Monday, November 25, 2013

Classic Tuscan Cuisine at Balducci Ristorante

Behind the rustic brick facade and weathered wooden doors, diners get a glimpse of Balducci Ristorante's authentic Tuscan cuisine, like visual pegs that immediately trigger images of classic old world charm with its Italian countryside family style dining ambiance. Classic flavors from the old world remain true to its origins, elegantly presented for a unique Tuscan dining experience. 

Tuscan cuisine is characterized by its simplicity, yet there is a complex play on rich flavors using the best ingredients. And at Balducci Ristorante, you can enjoy traditional homestyle flavors the region is known for, updated and refined with a modern twist.

Each meal at Balducci Ristorante begins with freshly baked foccacia bread served with butter, liver pate and tomato salsa.

Cestino di Parmigiana con Prosciutto di Parma, Pecorino e Melone, Parmesan cheese basket filled with parma ham, parmesan cheese and fresh melon. Elegant and delicately plated, premium and fresh ingredients make this dish special. The classic combo of parma ham and sweet melon with the sharpness of the Parmesan combine for a medley of flavors.

Crostini Misti, slices of homemade Italian bread, baked fresh daily with assorted toppings including marinated anchovies and melted mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and pecorino cheese with white pancetta with a side of fresh greens. Rustic, traditional and comforting, and an excellent starter to any meal at Balducci Ristorante.

Il Frito del Balducci, a platter with assorted fried treats like crisp rice balls filled with mozzarella, fried vegetables and breaded anchovies served with fresh tomato sauce. Each perfectly cooked to a golden crispness, the rich tomato sauce completes the flavors.

Zuppa di pomodoro con sformatino di ricotta, rich and thick tomato soup with ricotta cheese cake. Fresh and tart, like the flavors of the afternoon Tuscan sun in each and every spoonful. The creamy ricotta adds color and flavor in this hearty and comforting soup.

Then, the first of four ravioli dishes arrived, starting with the  Ravioli verdi di spinaci e ricotta al pomodoro, homemade spinach ravioli with ricotta cheese in tomato sauce, a simple dish with rich flavors...

...followed by the rustic Ravioli ai finghi porcini, mushroom-filled ravioli in porcini mushroom cream sauce, combining the earthy and nutty flavors of porcini mushrooms with a rich cream-based sauce...

...the Ravioli al salmon, homemade seafood filled ravioli in Balducci's cream sauce, and sprinkled with fresh herbs...

...and the Tortelli d' anatra al profumi di, ravioli stuffed with tender duck meat in a rich truffle sauce. Each dish is distinct and different, and the ravioli is perfectly chewy.

Finally, Balducci Ristorante's signature dish for meat lovers, Grigliata di Carne, an assorted meat platter featuring Italian sausage, Beef tenderloin, Lamb rack, and Cornish hen, all fresh off the grill and served with fresh mixed greens. Perfectly seasoned, each cut is tender and juicy, with pure and clean flavors. Uncomplicated, fresh and comforting, this grilled feast on a platter is perfect with Balducci Ristorante's extensive selection of wines.

To cap the meal, Balducci Ristorante's Panettone con gelato e salsa al mascarpone was then served, a panettone filled with homemade Italian ice cream with rich mascarpone sauce. A traditional Italian sweet bread served during Christmas, made even more indulgent with Balducci Ristorante's homemade ice cream and velvety smooth mascarpone sauce.

The sweet and moist panettone absorbs the richness of the ice cream and mascarpone, and you get all the flavors in every bite. A sweet ending to a perfect meal at Balducci Ristorante.

"Since 2006, Balducci has been offering a delectable dining experience," says Paolo Nesi. "It is our commitment." Fresh from a trip back home  in Italy, Paolo Nessi returns with a bag full of new tricks, including fresh spices and ingredients from Italy for a new menu. "Times change so we continuously strive to offer something new and fresh; knowing what our customers are looking for and finding them." At Balducci Ristorante, from its rustic interiors to starters, mains and desserts, the authentic Tuscan flavors of the old world are lovingly preserved alongside fresh, new and modern updates that make your dining experience a memorable one.

Stay tuned for another post on Balducci Ristorante's Executive Lunch specials...coming soon.

Balducci Ristorante islocated at Space C 104 C/F Retail Area, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig or call 856-0676 for inquiries, reservations and catering requirements.

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  1. I was in this event too but was too shy to say hi. Haha. Nice pics as always!

    1. Hey Patrick, thanks! Hope to see you in the next event soon!


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