Friday, November 8, 2013

A Ribeye Dinner At Stockton Place

One bite and I knew...probably the best ribeye I've had yet. 

Located in the middle of a busy business district, Stockton Place may be a new entry in Makati's competitive culinary landscape, but the dishes stand out with its unique and fresh approach to flavors.

A cozy palette of white tones and light shades give Stockton Place a clean, warm and rustic feel, yet one can sense a cool and modern vibe. And this is evident in the dishes served at Stockton Place, where familiar dishes are given bold flavors and elegantly plated for a unique dining experience. Open Mondays to Saturdays and only for dinner, it's a good move to call ahead for a reservation. 

The dinner menu at Stockton Place fits one page, listing seven dishes for starters, five for mains, and five for desserts, which may seem limited. But each dish is a well-thought and conceived dish, and an indication of the kitchen's commitment to serve only the very best. Start your dinner with the signature Foie Gras Salad (P 450), mixed greens with pickled cocktail onions and peanut puree topped with shavings of foie gras. The peanut puree, pickled onions and foie gras provide a complex blend of flavors, and indication of the bold and modern approach to flavors at Stockton Place. Simple dishes with the best ingredients, works all the time.  

For the mains, Stockton Place offers an elegant and comforting pork belly dish given a flavorful twist with the kitchen's creative flair for combining different flavors. The Crispy Pork Belly (P 650), a thick slab of pure pork bliss on cherry pork sauce, onion puree and pommery mashed potatoes, elegantly plated with swirls of colors and flavors.

The slab of pork belly is soft and tender, with a nice layer of crispness for that familiar crunch. Slide a piece of pork belly on the cherry pork sauce and onion puree to add a subtle yet rich layer of flavor. An excellent pork dish with a cool modern take, and Stockton Place excels in reinventing familiar and comforting dishes with new flavors for a whole new dining experience.

Then, our steaks arrived. USDA Prime Grade Ribeye (P 450/100 g/800-1200 g per steak), tender premium ribeye grilled to medium rare perfection with Bordelaise sauce and crispy potatoes.

A hint of the Bordelaise with its rich buttery flavor does not overwhelm the prime grade ribeye, as the premium steak's flavors remain intact, given the proper respect any prime cut deserves. I prefer my steaks without any gravy or sauce, specially if its a prime cut, but the Bordelaise works well providing just a whisper of flavor. And the USDA Prime Grade Ribeye doesn't disappoint. More than an inch thick, a single serving (800-1200 g) can be shared by two, unless you're a really hungry dude. Served with a side of simple and comforting crispy potatoes, and that's all you need.

More than an inch thick, perfectly grilled to medium rare with a juicy pink center, just the way it should be. Seriously good. And the crispy potatoes complement the steak perfectly.

Another slice of the USDA Prime Grade Ribeye, with just the right layer of fat for added flavor. And like I said, probably the best ribeye I've had in a long time. 

Bold, inventive, and fresh, Stockton Place is definitely a must-try. And if you're looking for a great steak dinner, this is the place. And I'll say it again, probably the best ribeye I've had in a long time...

Stockton Place is located 227 Salcedo corner Gamboa Street, Makati or call 0917-856-1419 for inquiries and reservations. You can also visit their cool website to view their menu and for more information here at

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