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Cowrie Grill: Manila Hotel's Signature Restaurant Opens At The Heart Of Greenhills

Elegant dining is back. And you can find it at the heart of Greenhills...

The Manila Hotel's iconic Cowrie Grill, the Grande Dame's signature restaurant, revives the elegance of a bygone era with tableside service for its signature dishes. Serving classic and elegant cuisine since 1977, fine dining is definitely back. And the Cowrie Grill pulled all the stops for an elegant lunch for the media last November 5, serving the best of Cowrie Grill's classic favorites.

The trademark chandelier made with cowrie shells make a dramatic comeback, adding a sophisticated elegance the Cowrie Grill has always been known for. The spacious interiors also have private booths for a more intimate dining experience.  
Intricate panels made with even more cowrie shells line the walls and elegant interiors of Cowrie Grill, adding a soft amber glow. And as you are escorted to your table by the Cowrie Grill's friendly staff, Executive Chef Konrad Walter fires up the kitchen for the lunch service. 

Freshly baked bread and rolls, and rich flavored butter with herbs and sun-dried tomatoes begin your dining experience at the Cowrie Grill. "Cowrie grill goes far beyond serving dishes because we create unforgettable moments. Classic grill house service beyond compare, that's what we stand for," said Manila Hotel Executive  Vice President Dr. Enrique Yap. "We are offering intimate dining experiences--something that makes our patrons sit up and notice. Something that commands attention, is thoughtfully made, and is created with great attention to details--similar to what people experience at Manila Hotel. At Cowrie Grill, we look forward to making every minute of our guests' visit nothing short of exceptional and memorable."  And Cowrie Grill makes these special moments even more special. 

Cold Mixed Seafood Platter (P 1,100), with fresh oysters, plump shrimps, mussels and crab claws on ice.  An elegant starter with the Cowrie Grill's elegant touch, best paired with the Cowrie Grill's extensive wine list and cocktails. 

Hennessy Martini, sprinkled with cinnamon gets you in the proper groove...

...followed by another cognac cocktail with cherries before your meal at the Cowrie Grill.

Fresh Mushroom Cappuccino with Brie Croutons (P 250), elegantly served and ladled on your bowl by Cowrie Grill's courteous staff. Rich, creamy and flavorful, just a preview of more good things to come.

Then, the staff at Cowrie Grill begin preparing the next course by your tableside, reviving an old Cowrie Grill tradition.  Each member of Cowrie Grill's staff is trained to prepare the classic salad dish, as the olive oil and eggs are mixed with precision and flair in true Cowrie Grill style.  

The classic Maitre'D Caesar Salad (P 290), prepared by your tableside, topped with crispy bacon bits and Parmesan. Premium and fresh ingredients make this simple yet elaborate dish simply burst with flavors. There's an old world elegance when your salad is prepared by your tableside, a luxurious touch that can only come from the Cowrie Grill.

Crisp croutons top the salad adding more texture to the fresh greens. The rich flavors bring back so many childhood memories, a true and timeless classic. 

Chilean Sea Bass, Grilled, 160g, with Orange Beurre Blanc, Fruity Heart of Palm Salad, and Laksa Rice (P 1,890), a light dish elegantly plated with flower petals and fresh herbs. Another classic dish with a fresh and modern update, presented in the distinct Cowrie Grill style.

Then, Cowrie Grill's friendly staff bring three different sauces to our table. And yes, Prime Rib will be served shortly...

The Cowrie Grill's Head Chef, Michael So Chan and his team roll out the carving cart to the delight of the guests. And as the cart moves up to the front, the ceremonial carving begins...

Slow roasted for hours and broiled to perfection with a blend of herbs and spices, the Cowrie Grill's signature dish is quite a sight, impressive and elegant. 

Head Chef Michael So Chan begins carving the US Angus Prime Rib, and plates are assembled. Once sliced, a ladle of rich au jus is poured on the prime rib to keep it moist and for added flavor. And with meat this good, that's really all you need.

And the plate is served...

Roast US Angus Beef, Prime Rib, with baked potato, vegetables and and sauces (P 1,400 English Cut 10 oz/ P 1,800 New York Cut 14 oz).  Tender, almost like butter, nothing compares with prime grade Angus Beef.

I go for the bone-in cut, and Head Chef Michael So Chan carves a special cut of US Angus Prime Rib.

Definitely one of the best prime ribs in the metro. And with the rich and illustrious tradition of Manila Hotel's Cowrie Grill, there is an elegance that simply makes your dining experience truly memorable.

To cap the elegant meal, the staff roll out the carts once again to prepare another of Cowrie Grill's iconic desserts. The signature Baked Alaska is prepared, given a final touch of dark rum for a dramatic flambee right by your tableside.

Baked Alaska (P 420), a delicate and indulgent dessert with moist sponge cake stuffed with ice cream and elegantly draped in meringue, and in in true Cowrie Grill style, flaming dark rum is poured. Each and every single dish, from starters to mains and desserts, is given that traditional old world style. And old school is definitely cool at Cowrie Grill.  

The Cowrie Grill's culinary team, led by (L-R) Sous Chef Mark Santiago, Executive Chef Konrad Walter and Head Chef Michael So Chan, on deck to ensure your dining experience is up to a level that the Cowrie Grill has long been known. And if the luncheon is any indication, The Cowrie grill is definitely back on track.

Special thanks to Kristine G. Facto, Manila Hotel's AVP-Public Relations and Corporate Communications and the culinary team and staff at Cowrie Grill for an elegant lunch. It's great to see Manila Hotel's Cowrie Grill again. 

The Cowrie Grill is located along Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan City or call 527-0011 for inquiries and reservations. For updates and promos, visit or via Twitter at @ManilaHotel.

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