. The Perfect Pint's creative and playful seasonal brews are more than enough reasons to visit and discover a new flavor experience, or simply rediscovering the signature brews on tap. And you can always find that perfect pint at The Perfect Pint to make any day even better. And that day, The Perfect Pint had a new brew with a cool chocolate twist...

The Perfect Pint not only offers the finest local craft artisan beer on tap, it brews its own limited batch craft beer as well, one of the few establishments that can rightfully claim this. And Alec Tempongko (R), one of the partners at The Perfect Pint, makes sure their signature brews are always available at The Perfect Pint. 

And what goes well with a fresh pint of craft beer? Sausages. The Perfect Pint's Sausage Platter (P 650) pairs well with a Pale Ale or a Double IPA, served with crisp, seasoned fries, hot mustard and house pickles.

Each sausage variety is richly spiced, with bold and flavor-forward notes, perfect for washing down with a refreshing and crisp IPA for a balanced flavor experience. Each sausage brings different flavors, with distinct spice blends making each bite new and refreshing. Dab some hot mustard to complete the flavors and finish it off with the soothing sharpness of the house pickles.

Pair your Sausage Platter with The Perfect Pint's signature home-brewed craft beer, The Holy Grail (P 350-400ml), a robust and intense double India Pale Ale with a more pronounced flavor of hops that perfectly tempers the equally rich notes of the sausages, or any pork dish like bacon. The deep hues of The Holy Grail is a visual cue to the intensely flavored craft beer, with the hops bringing out the flavors of the sausages while cleansing your palate, balancing the lingering richness of the sausages. It's a great introductory craft beer to start you on your journey of local artisan brews.

But there's one more craft brew that got my attention, with a quirky name and the Fab Four as its logo...'s The Perfect Pint's and Alec Tempongko's newest seasonal brew, the wittingly-named Twist and Stout. The blend of roasted malt and cocoa give it a bold yet refreshing flavor with just a whisper of sweetness to contrast with a subtle layer of bitter richness from the hops. This cool new brew should pair well with the heavier meat dishes, or even dessert or oysters at The Perfect Pint. It's a great beer to cap another perfect day at The Perfect Pint. You just never know what new seasonal craft beer is on tap, and that's what makes The Perfect Pint special. Have a pint by the bar, and have a chat with Alec Tempongko to find out what else is brewing at The Perfect Pint. And make an ordinary day even better, at The Perfect Pint. For more on craft beer and cool pub grub at The Perfect Pint, check out my previous post on seafood and beer here at, for even more more cool grub paired with dark beer, see my other post here at, and inventive and creative beer pairings with specially curated dishes here at

The Perfect Pint is located at the Second Floor of the Crossroads Building (across MC Home Depot), 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 823-1320 for inquiries and reservations.

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