Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Way To Authentic Thai Flavors Start Here At Silk Road

Elegant Thai flavors beautifully plated for a feast for the senses. The culinary force behind Thai Bistro, Chef Cecille Chang brings yet another concept serving authentic Thai flavors with Silk Road.  

Located at BGC, Silk Road combines classic and authentic flavors with a modern and refreshing touch, using a palette of colors, flavors and textures for each dish.

Start your meal with Silk Road's Mieng Kham, a traditional Thai appetizer, with fresh herbs, shallots, chili, ginger, garlic, lime, peanuts, and shrimps wrapped in leaves. Delicately plated, the real fun begins as you  pick up the leaf, folding it gently, and popping it in one bite. The mix of flavors and textures make this different and unique, as you go for another leaf...

Son-in-Law Eggs, another celebratory Thai appetizer, halved boiled eggs covered in a rich sauce and Thai herbs. It is said that Thai mothers would prepare this dish for their future son-in-laws, hence the name. Gently wrap the eggs with the leaf, and enjoy another burst of flavors from the herbs, sauce and chili, balanced by the richness of the egg.

Salmon Cones, salmon cubes infused with lemongrass, lime, and herbs, another beautifully presented dish combining the subtle flavors of salmon with the sharp notes of herbs.

Each bite brings a medley of rich flavors, and the crunchy cones add a cool touch to the dish.

Moules Thai, plump cold water mussels in Thai herbs and coconut milk, Silk Road's very own Thai version of the French classic Moules Marinieres. The blend of coconut milk and herbs enhance the briny mussels with a creamy finish.

Crispy Tilapia with Tamarind Puree, a simple dish with rich flavors. Comforting and flavorful, you'll have to resist the temptation of using your hands, but then, go ahead and ditch the knife and fork and just dig in.

Crisp, crunchy and just plain delicious, the tamarind and herbs add another rich layer to complement the subtle flavor of the fish. 

Siamese Pork Ribs, tender ribs with cinnamon caramel glaze, atop a banana leaf wrapped brick containing hot charcoal. As the dish is placed on the table, the smoky aroma of grilled pork with notes of cinnamon makes this dish impossible to resist. The pork is soft and tender, a personal favorite.  

Lamb Shank Massaman, tender lamb shank slow cooked for 8 hours and served with crispy noodles, sweet potato chips and shallots. If you enjoy lamb, you'll definitely enjoy this, and the crisp noodles and sweet potato chips with the rich sauce completes this dish.

No meal at Silk Road is complete without the traditional noodle dish, Pad Thai, a classic noodle dish with pork, shrimps, eggs, and bean sprouts encased in a soft woven egg basket. Slowly break the soft basket weave, and mix the noodles along with a squeeze of lime.

And the desserts are equally as elegant as the mains at Silk Road. Silk Nest, crispy slivers of taro and sweet potato with coconut ice cream, with sweet coconut syrup, almost like a sweet caramel sauce. Drizzle some of the sweet sauce on the coconut ice cream, and grap a piece of the crisp taro and sweet potato slivers for a cool blend of sweet flavors and textures.

Silk Road Dessert Sampler, featuring an elegantly plated sampler of Silk Road's signature desserts including Mango, Young Coconut, and Durian Ice Cream, Sweet Mangoes on Sticky Rice, Takhoo Thai, and Coconut Milk with Tapioca.

Authentic Thai flavors, each beautifully plated. At Silk Road, each dish feeds the eyes first, then the palate, with its rich and fresh flavors. Special thanks to Chef Cecille Chang for a unique and memorable dining experience at Silk Road.

Silk Road is located at Net Quad Corporate Center Shop H, 4th Avenue corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, or call 824-1678 for inquiries and reservations.

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  1. Chef Cecille's food is amazing - been a fan since i tried her resto in Robinson's Magnolia

    1. hi Joey, I agree, Chef Cecille is amazing! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow! Looks delicious! Now, I'm craving for some thai food.. (*drooling**)

    1. Hi Rackell, excellent Thai food, you should try it soon!

  3. Awesome pics dude! Silk Road was awesome!


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