Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mad About Cupcakes from The Mad Butter

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Vanilla the Rabbit, Mr. Peanut, Liz Lemon, Peppermint Patty, and Charlie Brownie, just some of the cool cupcake creations from The Mad Butter...

The Mad Butter is a home-based baker specializing in cupcakes with an on-line business component established early this year by Ria Africa. The Mad Butter, a word play on the fictional character "The Mad Hatter" by Lewis Carroll, offers a variety of flavors and combinations that are as exciting and quirky as the source of its inspiration.

Packed in attractive boxes, each cupcake is securely placed on cardboard trays making it the perfect gift for the holidays. Ria Africa's love for baking began when she was in high school, sparked by her third year home economics class. Since then, Ria has been baking and sharing her pastries and cakes with family and friends as gifts. Early this year, she set-up The Mad Butter offering unique cupcake flavors and textures like the Strawberry Mochi with its distinct chewiness, and the Earl Grey, a tea-flavored cupcake.

The Mad Butter's cupcake selection includes (L-R) Maltesers (P 55), Liz Lemon (P 50, honey lemon), Peppermint Patty (P 50, mint choco chip), Strawberry Mochi (P 40), Bananas in Choco-Jamas (P 50, banana chocolate cream cheese), and Choco Coke Float (P 50), topped with a cherry and candy cane.

Each cupcake is elegantly topped with rich and creamy frosting on a moist cupcake base. The playful and inventive flavors cover the full spectrum, from chocolate to fruit-based flavors and then some.

Other cupcake variants include (L-R) The Earl (P 50, Earl Grey), Little Red Velvet (P 50), Witch Hazelnut (P 50, choco hazelnut), Mr. Peanut (P 50, peanut butter and jelly), KitKat Matcha (P 55), and Snickers (P 55). If you have a favorite candy bar, you're sure to find it in one of The Mad Butter's cupcake creations.

Moist, rich and flavorful, The Mad Butter's cupcake selection has a flavor for everyone with over fifteen flavors to choose from.

An indulgent treat, or a cool holiday gift to friends and family, check out The Mad Butter and discover your favorite cupcake flavor.

To order The Mad Butter's cupcakes and other baked treats, you can call 0917-895-0511 or send an email to You can also visit The Mad Butter's Facebook page at Minimum 1 dozen per flavor, also available in Minis at P 180/dozen.

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  1. I love cupcakes... these look amazing. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Ramona, thanks, and here's wishing you and your family an awesome Thanksgiving!

  2. They also customize cakes for themed parties. :) Lovely pictures!


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